Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ravenwood Ball Photo Album

Hey guys! I hope you had a BLAST at the Ravenwood Ball cause I sure did! It was a HUGE success this year and you could already see tons of people camping out hours before the ball!

One thing I definently loved about the Ravenwood Ball was being on livestream for hours before and during the Ball listening to Kevin Battleblood, Paige Moonshade, Cassandra Dragonheart, and many others! I was laughing really hard from all the flash mobs Kevin Battleblood started, here's a few examples:

 Here's the dance line we started, it was going good for a while and the biggest it got was from the myth school to Bartelby's mouth, which isn't too bad.

 Mummy Hug! Can you find the bunnies in this picture?

 Frozen to the Bone! XD

Wall of bones! (And a little bit of fur)

That was probably one of my favorite parts of the Ball, if not my all time favorite part of the ball. Here's the rest of the pics I took at the Ball!

    Crowding up at the start of the Ravenwood Ball!

At Cassandra Hexthorn's, or as I now like to sometimes call, Cassandra Battleblood (Kevin Battleblood was her date to the ball), mini party. I was one of the mini party hosts but mine got abandoned and nobody showed up and i saw how many Hexy's party had and kinda got jealous so I just forgot about my mini party and went to hers. I rotated between her's and Fallon Shadowblade's.

 Me with Hexy! (and some other random dude who decided to jump in)

                                              Me and my date to the Ravenwood Ball :)

                                                   Me with Hexy and Diana Wildheart

                                                     Me with Fallon Shadowblade!

                                               Me next to a line of well-known wizards

                                                   At Fallon Shadowblade's mini party

                                                      Me and Scarlet Moonflower! :)

                                                     Me and Katherine Lightwalker! :)

 Me at Ronan Dawn's house, who had a sweet pile of dirt clumps to run on!

 Merle Ambrose: Go long, Gamma!

 Me with my spiral bestie, Jessica Stargem!

 Me in a messed up group picture with Diana Wildheart. (Notice the random couple in the lower left corner)

Me with my Spiral Family, the Stargems!

Before I end this post, I want to personally thank Fallon Shadowblade for such an awesome time and for throwing a great party!! To Fallon Shadowblade and the rest of the community!!!

                                                                                           - Timothy Lighttalon


  1. Nice post bro! Yea thats me saying "marissa" in the second to last picture. Aren't I special ;P

  2. Nice! How did my robe turn purple like that for our picture, lol, it was white in all the other pictures! Totalyl random. ;) I had a blast!