Into the Schools of Magic

As you may know, there are 7 schools of magic. You may be starting a wizard or creating another one and you can't decide what school to choose. You may often ask questions like, "Which school is the best?" or "Which one is best for me?" Well, I am going to answer whatever questions you may have by giving in-depth information about the 7 main schools of magic and 3 other schools you may not have even known about. I've mastered all 7 schools, so I know what I'm talking about.


Students: Diviners
Student Max Health: Ranges from 1,900-2,300 health
 Power Rank: 1st

It has been said that the Storm school is the most powerful. Well it is, in a way. Storm has the spells that deal the most damage of the 7 schools, which is their specialty. But despite the powerful spells, storm wizards have the lowest health of the 7 schools. When it comes to being a storm student, you have to kill your opponent fast and efficiently or else you're screwed.

Example Spell: Kraken


Students: Pyromancers
Student Max Health: Ranges from 2,400-2,800 health
Power Rank: 2nd

The fire school is pretty good. Its spells are the second strongest next to Storm. The fire school's specialty is spells that deal damage over time, otherwise referred to as DOT (Damage Over Time) spells. Fire has the most DOT spells of all the 7 schools. Fire students have a good amount of health, not a whole lot more than storm students but much more durable.

Example Spell: Sunbird


Students: Thaumaturges
Student Max Health: Ranges from 3,300-4,000 health
Power Rank: 7th

Ok, the Ice School's spells do the least damage of any of the schools but before you say "Well this school sucks" it's not a bad school! While the spells may not hit so hard, the school provides some epic defense. Ice wizards are like tanks, they're almost invincible and hard to take down. Along with great defense, Ice wizards also have the most health of any other wizards. They can have up to a whopping 4,000 health!!

Example Spell: Colossus


Students: Necromancers
Student Max health: Ranges from 2,800- 3,200 health
Power Rank: 5th

Now for my personal favorite, the Death School. The Death school is the school where yours truly came from. The spells are ok when it comes to dealing damage, but that's not where death's specialty is. Death's specialty comes from health-draining spells, or spells that sap health from their target(s) and use half of that damage they caused to heal the person who cast it. The death school has been said to be the best school to solo with too, so if you're often having to battle by yourself or you're just the do-it-yourself type of person, the death school is a good school for you. I know from personal experience because I've had to solo at least 70% of all the battles I've ever done, and I've been able to win most of them.

Example Spell: Skeletal Pirate


Students: Conjurers
Student Max Health: Ranges from 2,400-2,800 health
Power rank: 3rd

The Myth school, 3rd most powerful next to fire and storm. The myth school's specialty is minion spells, which are spells that summon creatures that assist you in battle by battling alongside you. Even though minion spells are the school's main specialty, the Myth school is also good for beaking the shields and blades of their foes. The Myth school, for some reason, seems to have the least amount of students. Because to be honest, I don't see a whole lot of myth students walking around these days and I'm sure other wizards can agree. I speculate that the main reason for this is because their teacher, Cyrus Drake, is a pain in the crack. No joke, take up this school and you'll see what I mean. But Myth is still a good school, nonetheless.

Example Spell: Cyclops


Students: Theurgists
Student Max Health: Ranges from 2,900-3,400 health
Power Rank: 6th

The life school: the school of unicorns, rainbows, and nature spirits. Even though Life doesn't have very many attack spells and they don't do very much damage usually, there are life spells that can help you last a long time in battle. The life school's specialty is healing spells, or spells that can help recover your health. Life students also have the most health next to ice wizards.

Example Spell: Unicorn



Students: Sorcerers
Student Max Health: 2,900-3,400 health
Power Rank: 4th

The Balance school is sort of like a neutral school. The balance school doesn't really have a specialty either. The balance school is pretty good though. Not a whole lot to say about this school, sorry.

Example Spell: Judgement

Now that you've looked at the 7 main schools of magic, let me introduce you to three other minor schools. These schools are a bit different when it comes to their spells. You can train these schools after you beat the main course of the game, which is defeating Malistaire, and entering the world of Celestia. These schools aren't used exactly like the 7 schools of magic, like for battle, but rather they are made to help with battle like utilities. Take a look at the 3 astral schools of magic.


The star school, the first of the 3 astral schools. The star school's specialty is aura spells, or spells that cause a certain effect for 4 rounds such as adding 15% damage to your next attack spell(s) or adding 15% to your resists for a limited time.

Example Spell: Amplify


Next is the moon school, which specialty is polymorph spells. Polymorph spells are spells that turn you into a certain monster and will temporarily replace the spells in your deck with new spells. It's pretty cool, and the different creatures you can transform into allow you to take on different roles in battle.

Example Spell: Polymorph Gobbler


And last but not least, the sun school. The sun school has 2 specialties. The first specialty of the sun school is enchantment spells, or spells that can boost a certain stat of a spell such as accuracy or damage. It's basically steroids for spells, in simpler terms. The second specialty of the sun school is Mutation spells, or spells that can change the school of a spell and possibly change what the spell does.

Example Spells: Gargantuan and Mutate Kraken