About Me

I started my journey in the spiral on June 18, 2009. My sister, Destiny RoseGlade, was the one who introduced me to the game. Sadly, she never really gets on anymore and she even says she regrets introducing it to me cause i'm on so much. I was pretty much clueless when i started out. My wizard stuck with his noob clothes from the start of wizard city all the way through Marleybone ( I know, sad ). This was on my first wizard, Timothy Lighttalon aka my main wizard. For some time i continued throughout the spiral on my journey. After i defeated Malistaire on my first wizard, i started my other wizards (you can see them on the Wizards archive). I know just about everything in the game but even i forget a thing or two sometimes, only cause i have a bad memory. I've met some awesome friends of mine on my journeys throughout the spiral. I spend a lot of time on the game, sometimes too much which sometimes get me kicked off for a while so if i dont show up for some time, you know why. I'm not a very well known wizard at the moment, but when i do become a well-known wizard, I will one day use that fame to spread the gospel throughout the spiral