The Necromaniac: Character Bios

Main Characters

Timothy Lighttalon

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 107 lbs.
Hometown: Huntsville, Alabamae
Current Residence: A Sultan's Palace in the Spiral and in a revamped Mansion in the middle of the United States.
Appearance: Blonde Hair, Black eyes with silver pupils (eyes were originally normal, blue).
Occupation: Ravenwood Student and FBI special agent, and Sestiva's Boyfriend
Weapons: fangs, claws, spiked cleats, scythe, combat skills, and spells.
First Appearance: Chapter 1 "The Signal"


Timothy was originally born on earth, although both of his parents were killed when he was 13. Soon after, he was recruited to the spiral and was made a student of the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. He took on many dangerous adventures there and saved the spiral from the clutches of Malistaire. Soon after, he returned to earth, where he used the combat skills he learned to work his way into the FBI. Normally, they wouldn't accept him but he had already read all kinds of books about investigation. They finally let him in after he casted a few spells. He worked his way up from being a grunt till becoming a special agent. He's done several missions for the FBI and he continues to do them but sometimes he has to get away to attend to his duties as a wizard in the spiral.

Sestiva Shadowbreeze

Age: 15
Height: 5'3"
Weight: (Timothy didn't dare ask but she didn't weigh much since she appears to be skinny)
Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina
Current Residence: A Death House in the Spiral
Appearance: Shiny, Silky, Black Hair, Purple Eyes (usually decorated with silver eyeshadow), and usually wearing silver lipstick
Occupation: Ravenwood Student and Timothy's Companion/Girlfriend
Weapons: Spells and some combat skills
First Appearance: Chapter 4 "Imbalanced"


She was born just a normal girl who lived a normal life. Her life seemed totally normal until one day she was going to board a flight at the airport with her parents and they got somehow got separated. She stumbled across a portal and appeared in the spiral. Her life took a complete turn as she was recruited into Ravenwood Academy and studied at the Death school. She didn't meet Timothy until Dworgyn decided to introduce them to each other. Afterwards, they became great friends and even though neither has said anything about it, they've been so affectionate to each other that you would probably think they're dating if you saw them together so they are kinda dating. Sorta. But Timothy finally got the guts to ask her out and now they are officially dating.


Age: ??????
Height: 6'3"
Weight: ?????
Current Residence:?????
Occupation: Grim Reaper/Transporter of Souls
Weapons: Dark Powers and Scythe
First Appearance: Chapter 5 "Frozen Fury"


Death himself. Simple as that. When you die, this guy will take you to your destination in the afterlife, Heaven or Hell, in the solid black bus he drives. But also once substituted at the death school when Dworgyn had the sniffles. How Dworgyn knew him is currently unknown. Timothy became good friends with Death when they met the day he substituted for Dworgyn. The two didn't see each other again until Death dropped by Nightside for a short visit and was later conviced to venture into Frostus with Timothy.

More Characters to be added soon....