Thursday, June 30, 2011

Arena: Spamming & Arena Demons


Ok there's been buzz in the twitter community about pvp spamming, mainly tempest spamming. Tempest spamming is very annoying, main reason being is... well, I can't fit all the points Cass Dragonheart made in her post about Tempest spamming in just a few senteces but I agree with her on everything she says. Sure, there's no rule against it but that doesn't make it right. There are no rules in China against persecuting Christians there but that doesn't mean it's ok to do it! It's unfair because it doesn't give the opponents even a chance to prepare! This is one reason why I don't pvp. That's what I have to say about spamming, but next up is the #1 reason i stopped pvp and left the Hellish place known as the arena. It may not be for some, but to me, it is.

Arena Demons

We all know the people in the arena who are jerks and be mean. They are referred to by most in the community as Trolls and/or Gobblers. This title just doesn't seem to fit them. Why, you may ask? Because they're worse than that. Their agression, brutality, and vileness is worse than just a Troll or a Gobbler. Seems to me that they act more like Demons, because they're so, well, evil! My good friend Katherine Light was a recent victim of one of these arena demons, and she sounded really hurt, God bless her :( People like Arena Demons make me sick. I wouldn't even spit in their direction because that's how they're not worth it. If you come across an arena demon, this is what I encourage you to do. Don't retaliate, because that will fuel their demonic behavior. That's the motive behind their madness, they WANT to see you angry and upset. But rather than do that, here's what you simply do. Thanks to Kingsisle, we have 2 magical buttons that are very useful and helpful to us wizards in the spiral. They are the ignore and report buttons. The nanosecond you hear a threat from an arena demon, you quickly hit the ignore button. Or, if you would prefer, you could ignore AND report them for being mean. That's what I would normally do. I hope this post has helped you. I wanted to get my say about these issues and get this off my chest. Until next time, see you in the spiral!

                                                                                                            - Timothy Lighttalon

Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well
                                                                                                      - Matthew 6:33

The Necromaniac Chapter 4 "Imbalanced" Part 2

"Imbalanced" Part 2

When we came out of the other side of the portal and landed in Sorceria, the Necrocylce stopped moving. I looked down and wondered what could be stopping us, and I found the answer pretty quickly. The tires had been stopped by sand, but it wasn't just a little bit of sand. The sand here was pretty deep. And by the fact that I'm even mentioning sand, you can begin to imagine what the enviroment on Sorceria was like. We were out in the middle of a large desert. Me and Sestiva stepped off the Necrocycle and looked around and saw no sign of life anywhere. The only thing we saw was several dunes of sand all around us. We were standing on one of the dunes. I figured since Necrophilia and Theurgia both had main towns, Sorceria had to have one too. I figured that before we could find Lady Judgement, we first had to find the main village of this world. Question is, where could it possibly be?

Me and Sestiva began walking from the Necrocycle on our journey to find our way through this sandy labyrinth. The good thing was that it wasnt very hot, but I brought along some jugs of water just in case. The trek through the sand was a long one. Felt like we were out for hours, I checked the time on my phone and we had been out for 3 1/2 hours. We still hadn't found the main town. This was getting bad. Me and Sestiva kept going and I noticed sand started coming in my face. I looked up and noticed something I was hoping not to see. There was a sandstorm and it was coming right toward us and there was no place in sight to take shelter at. This wasn't one of those small dirt devil sandstorms like the kind Sorcers summoned, this was like one of those sandy tsunami type sandstorms, the kind you see in the Middle Eastern deserts.

"What are we gonna do?", Sestiva asked me with a worried look on her face.

"Not sure-", I began to say but then inspiration struck me on the noggin. "Hang on tight", I told Sestiva as I grabbed her with my arm and held her tight close to me. I summoned  Skelly to get us flying outta here like heck. I jumped into the air to land on Skelly's back while carrying Sestiva with me. I introduced Sestiva and Skelly to each other quickly and got Skelly up in the air. It took Skelly a little while before we got high enough to be above the sandstorm. I'm not afraid of heights or anything but being really high can make me feel uncomfortable. We were about 1,000 feet in the air but when I looked down, it felt like we were much higher. I could hear the sound of loud pounding as the sandstorm when flying underneath us. It lasted about 2-3 minutes and we began to descend after all the sand had cleared from the air. When we landed though the sand was deeper than before. When me and Sestiva were walking before the storm, the sand was up past our ankles. Now the sand was almost up to our knees.

"This is rediculous!", Sestiva began to say as she noticed how singificantly deep the sand was, "The sand is so deep it's starting to get in my shoes!"

"I know it's annoying! It's gonna be nearly impossible to tread though-" that's when I got another idea, "Or is it?..."

I could tell by Sestiva's look that she was giving me that she was wondering what idea I could've had this time. I summoned 5 Banshees and gave them instructions. They lined up next to each other and began using their Banshee screams together at once. Believe it or not, the screams were sending sand flying out of the way. They began moving forward, paving a path for us. Yeah, that's how powerful a Banshee's scream is. We began moving forward but I stopped cold in my tracks when I heard Sestiva scream. I turned my head around to find something had gotten Sestiva by the ankle. A pincher was reaching out of the sand and was grabbing Sestiva. I was about to run over and pull Sestiva away until the thing grabbed Sestiva showed itself. It was a Scorpion, not the little bitty kind you see in the desert back on Earth, but i mean the man-sized ones you see in the Spiral. It grabbed Sestiva with it's pinchers and it pointed it's stinger near Sestiva. It was threatening to poison her. It let out a screech and then just when you things couldn't get worse, it did. It wasn't just letting out a random screech, it was signalling. Turned out we weren't alone, Scorpions began popping out of the sand all around us. There were at least 8 of them surrounding us. If I make one wrong move, Sestiva's a goner....

To be continued....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 4 "Imbalanced"


The way Dworgyn's voice sounded when he delivered the news sounded dire. I had just finished pulling off a big espionage mission in North Korea to prevent an Apocalypse, and now I get another emergency. I guess a Necromancer's job is never done. Before I headed back to the spiral, I swung by the FBI HQ to report on my success. I didn't tell them that Kiroshima, the saddistic Dictator that tried to kill me, was a demon. I'd get laughed out of Headquarters had I told them something like that, so I just told them about everything else that happened. They thanked me and gave me a few days off as a reward for a job well done and good pay of $500,000. Yeah, you can get a lot of money from saving the world. How else do you think I can afford to stay in my home, and have all the stuff I have and pay for Insurance?

Anyways, so after walking out of HQ, I got on Skelly and opened a portal to Nightside. I walked into the Death School, seeing Dworgyn in his usual spot, at the front of the classroom, standing right at the top of the steps and between the two chalkboards on the opposite ends of the classroom. This guy always stays inside and whenever he's not in that spot, he's in the back where his little shelves of books are and if he was not there, he would be by his bubbling cauldron, brewing up a potion. 

"Glad you could make it, and just in time too", Dworgyn said after seeing me enter the room.

I walked up to him and answered, "So what's going on? You sounded a bit anxious on the phone."

"It seems like you'll need to make another visit to one of the 7 planets of the creatures of magic. Only this time, you won't be going to Necrophilia."

"Why? And if not to Necrophilia, then where to?"

"Well, you know how the 3 titans were put to sleep to prevent any further conflict? After they were put to sleep, the responsibility of watching over the slumbering titans was given to a powerful Balance creature known as Judgement."

"Yeah, I'm familiar with Judgement. It's a pretty powerful Balance spell."

"The most powerful Balance spell on record, actually."

"Yeah, so what does all this have to do with the situation?"

"Well, Alhazred told me that there's an intruder on Sorceria, the planet that's home to the creatures of balance. You need to go there and see Judgement, to make sure the intruder has not reached her."

Alhazred? Oh yeah that scaly, old geezer that smells like old cheese (no offense to any old people that may be reading this). He's also the balance teacher. And since he was, I was guessing he was the one in the know about the happenings on Sorceria since Dworgyn was in the know about the happenings on Necrophilia. "So I guess I need to get the spiral key from Alhageezer- I mean- Alhazred", I said.

"That's right," Dworgyn said, "But you're not going alone this time."

"I'm not? Are you coming with me?"

"No, but I'm giving you a little travel partner for the trip. I thought that you'd might get a little lonely so that's when I thought I'd get another well-skilled Necromancer to help you on your travels. Tim, say hello to Sestiva Shadowbreeze."

And what I was blown away by what I saw next. A girl stepped out from the back. She had long, silky, black hair that went down halfway down past her shoulders. She had purple eyes that seemed like they could stare into your soul, not in a creepy way but in an a way with a huge awe factor to it. She was also wearing a shiny, silver eyeshadow and wearing lipstick that was the same color. My response to seeing this Necromantic Angel: homna homna homna homna homna homna WOAH MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what I thought, I didn't actually say anything. I just stood there like a idiot with my mouth open so wide my jaw was about to unhinge. Even my 6 cousins were wowed when they saw her. It's like she fell out of the beauty tree and hit every branch on the way down. Before she could even say Hi, my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I fainted. I think my wowed meeter went too high. Scratch that, it exploded into a million pieces and exploded into a million pieces. I wasn't out long but when I woke up, I saw that Dworgyn and Sestiva were standing next to me. They helped me up, grabbing both my hands. I almost fainted again because when Sestiva touched my hand, it felt like being touched by an Angel.

"Hey", I said, finally mustering up the guts to say something.

"Hey there", she said, her voice sounding a few years ahead of her age. She was 15, which is my age, but her voice made her sound like she was 18. So far so good, I was still in the game and so far she seemed to like me. Had I known she would've been waiting here, I would've tried buying the best cologne I could find on the way here.

"Sestiva has been a student for about as long as you have," Dworgyn began to say, "But you two haven't met yet because your classes are at different times." True, had she been in my class since day 1 I would've DEFINENTLY noticed. There's no way you couldn't notice her. One look at her and you're automatically captivated.

"How long will the walk be from here to Krokotopia?", she asked. I then realized I had the perfect response to that question.

"We won't have to walk", I said proudly, careful not to sound too cocky.

"How?", she rebounded back at me.

"I've got a ride that can get us there in a matter of moments", I began to say, "But rather than just tell you, I'll show you. Just wait outside a moment and I'll be right out."

"Ok", she said with a smile as she walked out the door.

"What were you up to, Dworgy?", I asked, wondering if he purposely picked her to go with me.

"Well, at your age, my friends started picking up dates and well... I didn't. I ended up growing up miserable because all my friends were happy in finding companions and no matter how much I tried, I always failed to get a date. I didn't want you to end up like me, and you look like the type of guy who can pick up a girl if he wanted to."

After hearing that, Dworgyn was officially the best teacher EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I was forever in debt to this guy. "Dworgy, you're the best!!", I managed to say.

"Well why are you standing here talking to me when you've got a hot chick waiting for you outside that door?", he reminded me.

I can't believe that I'd almost forgot about Sestiva. I thanked Dworgyn again and headed out the door. I then walked up to Sestiva, "Watch this", I said. I pulled out a small, black remote and pressed a button. A portal opened up and out came the Necrocyle. Oh yeah, chicks dig guys with motorcycles. I can tell she was amazed as the Necrocylce came out. I swung my leg over the seat and sat down. The seat was big enough for 2 riders so I turned around and patted the empty part of the seat behind me, signaling her to sit. She walked over and sat behind me as I handed her a helmet and we put our helmets on. "Hold on tight, this is gonna be a wild ride", I said, ready to kick the engine into gear. I turned on the Necrocylce, the engines roared with life. She held on to me with arms as she wrapped them around my waist (Score!). "Ya know, you're not so bad", she said, laying her head on my back (Double Score!).

"Back at ya", I replied, adding a wink at the end.

She looked up at me and smiled and layed her head on my back again. I inserted the krokotopia spiral key and turned the key. The Necrocylce fired a blast of dark energy, opening a portal. I gunned it and zoomed through the portal. I could feel Sestiva holding on tighter as we went faster. We came out the other end of the portal and stopped at the oasis, nearly crashing in the pond. I told Sestiva we arrived, but she kept holding on to me a few more seconds until she realized we were here. Then again, she may have been doing it on purpose (hehe).

"Oh, I'm sorry", she said as she quickly, as she blushed and quickly let go.

So we walked over to the boat to ride to the Krokosphinx. We got there and climbed down to the ladder. I saw Alhageezer at the opposite end of the room. He was looking at us but he didn't even notice us until we stood right in front of him. "Who are you?", Alhazred said as he leaned close to me, looking at me one of his eyes. I started to get a whiff of that old cheese smell. Bleh.

"I'm the wizard who you gave the golden scarab to," I said, backing away. Just then another Krok stepped out from behind Alhazred. It was Khai Amahte.

"I'm sorry," he began to say, "Alhazred has been suffering from Amnesia lately."

"Oh, I see. So we came to get the key to Sorceria, so we can get to Judgement before the intruder on Sorceria does."

"Oh yes," Khai began saying, "I remember Alhazred contacting Dworgyn about that. I suppose he sent you here. Let me go to the back and get the spiral key for you." Khai walked into the back and grabbed the spiral key. But just as he was about to hand it to me, Alhazred grabbed it.

"Donut!", Alhazred said as he grabbed the key.

Khai tried to take the key back from him, "No, it's not a donut!" Alhazred started trying to chew on it and then he spit it out. "Yuck! This doesn't taste anything like a donut! I want my money back!", he began to say, shaking his scaly fist at Khai.

"This isn't a donut and you didn't pay for it!" Khai picked up the key with a rag and washed it off. "Here," he said, handing me the key, "I apologize for Alhazred, he hasn't been himself lately."

I'll say, he's gonna have to go into retirement at some point and someone will have to take over for him. I thanked Khai as me and Sestiva headed out.

"So what do you think Sorceria's gonna be like?", Sestiva asked me.

"The enviroment will probably be balancey. I'm not sure what to suspect, honestly but I guess we'll find out", I replied, trying not to sound like a stupid person. We got on the Necrocycle, and Sestiva was already clinging to me before I even started the engine. My guess was A) She really liked me or B) She knew how wild the ride was so she was trying to make sure she was prepared. I stuck the Sorceria spiral key in and started off through the portal to Sorceria. With Sestiva by my side, I think I'm gonna enjoy this adventure...

To be Continued.....

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 3 "Edge of Apocalypse" Part 5

"Edge of Apocalpyse" Part 5

P'yongyang, North Korea, 9:03 a.m.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S DEAD?!?", the enraged dictator screamed into the phone, "You're telling me Lighttalon left him in a heap of bones?!" He couldn't believe what he was hearing, he should've seen this coming. He wasn't happy, his target was coming at him, and he had to stop him from foiling his plans.

Coast of T'ongch'on, North Korea, 9:05 a.m.

I must say, diving through the Sea with Levi was quite an adventure. I wasn't taking physical form, but through Hunter's eyes, I could see everything he was seeing. I saw vast expanses of blue ocean water along with several species of fish that swam by occasionally. There were large coral reefs, as well. We even passed by a whale once, it was humongous, but so was Levi. Finally, after about a 3 1/2 hour trip by sea, we arrived on the coast of North Korea near a town called T'ongch'on (don't even try to pronounce it, you'll fail miserably). I got on the rocky bluffs that the waters were crashing against and i noticed a large, cement wall standing 15 feet tall a little past the bluffs. I figured, walls to keep people under a communist dictatorship trapped in. Scums like them made me sick. "Alright Hunter, time to give it up", I reminded him, since we've reached our destination.

"Fine", he mumbled. He began to transform, and began surrounded in dark, swirling smoke as images of skulls flashed the smoke. Finally, I took physical form once again. Levi departed back into the sea, and I began to ponder my next move. I took out a map of North Korea, and noticed that P'yongyang, my next destination, was on the other end of North Korea. The question was, how was I going to walk through North Korea without being noticed of my different appearance? The dictator probably had spies out looking for me so I needed a disguise. My first move was to climb the wall. I pulled out my claws and tried sticking them in, put they couldn't penetrate. I then pulled out a knife sharpener, and used it to sharpen my claws. I spent a good 2 minutes sharpening them till they were like razor-sharp kitchen knives. I tried sticking them into the cement once more and they penetrated the wall a little, but just enough for me to climb. I activated the spikes in my shoes to help, as well. When I reached the top, I looked and there was a walkway on top of the wall. Standing on the walkway were guards, armed with guns. I looked around and noticed one guard, kinda small and by himself. I then had an idea. I lowered myself and began climbing sideways and got close to the small, lone guard. I used one hand to reach for my handy dandy scythe, which no Necromancer should leave home without. I aimed carefully and took one quick swipe at his neck with the blade and made a clean cut, slicing off his head. His head began falling down my side of the wall, but i caught it to take his hat. I threw the head back down. It's a good thing I'm not squeamish, or else that would've been nasty. The rest of the body began falling backwards, which I also caught, holding the severed part where his head was disconnected facing down, so the blood would drip away from me. I took the guard's outfit and tried them on. It was a perfect fit. I threw the body down and stored away my normal clothes. I put on the hat and tilted it down a little, to hide part of my face.

I swung over the top of the wall quickly so the guards wouldnt notice and walked down the stairs that were on the other side of the wall and headed into town. I walked through North Korea, disguised as a guard, thinking the dictator's spies wouldn't recongnize me. I finally reached P'yongyang without getting shot, which was good. I think it's somewhere around here there'd be a large building for the Dictator. I followed the map to a huge Empire Palace-type building. It had a large, red roof with a large balcony way up there for the Dictator, along with some other nifty features. This must be the place. There were 2 guards standing at the entrance. I was still wearing my disguise so i suppose I could get in. I walked past them without being stopped so I guess it worked. I entered a large foyer room with white floor tiles, a desk in the center of the room, which had a couple bonsai on it, a small lounge area on the left side of the room which had a blue, leather couch along with a couple of chairs made of the same material along with a flatscreen tv in front of them that was showing the news and I guessed that it was a type of waiting room. To the right were the bathrooms. The building had 25 floors, so I decided to look at some kind of guide that told what room was on each floor. I found a chart that had the different floors listed. Under each floor, there were a list of room names underneath. I looked through the list, and the last item I found under the 25th floor was Dictator Kiroshima's office. That's where I knew I had to go. I walked over to the elevator, and was stopped by two guards, they were speaking Korean, but I had a translating device that allowed me to translate what I was hearing into English and then translate the English I said into any other language. I set it on Korean. "Stop!", the guards began saying, "What is your business here?"

I then knew I had to come up with the best Korean accent I could. "I'm here to report to Dictator Kiroshima."

"What for?", they asked suspiciously, pointing their guns at me.

I then lowered my voice in a whisper, "I've got news on the whereabouts of Agent Lighttalon, the American spy."

They looked shocked and immediately put down their guns, giving me a nod. I walked into the elevator, and pressed the 25th button and the doors closed. One of the many things I hate is elevator music. Now, the only thing I hate more than elevator music is Korean elevator music. It was the worst thing I've heard since Rebecca Black's Friday song. I almost barfed in my mouth just thinking about it. Finally, I reached the 25th floor. I walked down a long hall, and passed several rooms until at the end of the hall was a door on it that had an inscription in Korean on it. It translated to, "Dictator Kiroshima's office." Well, this is it. Time to bust in on this guy and crash the party. Took a moment or two to ponder my entrance and sharpen my claws just in case. Now I was ready. With one charge, I busted down the door. I looked and the first thing I saw when I entered this large room was a Korean man wearing a blue uniform, outlined by red. He had a few pockets on the front of his shirt and had several badges on it. Standing by his desk were 2 guards. And, of course, they were armed with guns. "End of the line, Kiroshima!", I said after making my entrance.

"Ah, if it isn't Agent Lighttalon, I've been expecting you. You may have eluded the watch of my spies, but this is where you end. The guards pulled out their guns, and cocked them, ready to shoot. They aimed them right at me. "You can't beat me, it just isnt' possible. After the United States falls as a superpower, I will then form an alliance with countries such as Russia, Iran, Egypt, and Lebanon and they will help me first defeat Israel. I will then use them to conquer and destroy the United States. Once we've become the leading superpower, we will establish a one-world government under my- I mean - our rule.

Wait a minute, doesn't this guy remind you of someone? Establishing a one-world government under his rule and planning to wipe Israel, which was the land of the Jews aka God's people. If I didn't know any better, I'd say this guy was the antichrist, but I was hoping that wasn't true. But I added up the Biblical numbers for each letter of his name, turns out they didn't add up to 666. Whew, thank God. So this guy was an Antichrist but not THE Antichrist.

"So long, Lighttalon", Kiroshima said as his guards fired their bullets at me. They bounced right off me. How? You guessed it, I had already casted a bulletproof ward already casted on me before I even entered the room. I then pulled out my Scythe and sliced both of the guards in half. These guys should really start wearing armor if they have any chance against me. They fell to the floor, split in half and spilling their guts. Once again, it's a good thing i'm not sqeamish. Kiroshima looked somewhat surprised.

"Should have seen that coming. You may not know, but my real name isn't Kiroshima", he said.

"Oh? Then what is it."

"Allow me to show you." He then did the unexpected, he began to transform. His body was radiating lots of heat and began giving off a nasty smell, which after a few sniffs I began to recognize it. Sulfur. This could only mean one thing. His body grew as he was covered in flames and took on the form of something large. It stood 11 feet tall and 20 feet long. This guy was no human being.

"Behold!!", he began to shout, "I am Kiroshiza!!!"

Oh crap. Allow me to fill you in on what a Shiza is. The Shiza was stated in Ancient Asian legend to be a large, demon dog that had had the ability to call down meteors by roaring. Its eyes were glowing dark red, it had brown-colored fur with some emblems of fire on his shoulders. This guy was a demon, and I had to stop him, and since demons can't be killed with mortal weapons, I have to rely on my necromancy. Now for those of you who think Necromancy is calling on Satanic power, allow me to clarify the difference between demon power and death power. Demonic power comes from the power of demons, including Satan himself. That comes from the afterlife, which, in this case, would come from Hell itself. Necromancy is using the power of death itself. When a human being dies, it's spirit is separated from its body. The force that separates the 2 is called death. It is from this force, not Satanic means, that Necromancy gets its power.

So I prepared for my fight with the four legged demon. I summoned Skelly to help me. Kiroshiza charged toward Skelly and pounced. Skelly got on his 2 hind legs and grabbed his body with his claws, which hurt Kiroshiza as they dug in. Skelly then threw him to the ground and began wailing on him, slashing and gashing at him. Kiroshiza was taking damage and then began roaring as flaming meteor began crashing through the ceiling and landing on Skelly, but it didn't really hurt him since he had no nerves, it just simply made him go from attack to defense as he defended himself from the flaming projectiles. Kiroshiza got up and started attacking Skelly. I had to think fast. I had an idea. I summoned a Banshee. Kiroshiza was attacking Skelly one second. The next second, he was coiling and covering his ears  in pain. That's because the Banshee I summoned was letting out a deafening scream. Skelly was immune to the sound so he attacked Kiroshiza while he was down. Kiroshiza took a lot of damage until he decided to retreat. "This is not the end! I will disrupt balance and it will be the end!", he said, disappearing in a ball of fire. Disrupt balance? What did he mean by that? I hope I wasn't going to find out soon..

I quickly left the building, which was starting to collapse due to the flaming meteors. I then lept out the front door as the whole builing crashed down, causing a large boom to echo throughout all P'yongyang. The Korean authorities would probably try to get here soon so I decided to try to escape fast. I almost forgot about the 6 little helpers inside my body. I began to transform, orange smoke began to swirl around me, flashed of fire blasted all around. Stephen Fireblade took phsyical form. "Alright Stephen, get us out of here on a Phoenix", I figured since Phoenixes can travel far distances nonstop, I could have Stephen call one up and help us out. Stephen summoned a phoenix and hopped on it's back, but it didn't harm him at all since he was fireproof due to the fact he was a pyromancer. As we flew out, I still kept thinking about what Kiroshiza meant by "Disrupting Balance". When we got back to the west coast, I took physical form again. My cell phone was ringing again, it was Dworgyn. "Hello?", I said as I picked up.

"Tim, we've got an emergency", Dworgyn began to say, "There's a calamity soon to take place that could mean the obliteration of the Spiral itself."

End of Chapter

To be continued... In the next Chapter....

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Ravenwood Ball Photo Album

Hey guys! I hope you had a BLAST at the Ravenwood Ball cause I sure did! It was a HUGE success this year and you could already see tons of people camping out hours before the ball!

One thing I definently loved about the Ravenwood Ball was being on livestream for hours before and during the Ball listening to Kevin Battleblood, Paige Moonshade, Cassandra Dragonheart, and many others! I was laughing really hard from all the flash mobs Kevin Battleblood started, here's a few examples:

 Here's the dance line we started, it was going good for a while and the biggest it got was from the myth school to Bartelby's mouth, which isn't too bad.

 Mummy Hug! Can you find the bunnies in this picture?

 Frozen to the Bone! XD

Wall of bones! (And a little bit of fur)

That was probably one of my favorite parts of the Ball, if not my all time favorite part of the ball. Here's the rest of the pics I took at the Ball!

    Crowding up at the start of the Ravenwood Ball!

At Cassandra Hexthorn's, or as I now like to sometimes call, Cassandra Battleblood (Kevin Battleblood was her date to the ball), mini party. I was one of the mini party hosts but mine got abandoned and nobody showed up and i saw how many Hexy's party had and kinda got jealous so I just forgot about my mini party and went to hers. I rotated between her's and Fallon Shadowblade's.

 Me with Hexy! (and some other random dude who decided to jump in)

                                              Me and my date to the Ravenwood Ball :)

                                                   Me with Hexy and Diana Wildheart

                                                     Me with Fallon Shadowblade!

                                               Me next to a line of well-known wizards

                                                   At Fallon Shadowblade's mini party

                                                      Me and Scarlet Moonflower! :)

                                                     Me and Katherine Lightwalker! :)

 Me at Ronan Dawn's house, who had a sweet pile of dirt clumps to run on!

 Merle Ambrose: Go long, Gamma!

 Me with my spiral bestie, Jessica Stargem!

 Me in a messed up group picture with Diana Wildheart. (Notice the random couple in the lower left corner)

Me with my Spiral Family, the Stargems!

Before I end this post, I want to personally thank Fallon Shadowblade for such an awesome time and for throwing a great party!! To Fallon Shadowblade and the rest of the community!!!

                                                                                           - Timothy Lighttalon

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ravenwood Ball Mini Party Host!!! :)

Alright people the Ravenwood Ball is tomorrow and I'm one of the mini party hosts!!! YEAH BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I will be at the ravenwood ball and will begin inviting guests to the mini party at my house at 6:15 CST. I will be there along with my legendary myth alt, Valdus Titanblood. I probably wont have much room on my friend's list so he will be my main port bus to my place. The max number of guests allowed at my place is 100, including me so i will look forward to seeing you at the Ravenwood Ball tomorrow! :D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 3 "Edge of Apocalyse" Part 4

"Edge of Apocalypse" Part 4

Got up the next morning, left the house, and headed off to the west coast to begin my journey to my destination, North Korea.I created a few more custom spells that I thought would come in handy. My plan was to get to the west coast, have Hunter take on physical form, and call up the One named Levi, his pet Leviathan, to take us to North Korea because Skelly wouldn't have enough energy to fly directly off from the west coast all the way to North Korea, it would be just too far. I got Skelly up and he began our flight to the West Coast.

Point Arena, California 8:04 a.m.

Zimmerman arrived on the coast of California, at Point Arena, where he believed his target would arrive at shortly to prepare to head to North Korea. Zimmerman stood in the sand, waiting for his prey like a spider in its web....

Point Arena, California 8:06 a.m.

I began walking to the beach at point arena, expecting no trouble with getting off the coast. But as I approached the beach, I found that I was wrong. A rather tall, skinny guy in a long, grey jacket with a black hat, and wearing light grey pants was standing in the middle of the beach. There was nobody else around but me and him, so i'm guessing he was hear to get in my way. I didn't know exactly what to do so I approached the guy and calmly told him, "I'm sorry sir but you'll have to excuse me, I have places I need to go."

"I'm afraid I can't allow you to do that, I'm here to keep you from doing that very thing", the man said as he pulled out a gun.

"Let me guess, the head honcho at North Korea heard about the FBI's plan to send me into North Korea and sent you to stop me."

"That's right and this is the end for you right here" he said as he pulled the trigger, shooting right at my chest...... nothing happened. He was befuddled, seeing that I was still standing. "Why aren't you dead right now?"

"You see, I came prepared. I knew North Korea would find out about this and try to send someone to kill me. What you just witnessed was a little spell I pulled out of my sleeve I like to call bulletproof, it protects me from being harmed from any man-made weapon.", I said. I began casting another custom spell, and a swarm of floating black skulls with glowing red eyes, razor sharp teeth, and eminated with dark energy began to appear. This is another custom spell I like to call, Predatory Skulls. And if there's one thing that Predatory Skulls love to feed on, it's human flesh. The Skulls began to swarm the man, ripping apart at his flesh with their teeth. Wasn't a pretty sight to see, I had to hum in my head to try to tune out the screams of pain the man kept making as he was being eaten alive, Finally, once there was nothing but bones left of him, I called back the predatory skulls. Ok, now onto the plan. I began to glow and began transforming. Electricity began crackling around me and i was surrounded in swirling, purple smoke. Hunter Anvilfist had taken physical form. "Oh yeah, baby!! Haven't felt this great in a loong time!"

"Just call on the one named Levi and get us to North Korea," I reminded him, "Once we arrive there, you have to give me my body back."

"Fine", he said, annoyed. "Levi!!!" The waters began to ripple, soon a very large Leviathan rose out of the water, roaring as he met his master. "Need ya to get us to North Korea."

Levi pulled his long, fishy tail out of the water, laying the end on the beach to make a bridge for his master to board. Hunter walked up his long body and sat down. Levi plunged deep underwater and began to swim through the ocean.

To be continued....

Recent News and Ravenwood Ball Upcoming

Sorry if i haven't posted in a while, life's been quite rough lately and i haven't been feeling too great. Anyways, on to the recent news from the last few days. As you all know, the test realm opened up recently to showcase the New Cutscene at the Malistaire encounter. Also, the Ravenwood Ball is coming up in 2 days. I hope i get to host one of the mini parties, but the mini party hosts will be announced today at sometime. There are 10 mini party hosts that were selected and i hope i'm one of them! So that's all I got for now, I will try to take pics at the Ravenwood Ball and probably make an album out of it in a post so I really look forward to it! Until next time, see you in the spiral!

                                                                                                         - Timothy Lighttalon

But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness
                                                                              - 1 Timothy 6:11

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 3 "Edge of Apocalypse" Part 3

"Edge of Apocalypse" Part 3

P'yongyang, North Korea 7:26 p.m.

The Russian killer looked at the file and the picture of the FBI agent with a raised eyebrow. "This? This is what you're so concerned about? This guy is just a kid. He's one of those silly... uh, what they call uh... teenagers.", he said sort of laughing to himself as he made the statement.

"You don't know a whole lot about him," the Dictator reminded him, "Let's just say he has some.. special capabilites."

"Like what?", asked Zimmerman with curiosity.

"He has the ability to do things that normal human beings could accomplish. If we don't take him out of the picture, then he's going to be a threat to us."

"I don't quite see how but if that's what you want me to do, then I'll go ahead and take the kid down. I am still getting my pay, right?"

"Of course, if you can take him down, we will add a bonus to your normal payment."

The Russian assassin, intrigued by his new mission, headed out of the Dictator's office to prepare to carry out his plans.

That's right, Lighttalon, the Dictator saying in his mind as he sat in his chair, you're not getting in the way this time...

Manhattan, New York, 7:29 p.m.

I still couldn't believe what I had seen. I had encountered a messenger from God's abode, sang along to one of my favorite songs of praise with him, and while we were singing and having such a joyful occasion in the midst of a chaotic seen, the missile was being returned toward the enemy. My cell phone began to rang. It was the FBI again. I picked up, "Hello?" It was my boss again.

"Agent Lighttalon, due to the recent events, the government is gathering for a meeting in decision of what to do in response to North Korea's missile launch."

"Ok, I'll be right over", I said as I hung up. I walked around the park to find Skelly to discover him curled up, blending in the shadows under a couple of trees. I'm surprised that nobody noticed something as honking huge as he was curled under the shade. I mounted up on him and told him to head toward Wahington DC for the big meeting at the capital building. I wasn't a huge fan of dressing real fancy but for an occasion like this, I had no choice so I had Valdus conjure up a tuxedo for me.

I went in, and several government agencies were there including a couple other representatives from the FBI, a few people from the United Nations, and just about every other special government agency you can think of was there. We gathered in a very large meeting room, I sat as one of the meetings from the FBI along with a few of my bosses. Since I am a very high ranking agent, the only ones who are bosses over me in the FBI are usually the head honchos themselves. The president, whom I must admit I am not a very big fan of, entered along with a few congressmen and sat in a chair in from of the large room.

The meeting was begun by the adressing of the problem itself. After it was addressed, suggestions about courses of action were thrown out. The UN, being themselves, tried to find some rediculous way to make peace with North Korea. I very well knew, that from now until the Second Coming of Christ himself, that there would always be war on earth, never could there possibly be complete peace and order, which I ended up telling them when i stepped up to the mic at our seats but then that's when they got rather angry at me, mostly probably for mentioning Christ. The room started to break out into an all-out debate but then order was brought back to the meeting. The FBI suggested that they'd send in one of their best to attempt to go in and investigate North Korea as a spy. I knew this was my kind of mission. That's when I stepped to the mic once again.

"I will do it", I said. At first the room went silent, and then it broke out into laughter from all the members of the meeting. I could hear what different people were saying about me, "Who does this guy think he is?!", "a KID going to do a spy's work?! Ha! Give me a break!", and some other rather unflattering remarks which I'd rather not repeat. I was getting rather ticked by all of this. I then tapped the mic and a high-pitched, loud noise from the mic erupted through the room, which caused people to cover their ears to protect them from hearing the horrid sound. I looked around the room to make sure I had their attention, which I did after a few silent moments. "Good, you obviously don't know what I am capable of. Allow me to demonstrate." I took out my staff and disappeared in a cloud of dark smoke and reappeared in the center of the room, which was already enough to get the crowd kind of shocked. I began to wave my staff, casting a Doom and Gloom Aura around the room. People gasped in shock as the Necromantic magic swirled around the room. I then began casting more spells, summoning undead to appear at my side. Vampires, Skeletal Pirates, Wraiths, Scarecrows, a Skeletal Dragon or two, and the whole gang of undead appeared. People were already pale and cowering under their seats in terror from just the sight of the undead appearing. "I suspect that you now believe me." I snapped my fingers and all of the undead as well as the aura disappeared in a puff of dark smoke. I also demonstrated my combat abilites by picking up a chair, hurling it into the air. I then bared my fangs and whipped out my claws, leaping high into the air, I took a couple good swipes at the chair, slashing it into a few pieces and then delivering a whirling roundhouse kick, sending it flying and crashing into the wall on a far end of the room. "I also have my fair share of combat skills", I said, withdrawing my fangs and claws.

I gave everyone in the room a few minutes to process everything they just saw, and then went back to my seat, pleased with myself. Afterwards, the FBI discussed how they would send me in. They decided to have me cross over the Pacific Ocean, sneak into the barriers of North Korea, and find out who's behind this whole thing. Everyone agreed with the plan and it was settled. After the meeting, I decided to call up Dworgyn in hopes that he could offer me some advice on using my Necromancy. He already knows I work as a highly ranked FBI agent outside the spiral and he knows about the events concerning the incident with my cousins.

"Why hello Timothy, surprised to be hearing from you", he said as he answered on the other end.

"Hey, Dworgy. I was just assigned a very important mission and I could hope you could give me advice about using my magical skills.", I said.

"Well, you're outside the spiral now, right?"


"Ok, I'm about to teach you how to use a very special skill. It's a magical skill that very few wizards can learn how to use."

"What is it?"

"I'm going to teach you how to use Custom Spells. Custom Spells are magical spells that can be created usually by the power of Conjuring, which you can use with the help of Valdus. They can do almost anything you want, but they do have certain limits. The catch though is that they can only be used outside of the spiral."

"Right, gotcha. Ready to learn."

Dworgyn then began teaching me the techniques of using my mind to control the fabrics of my magic, using them to create a certain spell that came to mind. I created my first custom spell as a demonstration. I won't say what it is yet, because I'll be storing it away for handy use for another time.

"Very good, you've learned to create your first custom spell. Good luck on your mission!"

"Thanks Dworgyn!", I said as I hung up.

I headed back to my place and crashed for the night. My mission would start the next day.

To be Continued...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 3 "Edge of Apocalypse" Part 2

"Edge of Apocalypse" Part 2

I couldn't believe it. I, along with millions of other people, was about to get nuked right where I was standing. Then my cell phone rang as well. I checked the caller ID, it was the FBI. I began to levitate over the panicky people so that I could be able to talk to the FBI without getting bumped into and dropping my phone and so I can hear the caller. The people of Manhattan were so worried, they didn't even bother to notice the levitating Necromancer in their midst. "Hello?", I answered as i picked up.

"I'm sure you're well aware of the news", one of my bosses from the FBI, Jeff Hanson, said as he replied.

"No, I'm actually just sitting here enjoying myself while millions of innocent lives are running for cover from the incoming disaster about to take place," I said sarcastically, "What's the deal here?"

"Well it appears that North Korea went ahead with their intents of launching a nuclear missile towards the United States. The only defense we have against it is the new Return-to-sender (RTS) technology."

"Isn't that the new missile defense system that was recently built to scramble the programming of an incoming missile, reverse it's course, and then send it back? That stuff hasn't even been tested yet!"

"I know, that's the problem. But we have no choice except to use it, it may the only chance we have of surviving."

"Get me hooked up with the THAAD (Terminal High Aerial Altitude Defense) system nearby. I want to see if this thing works."

"I can try to do it but I can't guarantee it'll work."

THAAD Base, New York, New York. 7:23 p.m.

Sirens began blasting all over the base. "Set up the RTS defense system! Now!!", the loud Commander shouted. Operators were scrambling to their control panels to find the coordinates to the missile.

"The missile is just 650 miles from here and is 50,000 feet in the air and is closing in fast", one of the operators said.

"Well get ready to aim! We've only got one shot at this! Millions are counting on us!", the Sergeant ordered, "Let's hope it works, otherwise, we could be in deep trouble"

Back in Manhattan...
7:24 p.m.

I was finally connected. Rather than a call, it was a video survellience. I could just see everyone in the room in panic. "Well guys", I began telling my 6 cousins in my head, "All we can do now is pray that He will have his way." I headed back to the sidewalk and sat down on a bench. I decided that if the RTS system failed to kick in, I would go in, fly on Skelly, and sacrifice myself to save millions. I know, it's gutsy but I'd rather die than die and have this country be in ruins. I watched more people run through the streets, still screaming at the top of their lungs and still panicking. But then I noticed the noise started to get quiter, until I couldn't hear the screaming. Had I gone deaf because it was so loud there? But then I began hearing a voice, a voice like nothing I'd ever heard on this earth. It began to sing, and I immediately began to recognize the song. I searched for the source of the voice, and then I turned to my right and sitting next to me on the bench...... was an Angel. It began singing one of my favorite songs of all time:

♪ The splendor of a King, clothed in majesty
Let all the earth rejoice
All the earth rejoice

He wraps himself in light, and darkness tries to hide
And trembles at his voice
Trembles at his voice

How great is our God, sing with me
How great is our God, and all will see
How great, how great is our God ♪

I had already found myself singing along, as we continued to sing, time seemed to melt away. The voice was perfect, unlike any human voice. The voice was so beautiful, it could make a grown man bawl out like a baby. I was already crying my eyes out as I continued to sing along. Nobody was noticing a thing at all. And I wondered if I was the only one seeing the Angel. Finally, after the song ended I was filled with indescribable peace. I was just about to turn to thank the Angel when I noticed he was gone. And when I turned to look, people were no longer panicking, but rather cheering. I checked my phone and all the THAAD operators we're hootin' and hollerin'. The missile had been returned to sender.

P'yongyang, Korea 7:29 p.m.

The North Korean cadet rushed to the Communist Dictator's office, delivering the urgent message. "Kiroshima, your dictatorship! The U.S. reflected our missile and blew up our warship!"

Dictator Kiroshima began cursing in Korean. "Those *BEEP* Americans!! That's it! Prepare the troops and prepare our Submarine and Warship division for an ambush on the West Coast of the United States! We must thwart them, they've been the World's leading Superpower for too long! Oh and, Cadet."


"Bring in Al Zimmerman."

After half an hour, the Russian Killer entered the dictators office. "You requested my presence?"

"I need you to get some information on the RTS technology that the U.S. has. Also I need you to gather some information on this guy." The dictator layed down a top secret file on FBI agent Timothy Lighttalon.

To be continued....

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The Necromaniac Chapter 3 "Edge of Apocalypse"

"Edge of Apocalypse"
Based on the book Edge of Apocalypse

I began heading home from Necrophilia, which I'd now like to call my second home, because it just felt so much like home to me, being in the necromantic atmoshpere. The Necrocylce sped through the wormhole, exiting out the other end at warp speed. Now for those of you who don't know what my home like on earth is, I'll describe it to you. I had found this old abandoned mansion out in this open area in the middle of a large forest in Northern Alabama. I decided to move there after some redecorating, i refurnished it and revamped it from its old state. It had three floors. On the first floor, when you entered through the front door was a long stairway that lead to the second and third floors. In the room to the left of the stairs was a kitchen, which had a fridge, a microwave, a counter, which included some upper and lower drawers, and a stove, which had and oven underneath it. To the right of the stairs, there was a living room, with a couch and some reclining chairs with a long, wooden coffee table in front of them along with an old tv just behind it, which I replaced with a 56" flatscreen high-def tv, where i kept my blu ray player, Wii, and Playstation 2.

"You've been away from home a while", an all too familiar voice spoke in my head. Ok, now here's where I need to explain something. I didn't have much family growing up, I was separated from my parents when I was pulled into the spiral. I started out my wizard journey with no friends, but I came to met 6 wizards who I became friends with, each one from a different school with their own separate personalities according to the school they belonged to. They are all now at their peak level like I am, at level 60. First, there's Hunter Anvilfist, a Diviner, or a student of the storm school. He's a bit stubborn and is kinda hotheaded at times. He can really kick butt with his spells, but he can get rather cocky with his skills. He has brown hair and blue eyes. Oh and did I mention he has the ability to breathe underwater? Next is Ethan Winterbreaker, a Thaumaturge, or a student of the ice school. He is more of the laid back type, likes to often take things easy. He has an usual green color for his hair and has light blue eyes. He has the special ability to survive in bone-chilling temperatures and is unable to be frozen. Before he became a wizard, he lived in Antarctica for 6 months. Then there's Stephen Fireblade, a Pyromancer, or a student of the fire school. He has flame-red hair and the color of his eyes resembled rubies. He is a guy who is pretty courageous and doesn't fear a thing. He is the biggest Pyromaniac I've ever met and is able to survive in Volcanic temperatures, and can swim through lava unharmed. Next is Aaron Lifeheart, a Theurgist, or student of the life school. He is a rather kind-hearted person and is kind of an eco-freak. He had a light green hair along with Jade-colored eyes. He has an uncanny ability to make plants grow at will, which I find rather odd. He's got the green thumb, while I have the black thumb. Next is Kane Silvercrafter, a Sorcerer, or a student of the balance school. He doesn't speak a whole lot and is the serious types. He had silver hair and eyes, and didn't often smile.  He has the unbelievable ability to retain his balance and stay on his feet no matter what, he also can tell how moral one is by just looking at them. And last but not least, there's Valdus Titanblood, a Conjurer, or a student of the myth school. Valdus is a rather creative person, able to come up with a million things of the top of his head. He has the weird ability make whatever he's thinking of appear. I eventually came to found out that all 6 of them were actually my cousins, which was rather ironic.

Then one day we were attempting to build a duplication machine, a machine originally designed to make a copy of somebody. But the machine went out of control, and somehow, all 6 of my cousins spirits were crammed into my body and the only way to take physical form again is through having to share the body so when one of my cousins wants to take physical form, our spirits switch places and my physical appearance will change to one of theirs. Whenever they are not taking physical form, they talk and I can hear their voices inside of my head. Sometimes it can be rather annoying. The voice I had just heard was Hunter's. "Yeah, I've been busy", I told Hunter inside of my head.

"It's about time."

"Well, being a top-ranked FBI agent/Highly-Skilled Wizard is not an easy job."

"I see, so what are you going to do now that you're home and got no current assignments."

"I guess I'll just take the time to relax, do things, see places, stuff like that. Where you think you guys wanna go?"

"How about Canada? I hear they have some awesome ham."

"Nah, I don't like how they say 'Eh' every other sentence, it's really annoying. Any other ideas?"

"How about going to the North Pole?", Ethan suggested.

"No Ethan, not all of us are immune to freezing to death like you are. Anyone got any better ideas?"

"How about China?", Stephen asked.

"Why there?"

"What? I like Chinese food."

"Nah, I'm allergic to m.s.g. and plus, we might be shot dead by the communists or something."

"Ever considered going somewhere like a large city? Like Manhattan?", said Kane.

"Hey, that's not a bad idea. There's lots of cool stuff to do there."

So I decided to tidy the place up a bit, brush the dust off everything that was collected since I was last home, fed lunch to Skelly, and mounted up to fly to Manhattan. Skelly took off into the air, while I pulled out my GPS, telling him where to go. Skelly can fly about as fast as a regular airplane, so the trip took about maybe 3 hours. Finally, we reached Manhattan. It was about 5 pm. I decided I'd take a stroll around town first. Manhattan is a pretty big city, it was pretty much like a giant island. 2 hours had passed after my stroll, and I reached a small park on the outskirts of the city and decided to take a rest on one of the benches. It was already pretty dark, the stars shone above the city and the moon shone above like a giant nightlight in the night sky, or at least that's what it looked like to me. I decided to go back downtown to pick up a newspaper to read. I was going through the streets, looking for a newspaper stand.

Everything seemed to be peaceful. But as I was crossing the street, a taxi seemed to swerve off the road and went speeding down the sidewalk. People started jumping out of the way, trying to avoid getting run over. I was confused why it was doing that and then all the sudden cell phones everywhere started ringing. All of the sudden, people began running for their lives, screaming at the top of their lungs in a massive panic. I had no idea what was going on, I felt like I was in Tokyo in a Godzilla movie.

"What's going on?", my 6 cousins began asking me.

"I'm not sure," I said to them in my head, "I'll look for one of those electronic news boards and see what's happening."

I tried to swim through the rushing crowd of panicking people, but then I began to understand everything the minute I read the electronic board that displayed these horrific words scrolling across it:

Breaking News: North Korea has just launched a nuclear missile towards Manhattan Island, New York.

To be continued....

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Note: Disregard the last few posts

As you'll notice, you'll see several parts of the Necromaniac stories i've written divided into blog posts. I had no choice but to do this to help organize the Necromaniac page in order to make it easier for readers to get to each part so please ignore those posts if you've seen them already. Thanks

The Necromaniac Chapter 2 "Clash of the Creatures" Part 4

"Clash of the Creatures" Part 4

I could already feel a change in the atmosphere as we began to enter Theurgia. You know that weird buttterflies-in-your-stomach feeling you get? That's what I was beginning to feel, it made me sick. As we began our descend and making our way towards the mainland of Theurgia. You know the old saying 'The grass is greener on the other side'? Well it's even greener on Theurgia. I spotted large, luscious fields of grass, blooming with plant life. This put any old garden to shame, no offense, green thumb wanna be's. One flower I saw that I noticed a lot back in the days of my journey in Mooshu, was the Jade Lotus. I'm guessing it's like the Life School's flower or something. You could hear chirping of crickets everywhere and not one area of ground wasn't covered in grass. There was a feeling of sickening bliss, or at least to a pessimistic necromancer such as I it was sickening, in the atmosphere as we began to move through Theurgia. I could tell my Undead comrades were not liking it either, but I told them to stay strong, we wouldn't be here long. Theurgia was a direct opposite to Necrophilia, the sun was radiating brightly, and had the vampires, had it not been for them hiding under their umbrellas, would have been vaporized by the bright light. Me and Skelly flew far above and behind the rest of the forces as we awaited their diversion so we could go in and do our job.

Soon, we spotted the massive tree which Drakkon spoke of. We were ready to do what had to be done. The undead army let out their shrieks, roars, and howls as they advanced to the theurgic village. Watcher fairies began to panic as they tried to alert the theurgy forces but no sooner were they pummeled in the raid of undead as they began to plunder the village. That was our cue. Skelly flew us over the hubabaloo as we went around the great tree, looking for a hole or crevasse to enter in to get into the tree.

"I see an opening", Skelly said as he noticed the hole in the tree, "Get ready to enter in, we don't know what may be inside the tree so be prepared to meet us when we enter."

"Gotcha", i said, baring my fangs and claws, ready to go to town on whatever may be awaiting us.

Skelly entered the hole and landed inside, and sure enough at the moment of our entrance, pixies, fairies, and sprites were already calling security on us. Wow, that was fast, I thought. Soon, Seraphs and Centaurs showed up, I'm guessing they're like the Theurgic SWAT team. A couple Seraphs charged towards us, sword in hand. I leaped off Skelly's back and sprung into action. I lunged toward a Seraph, it tried to attack me with its sword, but I knocked it out of its hand with my claws. I then knocked my heels together, activating the spikes at the bottom of my shoes and proceeded to kick the Seraph, wounding in the gut and sending it flying back slamming into the wall. Skelly came in and knocked more Seraphs flying with his spiked tail. I could just hear their bones being crunched as they got knocked into the next Millennia. A Centaur then came charging at me, stood on his hind legs, and readied to shoot an arrow directly toward me. But then I caught him by surprise, I moved at blurring speed, slicing his hind legs underneath him, while sprinting past him. He kneeled over in pain and while he did so, I jumped back into the air, spun into a 180 and sent a flying spiky kick into his back, adding even more to his injuries and putting him out of action for the time being. Two Centaurs tried launching arrows at Skelly but of course they just simply bounced off. Skelly then charged toward the Centaurs and body slammed them with the spikes on his chest. It's a good thing you're not seeing all of this or else you'd hurl if you were the squeamish type. We may fight dirty, but we do it to win.

Anyways, so after all the Seraphs and Centaurs were taken care of, Skelly and I advanced through the tree, looking for passages that would link down to the roots of the great tree. Skelly found a few tunnels going down pretty far so I casted infection spells down the passageways and they began working their way down. Perfect. Skelly led me to more passageways to put infections into. Finally, by the time we were done, we thought we'd explored the entire tree.

Meanwhile, back outside, the ultimate showdown of Life vs. Death was taking place. The undead started with an ambush strike that caught the theurgy forces off guard, so they tried to recover with the healers. But the Undead were expecting that, so the health sappers, which include Ghouls, Vampires, Wraiths, and Scarecrows, began draining the life out of the healers. The Theurgic forces then began to call upon the great Tree. But when Oakin tried to heal the wounded creatures, the healing energy in its roots was stopped. The infections worked! The only one of the Theurgic forces still standing was Waldfur. Waldfur was using his remaining strength to bash undead with his large, furry, beefy hands. Drakkon advanced toward him, trying to attack him while he was weary. Waldfur was holding his ground against Drakkon at first but then as he got more tired, he started struggling until Drakkon took him down and Waldfur was left with no choice but to surrender.

"I don't get it", Waldfur began to say after certain defeat, "How is it that you were able to overpower me."

"Well," Drakkon began, "I can't take all of the credit. We had the help of a very resourceful Wizard and his Bone Drake."

"Oh shucks it was nothing," I began to say, "But now that we've won the battle, it's time we finally ended this war. From now on, there shall be peace between the Theurgic and Necromantic creatures. Well, at least for the time being." So they made a pact that day, promising to refrain from further conflict between the forces of Life and Death.

After arriving back to Necrophilia, I figured that I should be departing. After all, I can't hang around forever. I said my farewells to the Undead of Necrophilia, promising I would one day return for a visit. I walked out and drove back to nightside on the Necrocycle. I'm rather surprised I'm not getting a call from the FBI or Dworgyn right now. Oh well, I might as well enjoy doing nothing while i still can...

P'yongyang, North Korea

"Ugh, they found me!", the Pilot said to himself, noticing the North Korean Jets approaching him. They must have found out he discovered North Korea's Top Secret plot. The enemy jets began firing missiles at him, he dodged a few until one missile got part of the right engine near the bottom of the plane. He began losing altitude, fast. He figured he may be able to radio mission control and tell them what he could before he plummeted.

"Mission Control! Mission Control! This is Pilot M-415, do you read me?!"

A sort of static signal started coming through the other end. "Yes, this is mission control, what is it?"

"Well, I'm about to plummet. I've been shot out of the sky and I'm falling but I'll tell you what I can with the time I have left."

"Well then, spit it out, Soldier!"

"Ok, you need to evacuate, North Korea is planning to launch a Nuclear Missile strike!!"

"Where to?!?!"

"They're planning to nuke Manhattan Island!! You need to act fast! It is the work of Kir-" the signal then cut off......

End of Chapter

To be Continued... In the next chapter.....

The Necromaniac Chapter 2 "Clash of the Creatures" Part 3

"Clash of the Creatures" Part 3

Sure enough, they were charging towards the Village. "Send in the undead army!", Drakkon exclaimed, preparing for battle. Swarms of undead were pouring out of the castle and the village. I summoned Skelly to help out in the fight. I hopped up on him and Skelly flew high in the air. Skelly swooped down towards the Theurgy forces and started bashing and gashing life creatures, one after another. One thing i noticed as we were advancing through enemy forces was that the smaller and not as powerful creatures were in the front while the stronger and more power-packed ones were near the back. We got to a couple of Centaurs, who were firing arrows at Skelly which simply kept bouncing off his bony body. Then Skelly stood on his hind legs, barred his claws and SPLAT went the Centaurs as he stomped on them!

I thought we had finished off the last of them until Skelly sensed something. Something with major amounts of life energy. I looked over Skelly's shoulder and standing there was a giant, angry Forest Lord. While most Forest Lords are about maybe 15 feet tall, this one was a little over 30 feet tall.

"Woah!!", i said, looking at the large and fearsome beast.

"That is Waldfur, the Great Forest Lord, who is also my rival", Drakkon stated while taking off to meet his rival. He dived from the air and quickly pounced onto Waldfur, the two wrestled, going back and forth at one another. Waldfur would grab Skelly with his beefy fists and throw him and Drakkon would rebound back and slash him while tackling him to the ground. All fighting ceased between the two forces as they watched the epic fight take place. Eventually, Waldfur and the theurgy forces retreated and Drakkon and the army of undead being the temporary victor.

Afterwards, there was a meeting between Drakkon, the Undead Army Generals,  and I.

"What happened back there?", Drakkon spoke, "Why was there a sudden ambush?!"

One of the Generals, General Agonius the Wraith spoke, "It appears they were somehow able to cross over from Theurgia to Necrophilia. The question is how were they able to do so?"

I am very knowledgable in magic, not just Necromancy but in all schools of magic because I do a lot of studying. From what I saw from the Theurgy forces, there was only one way they could've managed to cross over. "I know how." The generals and Drakkon looked at me with surprise. "As me and Skelly were moving through the forces, we saw all kinds of different creatures of life. One in particular we saw were Unicorns, and quite a few of them, might I add. Unciorns are known for travelling from one place to another on Rainbows. So I'm thinking that they used the Unicorns special ability to create Rainbows to create one giant rainbow, carrying the forces all the way from Theurgia to Necrophilia. What I'd suggest we do is strike back, harder and quicker. But we will also need a means of transportation from Necrophilia to Theurgia."

"There's only one problem, wizard Lighttalon", Drakkon said, "The Theurgia forces have the ability to heal their wounded soldiers and quickly recover and continue to strike until their foes are defeated. The only reason they were unable to do it during the ambush is because of Necrophilia's necromantic atmosphere, which smothered their healing magic. On Theurgia, it has a Theurgic atmosphere, boosting their healing powers and being able to recover even faster than normal. In short, they would have homefield advantage."

"So we'd have to find a way to put a stop to it. Now Drakkon, I ask you this", i began to say, "What is the death school's specialty?"

"Being able to drain one's foe's health and use it to heal oneself. Also, they have the ability to stop healing", Drakkon answered.

"Exactly my point, we can sap the life force out of the enemy before they have a chance to recover. I can also cast some infection spells to help prevent healing."

"If you wish to prevent healing, there is a great tree at the center of the capital of Theurgia known as Oakin, his roots run deep throughout Theurgia and he would be able to heal its fainted troops at a rapid and instant rate. If we could distract the Theurgia forces while you would fly over on Skelly and go into Oakin and cast infection spells inside him, which would spread down into his roots, nullifying his ability to heal."

"Sounds like a plan", i said agreeingly, "but what about transportation? How would we get to Theurgia from Necrophilia?" I paused for a moment and thought and an idea popped into my head. "I know that at occasional times, creatures of magic will get somehow displaced onto a planet of a different school of magic and will mutate to adjust to the different enviroment. Would you happen to have any Shadow Phoenixes in Necrophilia?"

"Well it just so happens that a flock of Phoenixes were migrating to a different area on Pyrus and got mysteriously warped to Necrophilia and mutated into Shadow Phoenixes. We could use them to get to Theurgia."

"The Shadow Phoenixes it is. We attack at , to camoflauge our dark appearance."


So it was decided. After leaving the strategy room, I decided to take a little stroll around the village while Skelly had his after-battle nap. I walked around and noticed there were some small businesses and shops, just like you'd see at a normal village. I saw a sign that read Ghoulus and Banshia's monster makeover shop. I got curious and decided to go in.

"Welcome", the Banshee and Ghoul, who i assumed were Ghoulus and Banshia, standing at the front desk said, greeting me. "I hear we're going into battle at midnight", Banshia spoke with a hollow voice, just as all Banshees do, "You know, as a wizard, you need to fight through means other than by summoning assistance in battle. Sometimes you need to get in fight up close and personal."

"Well," I began to say, "I already have some close combat skills from being in the FBI."

"Well what would you say if we told you we could help improve those skills in a way?", Ghoulus said.

"Hmm so what are you saying?"

"We could add a couple extra features to you to help enhance your fighting skills such as claws, spikes, fangs, etc.", Banshia said.

"Hmm ok how's about this? I've always wanted my teeth to be sharper, and I would'nt mind having some good sized claws to whip out."

"Sounds like a plan, we can also change the color of your eyes to give you a more fearsome appearance."

"Alright then, make my eyes black with a gleaming silver color."

"Sounds like a fearsome combination."

"Oh and Dworgyn got me an epic looking motorcylce, would you be able to sew together a necromantic biker's outfit by any chance?"

"I do some sewing and weaving, so yes I could arrange that for you. Now just take a seat in this here chair, allow Ghoulus to put you under a short sleep while we do our work, and you should be all fixed up by the time you awaken."

"Ok." I sat and leaned back in the chair, it looked like one of those long, padded seats like you'd see in a dentist's office, only it was a black and silver color. Ghoulus began to put me in a hypnotic trance, which knocked me out in an instant. After it was all over, i woke up.

"Well, take a look", Banshia said, handing me a mirror. I looked and my eyes were black with a gleaming silver color for pupils, just as I'd asked. I opened my mouth and my teeth were razor sharp, but I could also turn them back to normal at will. I pulled up my hand, strained and out popped some wicked sharp 3 and a half inch long claws, which I could also take in at will.

"Also, knock your ankles together."

I knocked my ankles together and some big, sharp spikes appeared at the bottom of my shoes. No cleats could top these things. I should draw, "Your head here" writing on my shoe and draw and arrow pointing to the bottom of my shoe. But when I looked closer, there was already text with those exact words along with the arrow already there.

"I also weaved together your biker outfit", Banshia said as she pulled out a thick, leather jacket with dark thorn vines on the arms, spiraling around the sleeves. The jacket was a solid black color with skulls all over the jacket and it had my name engraved on the back. I think I'm gonna come here more often. I thanked Ghoulus and Banshia for their help and walked out. came as the flock of Shadow Phoenixes were brought out and groups of undead mounted on each of them while i mounted up on Skelly. Drakkon commanded for takeoff and the entire undead army took off into the air, flying towards Theurgia. I could feel excitement pumping in my veins as we made our way to Theurgia.