Picture Gallery

This is a gallery of my pictures from my adventures around the spiral

   Me in Celestia! (when it was in the test realm)

Saluting our Veterans....

Me and the Famous Paige Moonshade!! =D

                     Me in front of my MFP (Massive Fantasy Palace) with my pet Fierce Hound, Tiger

Helping Stormy in the Floating Land

                                                 Summoning Ra on my Balance Wiz

Exploring through the Cave in Ravenscar on my Balance Wizard

 Thrashing Ravens alongside Fallon Shadowblade's Life Alt, Iridian Rose

With Fallon's Alt Iridian after beating the Ravens of the Coven with her on my Balance Alt, Kane Silvercrafter :)

 Daggum y'all, now THAT is one giant statue!!!

Me and Scarlet Moonflower! :)

                                             Jordan Seadreamer reaching Legendary! :)
Me and Icy's fire Alt, Calamity, the Bird Watchers!

 Timothy Lighttalon, Overlord of Wintertusk! Muahaha!!!!

Me, Friendly, his lady, Bailey, and some random guy, about to battle to 4 sons of the Ice titan!