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The Necromaniac Chapter 6 "Mythic Marauder" Part 7

"Mythic Marauder" Part 7

I had to know it was coming. That Kiroshiza would finally decide to show up at some point. Now I can find out the whole point of why he had brought me here in the first place. "So you finally decided to show up," I said in response, "So let's get down to it. Why did you drag me here and for what was the point of this whole thing anyway? I know you were behind the attack in the commons and we figured out that it was Nemean Lion that you summoned and brought to Wizard City. Actually, now that I think of it, why do you bother doing these things anyway? Like intruding on Sorceria or waking the Frost Giant on Frostus and now here on Mythania. What do you hope to accomplish by doing all this? What kind of ultimate goal are you trying to reach here? Because all of this seems pointless!"

Kiroshiza then said something I didn't expect, "You're exactly right. It does seem pointless. But that's exactly what I wanted you to think. You know why I am doing all of these menial tasks? The answer is simple. Everything I've done so far has simply served as distractions. I've just been playing games with you this whole time just to keep you busy."

"Distractions? From what? Why were you trying to keep me occupied?"

"The answer to that you may find in due course. That is, if you're going to survive what I am about to use against you." He snapped his fingers and then there was the sound of something large approaching. And walking out and appearing at his side was the Nemean Lion. "I'd love to stick around and see how this turns out, but I have things to do and big events to prepare for that are soon to transpire." He walked around the Nemean Lion, opened up a portal to a familiar place, and disappeared into it. The portal closed up, leaving just me, Sestiva, and the Nemean Lion.

What we needed to do next was clear. Defeat the Nemean Lion and chase after Kiroshiza. The Nemean Lion roared, issuing its challenge to me and Sestiva. "According to the myths, the Nemean Lion was invincible. The only known way of killing this beast is to strangle it to death," I told Sestiva.

"But," Sestiva began saying, "Neither of us is strong enough to strangle something like the Nemean Lion."

She had a point, considering the creature was almost 8 feet tall. "Precisely. But we may be able to summon something with enough strength to do it."

"Like what?"

"You'll see, but first I need you to do me a favor," I pointed over to where the shadow of the Colosseum loomed, "If you can, I need to you lure the creature into the shade over there. If you can do that, then I can summon what we need to take this thing down."

"Okay, just hurry because I can't distract it forever without it trying to kill me." She took off towards the shade and the creature began sprinting after her. It was faster than I had expected. I followed behind the creature. I began speaking the words of power as I began the ritual to summon what I was about to use to accomplish this task.

Sestiva got into the shade and lured it far enough under the shade. Once this had been done, I threw a rock at the beast to redirect its attention. Then it turned around and was immediately thrown to the ground by a strong force. The Nemean Lion began its struggle with the Vampire. Vampires are very strong and if anything was going to be able to strangle this creature, it could only be done by Vampiristic strength. Vampires evaporate when they are in contact with direct sunlight, which is why I had Sestiva move it into the shade. The two forces went back and forth, trying to get the upper hand. In the end, the better strength went to the bloodsucker. It didn't kill the mythical creature, it just wore it out and made it slip into unconciousness.

The Vampire was sent away and we were left to celebrate our moment of triumph. But that moment wouldnt last. We remembered what we had to do and ran to look for the spiral chamber. We found the long cobblestone path and followed it a pretty long distance until we could see the hole where the chamber was dug into the grass. We walked to it and went into the chamber, where we found the spiral door. I dug in my pocket until I pulled out the key to Wizard City. I turned the key in the lock and opened the door and entered Wizard City. We quickly ran back to Ambrose's office to report what had happened (excluding the part about Kiroshiza being a demon). After we finished our meeting with Ambrose, we hurried out to get to earth. I opened a portal and we walked through and entered back on earth. The first 2 things that welcomed me when I walked out the other end of that portal was black clouds that hung in the sky and a sense of extreme panic in the atmosphere...

To be continued.. In the next chapter....

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