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The Necromaniac Chapter 6 "Mythic Marauder" Part 6

"Mythic Marauder" Part 6

Now I can see why most didn't survive the challenges in the Colosseum. Because everything in the colosseum was a killing machine. Now the question was if I was gonna be able to outrun a bloodthirsty Orthrus while having a huge weight tied to my back. If I could get to my flag first, the Orthrus probably would no longer be allowed to chase after me. And besides, it will probably not consider going after me first. It will probably choose going after the easy kill first, which my guess would be the Humongofrog, because it's so big and slow. Well that and it's probably got tons of fat and blubber.

I kept on moving as fast as I could, dodging the obstacles and hurdles layed out before me. The Orthrus barreled forward and leaped into the air and - just as I had predicted - attacked the Humongofrog first. The two creatures tumbled forward and began bouncing across the Colosseum, smashing obstacles as the Humongofrog's fat, bouncy, body made each bounce. The struggle drove the humongofrog off course and began bouncing away to another end of the stadium. They even squashed a few of the competitors. They didn't crush Sestiva though, thankfully.

After avoiding the last obstacle, I reached down and yanked my flag, pulling it from the Colosseum ground. A Cyclops soldier had been sent to release the weight off my back. The rope tied around me was cut off and the weight dropped to the ground with a loud thud. The other competitors reached the end of their course and pulled out their flags. Only Me, Sestiva, the Minotaur, and one of the Bloodbats had made it through the course. 2 of the Bloodbats had been killed by the Humongofrog's crushing weight and the Orthrus had eventually killed the Humongofrog. Sadly though, Brutus was also crushed by the Humongofrog. He hadn't seen it coming and was blindsided.

The victims of the challenge were dragged off the field and the competitors left were congratulated. We were given a 10 minute period of rest before the next challenge. Those 10 minutes felt more like 10 seconds. The next challenge was earth-shaking. Literally. Cracks would form in the ground and chase after us, causing fissures to open up. We'd have to keep dodging them until one of the challengers fell in a fissure. Since the bloodbat could fly, it would be way too easy for it so its wings were tied, forcing it to have to walk on its two dangly legs.

And I bet you can guess who the first challenger to fall was. You guessed it, it was the bloodbat. Without their wings, bloodbats can barely even keep balance. It fell on its side clumsily after the first few seconds of running. The crack reached it and the fissure swallowed it up easily. I could almost hear the sound of cracking blood bat bones as the fissure closed on it.

The final challege was a magic duel to the death. The last 3 remaining competitors were me, Sestiva, and the Minotaur. All 3 of us had to fight to the death. Well, actually it was me and Sestiva vs. the Minotaur since me and Sestiva were kind of put together. Thank God I didn't have to kill Sestiva, I could never bring myself to do it or even hurt her. We each got our spells ready and entered the battle circle. Me and Sestiva both had around 3,000 health, but the Minotaur was tough with a whopping 30,000 health. It was definitely gonna be a long battle. And long it was.

We each started by stacking boosts, powering up for a good hit. I used the first attack and summoned Skelly, and he ended up taking off about 4,000 health. Then the Minotaur attacked Sestiva with an Orthrus, which did about 1,500 damage, since Sestiva had only put up 1 tower shield instead of 2. I used a Sacrifice to help Sestiva gain some of her health back. She gained back the rest of it by summoning a Wraith, which ended up being a critical hit and dealt around 5,000 damage. The Minotaur then summoned a Satyr to heal itself but Sestiva had put an infection spell on him which was combined with my Doom and Gloom aura put around the field to reduce his healing spell to naught. After what seemed like hours of battling, I finally dealt the final blow and brought down the Minotaur.

We were crowned the winners and our names were engraved with the list of other names of those who had survived the Colosseum. We were dismissed and we began walking out. "Where do you think you're going?", said Kiroshiza in a cold tone...

To be continued...

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