Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stroke of Inspiration

You know that 'AHA!' moment when you come up with an idea that you know is great? Well, the same happened to me today. I have an idea for an upgrade to the pet hatchery. When I go to the pet hatchery, I hop realms trying to find someone with the pet I want to hatch with, but it sometimes takes forever to find the pet i'm looking for. But finally when I do, the person is either looking for a different pet to hatch with, they've just hatched, or they don't have enough money to hatch. So I propose that KI should make some kind of pet hatchery search system. When they come in, they come up to something that looks a bit like a bulletin board. They put up the pet they're hatching and the pet(s) they are willing to hatch with. And if they dont have the money or have just hatched, they get off the board. I hope that a system like this is built to make hatching in the pet hatchery more convenient! If you like the idea or if you've got any feedback to share bout the idea, please feel free to leave a comment below! Until next time, see you in the Spiral!

                                                                                                           - Timothy Lighttalon

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 5 "Frozen Fury" Part 3

"Frozen Fury" Part 3

During the first few moments of landing on Frostus, it almost seemed as if all Hell froze over, literally. The bus skidded across ice after appearing in Frostus, spinning out of control. We didn't even know this was happening because snow was falling so hard, we could barely see that far out the window. Death put the windshield wipers on max speed and jerked the wheel, trying to get the bus to stop spinning. After a few tries, the bus slowly stopped spinning. It may have stopped spinning, but it was still moving across the ice. Death tried pushing on the brakes but the effort was futile, since the tires had no traction against the slippery ice. "We'll have to get on top of the bus to see what's going on. But since the doors and windows are frozen shut, i'll have to teleport us onto the roof. Grab onto me and hang on", Death finally said.

Me and Sestiva got out of our seats and put our hands on him. He was cold, considering that he probably had no flesh anyways. We closed our eyes and in just a moment's notice, we had disappeared in a puff of black smoke and reappeared on the roof of the bus. The bus was still moving pretty fast so we had to hold out our arms for balance, to make sure we didn't fall off. We walked over to the front of the of the roof to see what was going on. What we saw was that the bus was gliding across a plain made purely of ice. It was like we were gliding across a frozen ocean, except the bus hadn't broke through the ice. At first, this just continued on until Death pointed ahead with his skeletal hand and said, "Look!"

Visibility was pretty low with the snow battering down on us, but after a few seconds we could see what Death was trying to point out. Up ahead was where the ice had ended and began to be covered in snow instead. The bus was headed right towards it. "We're gonna hit it straight on so prepare for impact!", Death said again. We all crouched down and clung to the roof of the bus. The roof was ice cold at this point, but it's better than getting flung off. I looked up for a quick second look and saw we were about to hit the snow in just a few moments so I put my head back down and closed my eyes, preparing for the worst.

I didn't see the impact but I heard the sound of snow being pounded as the bus slammed into the snow and went from 60 mph to 0 in a matter of seconds. I tried to open my eyes but then I came to a sudden realization. We were buried in snow. Thankfully though, it only took a couple seconds to surface. I got out and shook off a bunch of snow and then looked around. Sure enough, Sestiva began getting to her feet and started brushing off snow off her coat and Death had appeared in a puff of smoke, scraping snow off his bones and his clothes. We got off, or should I say we slid off the bus, and excavated it out of the snow. Our next move was to find a village nearby, like on most of the 7 worlds. We began our trek through the snowy fields. I just happened to a Frost Flower on the way and gave it to Sestiva and she really liked it. Note to self: give Sestiva a flower whenever the chance goes by. We didn't talk much on the walk through the snow, and there was nothing in sight but more snow. After what seemed like hours of walking, we finally came across something, but it wasn't something I was hoping or expecting to find. We came across several pillars of ice, about 6 to be exact. They were lined up in two columns of 3. We stopped to examine them. They looked like tall pillars made out of ice bristling out with spikes. I took a closer look. I didn't know how, but something told me there was something strange about them. What were pillars of ice doing out in the middle of nowhere? We spent a couple more minutes taking a look at them. I touched the ice and my entire finger seemed to go numb. I tried hitting it lightly, and it didn't even crack. This ice seemed to be so tough, you couldn't even melt it even if you dropped it into a pool of magma. We gathered back  up and I could tell that Death probably had the same ominous feelings of premonition as I was. "I'm not sure why, but something tells me we don't need to be here much longer," Death began saying, "Let's go." We started walking between the 2 columns of the pillars of ice and began to passing the last 2 pillars. Then this frozen Hell broke loose. The pillars began to move.

We slowly turned around and saw that the snow beneath our feet began to shake as the ground rumbled. Cracks began forming in the pillars and grew until they all broke open. Me and Death had been right, something was definitely off about the pillars of ice, because these weren't just pillars of ice. Standing where the pillars of ice had been was a pack of Colossi (Plural of Colossus). They raised their swords and let out a roar, ready for battle and began charging toward us. "Split up!", I said. We broke off in different directions, momentarily confusing the Colossi and forcing them to take a couple moments to slow down at midcharge. They broke off into 3 groups of 2, 2 Colossi charging in each of our directions. I lead the 2 Colossi heading towards me far off from the rest of the group. I was considering pulling out my scythe, but I reconsidered thinking that there was no way it was gonna do any damage to them, considering that they're probably made of the same material that the pillars were. It only took a moment to think up a plan. I summoned Skelly. "Take the Colossus on the left while I take on the other!", I said.

Skelly took off to the Colossus on my left as I rushed to the other. I ran up to meet it and it reached out with its sword to attack, but I slid between its legs, both dodging the attack and getting on its blind side. I then leaped up and kicked my heels together as I flew through the air, activating the spikes at the bottom of my shoes. I drew my claws and dug them into the back of the Colossus. They stuck, thankfully and I began climbing up the Colossus using my claws and spikes. I stood on its shoulders and behind its head. It tried to shake me off but I managed to hang on. I then quicky drew out my scythe and with all my might I swung the handle and whacked it on the back of the head. To my surprise, it worked. The Colossus began stumbling back and began to fall. I leaped off as the Colossus continued its fall and hit the snow with a thud and was knocked out cold (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun). I hit the snow but the drop was not very high so I was ok. I got to my feet and found Skelly, who had just finished off the other Colossus. I thanked Skelly and he disappeared. I put my scythe away and ran over to find the others.

I found two of the Colossi that had gone after Death, and the two were at a standoff. The two Colossi made the first move as they charged towards him, but Death just stood there. They were just about to reach Death and attack until his ruby-red eyes glowed intensely and the Colossi stopped dead in their tracks (Another pun. Sorry, yet again). At first nothing, happened but then, all of the sudden, they began to transform. In the blink of an eye, their bodies of ice had been replaced with Onyx and their light blue eyes had changed to light green. I didn't know it, but it appeared that Death had the ability to mutate creatures of any other school into the death school. The Colossi had been transformed into Darkwalkers. With a snap of Death's fingers, the Darkwalkers had disappeared in a puff of smoke. I guess he transported them to Necrophilia. We then ran off to find Sestiva but then I had come to a bad realization. Sestiva can't fight. I told Death and we moved even faster. It took a few minutes but we spotted the two Colossi, carrying off Sestiva with them. I ran even faster with newfound strength, motivated now more than ever to take them down.

But before I could get to them, the strangest thing happened. One of the Colossi fell. Scratch that, he was knocked over. But by what? I ran closer and found my answer. An Ice Wyvern was fighting it off. But why? The Ice Wyvern let out a blast of ice, freezing the Colossus. It then went over to the other one and knocked it over, making it release Sestiva from its grip. The Ice Wyvern picked up Sestiva off the ground and put her down. The Colossus got up and looked at its fallen brethren and ran off in retreat. I ran over to Sestiva and we hugged, relieved to see each other. "Thanks", I said to the Ice Wyvern, pulling away from Sestiva. I didn't actually expect it to respond, but it did. Especially not in an Australian accent.

"No worries, mate", the Wyvern replied. First, a talking lizard. Now this. What is this world coming to? "The name's Kuve. You ran into a nasty pack of Colossi. They tend to disguise themselves as pillars of ice and attack anyone who trespasses. And you are?"

"Name's Timothy," I began, "And this is Sestiva and Death. Would you happen to know if there's village anywhere around here?"

"Actually, it's not that far from here! If it's the village you're looking for, I can take ya there. Hop on my back and I'll get ya there", Kuve replied.

It surprised me a bit to hear that he was offering us to ride him but I couldn't refuse. We climbed on and he began slithering through the snow. He moves pretty fast for a creature without legs. Next stop, the village of Frostus...

To be Continued....

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 5 "Frozen Fury" Part 2

"Frozen Fury" Part 2

Elsewhere in the Spiral...

The Icy mountains of Frostus were bristling with Cold power. More than usual, to be exact. Deep within the mountains lay a large block of ice. A certain meddler had traveled across the tundras of Frostus and reached the icy interior of one of the mountains. A dark figure stood in a dark, cold, icy cave. Before him stood one of the ice titans, frozen solid in a block of ice. The figure began muttering words of an ancient spell and the ice began to crack as he continued the chant. Finally, as the ice began to fall apart and the mountain shook, the figure fled from the mountain and departed Frostus to cause havoc elsewhere....

Meanwhile... back in Ravenwood..

The doors to the ice school were cold to the touch. I pushed the door open and was greeted by an icy breeze blowing into my face. Me and Sestiva were wearing heavy coats to warm ourselves from the cold. But when I walked in, I saw some ice students wandering the room, playing with some snow, and wearing normal clothes as if they were used to these temperatures. The Ice school always had the thermostat on low, to keep the ice in the school from melting. I don't see how these people could stand the cold, but I guess I wouldn't understand since I'm not an Ice Wizard. Desks were scattered and stacked to make forts. The class was in the middle of a snowball fight. Me and Sestiva quickly ran through the icy battlefield and into the back of the classroom. We found professor Greyrose hiding behind her desk, trying to take cover from the flying snowballs. "Well hi there!", she said, noticing us, "I'm sorry things are going like this. First Wizard city is hit with a massive blizzard and now my students are having a snowball fight in the classroom! I wouldn't mind playing along normally, but these kids play rough and I'm still trying to find the source of the sudden Blizzard. It's so abnormal to have snow, especially in the middle of summer!"

I then explained to the Professor what I knew about the sudden Worldwide Blizzard. I also told her about the Dragon's Flame that Professor Falmea had given to me. "So do you know what might have caused the blizzard?", I asked.

"Well there could only be one explanation for all of this.. I'm afraid one of the Ice titans has been awakened", she said with a bit of fear in her tone. She must have seen the look of dread on my face. "I know, it's rather grim to know that someone would have done something stupid enough to awaken a titan, but I'm afraid there's no other explanation as to the blizzard."

"You know, I've been through some pretty dangerous places and some pretty dangerous situations. I'm suspecting you have the spiral key to Frostus, the world of ice", I said.

"I don't know, child. Are you really sure you want to go to Frostus?"

"I'm sure. I'm good at what I do. I won't let you down."

"Well if you're really sure, then ok." Professor Greyrose went to her desk, opening a shelf underneath the desk. She pulled out what appeared to be the spiral key to Frostus. It was a light blue key decorated with symbols of the ice school. It was super cold to the touch, no surprise there. "This is the key to Frostus. There, you should look for the main village of Frostus and try to get directions to the mountains, where the Giants sleep. There you will find the awakened Giant. Good luck on your journey and be careful!"

I gladly accepted the key and thanked the professor and headed out of the school, making sure not to be pelted by snowballs on the way out. We got back on the bus and sat in our seats. I was anxious to get a sneak peek in the spirit world. "Fasten your seatbelts", Death said, closing the doors. He then flipped a switch. There was an electronic board that clearly labeled in flaming letters the bus's destination: Hell.

I was not prepared for what I was about to see.

The bus spead ahead through Ravenwood and then disappeared in a puff of black smoke. I could see Ravenwood fade away as the bus teleported to its destination. But everything was dark. We couldn't see a thing. Death pressed a button and the headlights lit up. We appeared to be in some kind of cave. The bus was already heating up because it was extremely hot here. Death thankfully turned on the AC and it got cooler inside the bus, even though I could still sense the heat outside. The bus stopped in front of some wide, tall, black, pointed gates. The doors opened and the first sound that reached my ears was the sound of a thousand tortured screams. They were extremely loud and echoed throughout the darkness. A pair of tall, muscular demons climbed up the steps and stepped on the bus. And contrary to popular belief, the demons were actually a green color rather than red. Death approached them and pulled out a clipboard that had a list of names. He showed them to the demons and they examined it. Death pointed towards the seats and the demons nodded. They began walking towards the bus seats. They passed me and Sestiva, thankfully. They began taking some of the spirits by force. They screamed and tried to resist but the demons laughed as they easily overpowered their resistance. The horrifying sight continued as 3/4 of the passengers were carried off the bus, kicking and screaming all the way out. I looked out the door and saw a hooded figure standing near the doorway that held a sign that had these words written in dripping black ink:

..And they shall be cast into utter darkness, where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth...

The phrase was unmistakingly familiar. I knew I had read it somewhere before. After the last unfortunate soul was dragged off the bus, the doors closed. Neither me nor Sestiva had even moved from our seats during the horrible scene we witnessed. Death could definently see our pale faces. "I told you weren't prepared for what you were about to see. But luckily, the place we're going next won't be bad at all. Actually, bad is the exact opposite of where we're about to go." Death flipped another switch as the electronic board spelled out the name of a different destination. The letters were shining in pure gold: Heaven. Death hit the gas and the bus once again disappeared in a puff of smoke. When we reappeared, extreme light was pouring in through the windows of the bus. Death was wearing sunglass over his red eyes. He passed us a couple pairs of sunglasses over his shoulder. We fumbled with our hands, still covering our eyes but we finally managed to grab them. We quickly put them on and slowly opened our eyes as we became aware of our surroundings. The remaining spirits didn't seemed to be blinded by the light, no surprise there. After the light faded, the bus stopped in front of a tall gate made purely out of the most beautiful pearls I had ever seen. What I saw after that are not nowhere near fit to be described by simple human words. Colors streamed in the sky, colors that were not of this earth. I heard a melody of voices singing millions of different songs. On earth, it would sound like chaos but somehow in Heaven, it sounded absolutely beautiful. What happened next was the single greatest moment of my life. The doors opened... and standing at the top of my stairs.. was my best friend.   He had brown hair, a welcoming smile, a white, flowing robe, and the scars in his hands. I was overjoyed like never before. He looked at the spirits in the seats of the bus and smiled saying, "Enter, my children, paradise, which my Father has prepared for you." The spirits leaped out of their seats they greeted him with Joy. Afterwards, they stepped off the bus and entered the pearly gates. He then turned and saw me. "Don't worry, my child, you'll be here soon enough. Don't forget to expand my Father's Kingdom." We then hugged. I couldn't help but cry, I was meeting my greatest hero of all time. If you could imagine meeting your favorite person, I guess you could relate. He then pulled away, looked at Death and nodded, and then walked off the bus and disappeared. The last thing I saw before the doors closed was a Cherub carrying a sign that had these words engraved in Golden letters:

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Then he said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true." He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son.

"Quite the experience, eh?", Death said, reading the expression of pure bliss on my face. "Now where to?"

I told Death what Professor Greyrose had told me and that we needed to get to Frostus. But first, we decided to go tell Dworgyn that we were on our way. The bus disappeared in a puff of smoke and reappeared in Nightside in front of the Death school. I told Dworgyn about where we needed to go, but I didn't mention my both horrifying and awe-inspiring experience in the afterlife. He nodded in agreement and sent us on our way. We got back into the bus and sat in the seat behind Death. I handed him the Frostus spiral key and he put it in and started the ignition. The bus sped forward and disappeared in a puff of smoke. We were on our way to Frostus...

To be continued...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 5 "Frozen Fury" Part 1

"Frozen Fury" Part 1

Ok, of all things that could've happened when I arrived in Nightside from Sorceria, this was least possible of them. I come back to find Nightside with so much snow, you'd think it was a tundra. Me and Sestiva didn't even step off the Necrocycle for 2 minutes our brains were locked from shock. Poor Mortis (the death tree, in case you didn't know who that was) was frozen solid, although his eyes turned in our direction when we arrived. Ice was brewing on parts of the Death school. Icicles were hanging over the doorway and over the edges all over the school. Even the graves near Mortis were completely buried in snow, and you could only see the top of the gravestones sticking out. The death tower was covered in ice, as well and the door was frozen shut. I had no idea what happened while we were gone, so I decided to thaw Mortis out first. Snow was still cascading down, as if trying to blind my vision. I tried hacking at the ice with my scythe, claws, and spiked boots, but the ice wasn't even scratched. There was no way we were gonna break the ice, so we would have to melt it. When it came to fire, I knew there was one person to call...

4 minutes later, after treading through more snow and ice, we were in front of Professor Falmea. "I wouldn't doubt that Nightside would be frozen too, because right now, all of Wizard City is covered in ice."

"WHAT?!?! Are you serious?!", I asked. It couldn't be. As much as I wanted her to be wrong, she wasn't.

"Yes, I'm afraid so," Falmea answered, "I've sent some of my students to try to melt some of the snow. They've managed to melt the snow around the fire school, but more snow is still coming in. The only things in ravenwood that didnt seem to be frozen was Bernie and Kelvin. If you need to get the school thawed out, I may have one thing that can help." Falmea walked into the back of the classroom, searching for something. A moment later, she walked out with a bronze plate lit with a large flame. "This is Dragon's Fire," she explained, "Just a small portion will heat up the nearby area and consume any ice nearby. Don't worry, I've enchanted it so that it will only burn the ice and snow, nothing else."

We thanked Falmea and made the long walk back to Nightside. I carried the bronze plate over to where Mortis was frozen, tipped it towards the ice, pushing the fire towards it, and sure enough, the ice was quickly melted. The fire continued and melted all of the snow in Nightside. The area warmed up a bit and snow continued to fall, but not as much.

"Thank you, free from that Ice," Mortis began saying, "It was all so fast. One minute, everything was normal. The next minute, a bright blue flash appears and that's all I remember before being frozen along with the rest of Nightside."

I told Mortis about what Falmea had said, and about the Dragon's flame.

"Some serious ice magic is at work. You'll need to speak to Dworgyn and see what he thinks about the situation."

I pushed the door open to find Dworgyn wrapped up in a black Snuggie decorated with Skulls. "Well, quite the blizzard! I've never seen so much snow before in my life!", he said with a shaky voice, "You two look like you're about to freeze over! Come on over and warm up!" He waddled his way to the back and brought out 2 more death school snuggies. We thanked him and put them on. He also brought out a kerosine heater, which happened to run on onyx rather than kerosine. We sat around the heater.

"I hope you don't mind", Sestiva whispered as she wrapped her arms around me.

I smiled. "Not at all", I whispered and put an arm around her.

"So how did it all go?", Dworgyn asked. I knew he was referring to Sorceria. I told him about what happened from the time we left the school to when we came back to find Nightside frozen over. I also already told him what I already knew about the snow all over wizard city and about Mortis's encounter with the snow.

"Wow, so you two have been through quite a bit," Dworgyn said in response, "And I think Mortis is right. We may have another crisis on one of the 7 worlds. You will need to speak to Lydia Greyrose. She may know the exact source of the snow."

"You're right-" I began to say but stopped myself because I heard something outside. I heard the sound of a running engine, one you would hear on a bus. What would a bus be doing here in Nightside? I was about to find the answer in a matter of moments. The engines stopped and the sound of feet crunching in the snow grew louder. Something or someone was approaching. There was a knock, but before anyone could answer, the door swung opened and a figure stood there...

The figure was wearing solid black all over. The figure wore a black hoodie that was decorated with skulls and had the word "Death" in silver letters written across the front. The person had its arms tucked into 2 pockets at the front. It also wore a pair of black jeans that were tattered and there were holes in different areas. The figure also wore solid black shoes that seemed to shine a bit. The figure also had onyx black chains around his neck and one of them had a large "D" on it. I would recognize this guy from anywhere.

"Long time no see, Death!", Dworgyn exclaimed.

"It certainly has been a long time, old chum", Death said, pulling his hoodie down to reveal a living skull for a head. His eyes glowed red, almost as if he had rubies for eyes. Death held out his skeletal hand and Dworgyn shook it and then the two hugged. Death pulled away and saw me. "And if it ain't Tim! Last time I saw you, you were a wee little wizard. You've certainly grown, and you've certainly changed too! I bet you're surprised I still recognize ya but that's cause I never forget one of my favorite homies", Death said, smiling.

"What's up, Big D?", I said, shaking hands with him. Long ago, when I was just starting as a student of the death school, Death had to substitute one day for Dworgyn because Dworgyn came down with the sniffles. He was a really great teacher and gave some excellent tips. He and Dworgyn have been 2 of my greatest friends since. And yes, Big D is death himself.

Death saw Sestiva and whispered to me with a wink, "Nice girlfriend," and then he spoke louder: "I was driving my bus after dropping off some souls in the after life and then I was hit by a wall of snow. It took some time, but I thawed the engines out. As I drove by the worlds of the spiral, I saw that each of them were covered in ice and I decided to swing by here and sure enough, it was icy here too."

I caught Death up to speed about everything that had recently took place since we got back from Sorceria. I also explained to him that we were just about to head out to see Professor Greyrose.

"Well if it's transportation you need, the Death bus is the way to go!", he declared, and began leading us outside.

"Death drives a bus?", Sestiva asked.

"Of course! When you die, it's more of a beginning than an ending. Death is simply what transports one from the physical world to the afterlife after one dies. And then you end up in one of two places", I explained. We stepped out of the school to find a solid black bus in front of us. Death clapped twice as the doors opened up and we climbed into the bus. He clapped twice again and the doors closed. The windows were tinted so dark, you could barely see out of them. We looked towards the seats and Sestiva jumped out of surprise as people began appearing in the seats. At least I thought they were people, until I looked closer and I could see right through them. Death must have been reading my mind. "Spirits", he explained, "These are the spirits of people who have just died. Soon, I will need to take them to their appropriate destination in the afterlife." Some of the spirits were confused and started trying to get out of the bus, but were pushed back by an unseen force. "Nothing can escape the jaws of Death", he explained again, "And they cannot arise from the dead unless The Lord says otherwise. But before I take them to their destinations, I need to get you guys to Professor Greyrose."

He got in the driver's seat and closed the doors. Me and Sestiva took some empty seats behind the driver's seat. He took out a skeletal key and started the ignition. The bus lurched forward as we began moving. In a matter of moments, we arrived in front of the Ice School. He stopped the bus and opened the doors.

"Hey, death," I began saying, "Before we leave go inside the ice school, can we go along for the ride after talking to Professor Greyrose?"

"I don't know, I've never taken live mortals into the afterlife before. You may not be prepared for what you are about to see", Death answered.

"Please! If you take us for the ride and then take us to Dworgyn, we'd love it if you could tag along if Greyrose were to send us somewhere to find out what's cause the massive Ice storm across the spiral."

Death thought for a moment. "Alright," he finally said, "Only cause you're my homie. Don't be long though, I need to get these spirits into the afterlife."

"Thanks Big D, and we will be back in flash." Me and Sestiva stepped off the bus pushed open the door of the Ice school..

To be continued....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Universal Lists

The Universal Lists. It's how everyone rates you, depending on how much they like or dislike you. There's the A-List, the B-List, the C-List, et cetera. The higher the letter on the list, the better you are. I have my own personal lists, but I won't necessarily share them for obvious reasons. Some of the people I know, you know who you are, should already know where you place in my lists :) But honestly, I sorta find the lists a bit overrated. Some people get put on the high-ranking lists just because they may be well-known. Now you may think I may find these lists to be overrated because I may place low on a lot of people's lists, which I probably do. The reason I find these lists to be overrated is because some people's self-worth may depend on how high they rank on people's lists. I have to admit, I'm guilty of it. But try not to value yourself on how people rate you, because in the end, you'll be disappointed. Until next time, see you in the spiral.

                                                                                             - Timothy Lighttalon

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Items to appear in Wizard101

Well, it appears that the guys at Kingsisle are doing maitenence on the game (again). But this time, it appears that there will be new in-game items in the game afterwards. How do I know this, you may ask? Well, check out this facebook update from Wizard101's facebook page:

So it is true that there will be new items after maitenence. Cant wait to see what they are! Until next time, see you in the spiral!

                                                                                                  - Timothy Lighttalon

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 4 "Imbalanced" Part 5

"Imbalanced" Part 5

"Well, well. Look who's back", Kiroshiza said, boastfully.

"Who is he?", Lady Judgment asked, a bit shocked that someone would be so bold as to bust into her throne room.

"That's the intruder I mentioned to you about", I said, still glaring at Kiroshiza.

"Looks like you figured out what I meant about what I last said to you", Kiroshiza said.

"Yeah, but news flash, demon. I beat you to it, and now your little plan to throw chaos to the 7 worlds has been foiled."

"Oh? You haven't stopped me yet", Kiroshiza said, smirking. I hate evil smirks. Before I could even ask, he pulled out an amulet hanging on silver beads. The amulet had a snake eye that seemed to be glowing with dark energy. That cant be a good sign. Well, when the bad guy has the dark energy, that is.

"What is the creature he is riding? It looks exactly like a Leviathan, but with different colors", Sestiva said, pointing to the Leviathan-like creature that Kiroshiza used to bust a hole in the wall.

"Technically, it is a Leviathan, in its balance version," Lady Judgement answered, "It is a Desert Serpent."

As if in answer, the Desert Serpent reared back and let out an ground-shaking roar. The palace shook as a few pebbles fell from the ceiling.

"What do you mean I haven't stopped you yet?", I asked, still glaring at Kiroshiza. If looks could kill, he would've already been stabbed in the chest 42 times by now.

"Rather than tell you, I'll just show you", Kiroshiza answered, his evil smirk getting bigger. Have I mentioned I hate evil smirks? The pupil on the eye of the amulet began glowing brightly. I looked to see the Lady Judgement now had dark energy eminating around her outline. Uh oh. She then turned to me. She extended out her arms and in one hand appeared a scale and in the other hand appeared a curved bar. The scale had wisps on each end of it. She tipped the scale, unbalancing it and next thing I know, I am sent flying and my back slammed into the wall. I could hear Sestiva gasp as I hit the wall, sending dust flying all around. I wasn't hurt thankfully, considering I've taken harder hits. I got back up and walked out of the dust. Time to go to town on this guy. I extended my claws and ran to Kiroshiza and leaped toward him. I was about to come down for the attack... when a blast of fire came out of nowhere and hit Kiroshiza. The fire didn't affect Kiroshiza, which didn't surprise me considering he's a demon, but the Desert Serpent caught fire. The Desert Serpent let out a roar as it bellowed in pain, and flung its head back, but Kiroshiza didn't see it coming and was flung really high into the air. Several moments passed and he still hadn't come down. The desert serpent dove into the ground and tunneled away. I was guessing it was trying to put out the fire. But where did the fire come from?

My answer came when I heard the footsteps of something huge approaching. Standing in the hole in the wall was Emperor Ra. Or at least I'm pretty sure it's him, considering there's probably no other Ra's around. Talk about arriving in the nick of time. I retracted my claws and walked up to the emperor. He looked down at me like I was some kind of bug. "Who are you? And what is going on?", he asked in deep, echoing voice.

I introduced me and Sestiva, and caught the emperor up to speed with what I had told Lady Judgement. I looked at Lady Judgement to see that the dark outline surrounding her was gone, thankfully. "It appears that Kiroshiza took control of Lady Judgement and turned her against me. Thank you for showing up when you did", I said.

"Interesting", Ra said, "I have heard of your accomplishments and you are as great as they say. I am greatful that you have protected the Lady against this evil foreigner. We will remain on our guard in case he decides to show up again. You are welcome to come back and visit Sorceria any time you wish."

Me, Macen, and Sestiva exchanged both shocked and surprised looks. "Well, wow! Thanks!", I said, beaming.

"Now return to your home land, where I am sure many trials lay ahead of you."

"Thank you, emperor", I said. I turned to Macen, "You think you could help guide us back?", I asked him.

"Well of course!", the Mander said happily.

We said our goodbyes and left the village. We saw the scarabs still standing where we left them when we first came to the village. "Ready?", Macen asked, ready to mount his scarab.

"Actually, I'd rather not get a face full of sand again, but I do have a good means for transportation", I answered. I whistled and waited a few moments. At first, nothing happened but flying over a sand dune in the distance was none other than Skelly. Macen didn't see him until Skelly landed right in front of us. Then, he freaked.

"AHHHH!!!!!!!", Macen screamed, hiding behind me. Me, Sestiva, and Skelly all burst out laughing. I know that Manders are timid by nature, but it was just too funny seeing him freak out.

"No worries Mander, I don't bite", Skelly said.

"Yeah, no worries Macen. You've never seen a Skeletal Dragon before? Skelly's friendly... most of the time. But I promise he won't harm you", I told Macen assuringly.

"Oh, I didn't realize you were a Necromancer. I'm sorry, but the undead can freak me out a bit sometimes", Macen said, slowly coming out from behind me.

"Yeah, me and Sestiva are both Necromancers. Come on, just hop on Skelly and tell us what direction to fly to", I said. I took Sestiva's hand, which she didn't resist, surprisingly (hehe), and leaped up onto Skelly's back, taking Sestiva up with me. Macen hesitated at first, but he slowly started climbing up Skelly's ribs and swung his leg over and sat on Skelly's back. Sestiva wrapped her arms around me as we took off into the air. Macen was enjoying the ride, despite being freaked out before. We kept flying toward where we met up with Macen. We flew past the spot where we met up and found the Necrocycle not long after. Skelly landed next to the Necrocycle. We dismounted Skelly and he disappeared after we got off.

"Well... this is it", I said as me and Sestiva sat on the Necrocycle.

"Yeah, it's been fun. You guys are great to be around and I hope you guys come back soon!", Macen said.

I smiled. "We will, you can count on it. Until next time, my friend." I inserted the Wizard City spiral key and started up the Necrocycle. The engines roared to life and opened up a portal to nightside. We sped through the portal and we were on our way back. When we landed in nightside...... it happened to be completely covered in snow....

End of Chapter

To be continued.... in the next chapter

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 4 "Imbalanced" Part 4

"Imbalanced" Part 4

Macen started touring us through the village of Sorceria by taking us through the main square. If I had to compare the surroundings on Sorceria to a surrounding on Earth, it would have to bring Egypt to mind. I passed Sandstone houses as I walked down the dirt pathways. And as you may have guessed, the place was bristling with Balance creatures. I looked to my left and on the other end of the dirt path, heading in the opposite direction was a Hydra pulling crates filled with fruits and bread. Walking right behind the crates was a pack of scorpions. I heard an extremely loud buzzing noise and I looked up to see a huge swarm of Locusts flying overhead. So big in fact, it blocked out the sun for a few moments. After the swarm passed though, I squinted to focus more on what I thought was the sun. I looked closer to see not a Sun, but a huge Power Nova in the sky! I half expected Ra to rise out of the ground and start walking around. At the middle of the square, I saw a large fountain that had a stone scale at the top. Water was spewing out of the top of the scale. But instead of coming straight down, the water flew out to the 2 ends of the scale and poured down from each tip of the scale. Judging by the fact that the scale was balaced, each end was receiving equal amounts of water.

As we continued walking, I looked and saw markets on the sides of the street. I saw one market that was selling fruits. I saw a salesman taking out a scale. He put some fruit on one end of the scale, while taking a bag of golden coins from the customer and putting it on the other end of the scale. I wondered if this was how currency worked on Sorceria.

"On Sorceria, it's all about balance," Macen began saying, reading my mind, " When it comes to Justice, the punishment has to fit the crime. On Sorceria, it's the same with currency. The amount gold coins used for payment has to equal out to the merchandise."

Made perfect sense, the world of Balance is all about balance. Duh. Macen then led us past the markets and toward the entrance of the palace. Standing guard at the door were 2 scorpions. They held a long, wooden stave. The handle was thin, but the end of the stave is pretty thick. When handled by professionals, these babies could conk somebody into next week. As we approached the door, the Scorpions crossed their staves, blocking the door. Macen showed them what looked like a stone tag that was hanging around his neck with a small inscription on it. "Royal Courier to the Palace. They're with me", Macen said, gesturing to us. The Scorpions uncrossed their staves, letting us pass.

"You're the Courier to the Palace?", Sestiva asked, just about as surprised as I was.

"Yes, actually. I forgot to mention that", Macen answered as we began walking through the palace, "Few people get to see Lady Judgement herself, except for special cases. Either that, or in the case of an emergency. Even fewer people get to see Emperor Ra."

"So are Emperor Ra and Lady Judgement like... King and Queen?", I asked.

"Not exactly," Macen began to answer, "But they do cooperate like a King and Queen would. Lady Judgement handles the affairs of the village such as Crime, Business, Economy, et cetera. Meanwhile, Emperor Ra deals with the Military and Defense. Lady Judgement keeps the village running while Ra protects it."

"Ok, makes sense."

We didnt talk during the walk through the palace. The floors were covered with white, stone tiles that had red scales on them, obviously representing the Balance School symbol. The walls were made of Sandstone, like most of the palace was. We walked over to what seemed to be a wooden elevator. The doors opened and standing in the elevator was a scorpion with its pincer holding a lever. Geez, how many of these things do they have walking around here? "Top floor", Macen said to the scorpion as we entered the elevator. I made sure to keep my distance from the scorpion. I've already had one bad experience with scorpions, and I intend to keep it that way. I had my claws extended behind my back, just in case it decided to suddenly jump me or Sestiva. The doors closed and the elevator started moving up with a sudden jerk. Not exactly advanced technology, but it gets the job done. There weren't walls, just wooden handle bars to keep us from falling out. The only side of the elevator that was completely covered was the side with the elevator doors. I could see ropes being pulled up and down as we moved up. Finally, the elevator came to a stop and the wooden doors opened. We walked out of the elevator and stood at the entrance to 2 long, dark halls that was dimly lit by torches. I retracted my claws, since we were away from the scorpion. Macen led us down the hall on the right. As we walked through the hall, depictions of Lady Judgement hung on both of the walls. Some of them had captions under them like "Justice for Sorceria" or "Balance shall remain". We stopped at a large, tall double door that had a large picture of the red scale on it. Macen turned to me and Sestiva and put his finger over his lip, giving us the universal sign for "shhh". "Just let me do the talking", He quietly whispered. Me and Sestiva nodded in agreement. Macen slowly opened one of the doors and we slowly started walking into Lady Judgement's Throne Room. The first thing I noticed was a giant, golden scale at the center of the room. On each end of the scale was a glowing wisp. One was light, while the other was dark. I looked past the scale to see a throne, and sitting on the throne was, you guessed it, Lady Judgement. I started to wonder how she was going to see us with that sash over her eyes. As we started approaching though, she started sitting up in her chair.

"Macen?", she said, sensing his presence.

"Yes, it is I, my lady", Macen answered, while quickly bowing his head in reverence.

"I sense the presence of two foreigners. What is the reason for them being here?", she asked, slightly raising her voice. I had the feeling she was feeling threatened by us being here.

"Oh, r-right. They have come a long way to see you. They have told of the coming of another foreigner, one who may pose as a threat to our village"

Lady Judgement stood there for a moment, or should I say, hovered there for a moment, processing the news that Macen had just given her. "Very well," she said, "Let them speak."

I walked up and stood by Macen. I tensed as Lady Judgement's head turned in my direction. Yikes. Perhaps she didn't need to see after all. I have a feeling she had some kind of Cosmic sense in her brain that allowed her to sense her surroundings. "It is an honor to meet you, Lady Judgement," I said, figuring I'd start by buttering her up, "My name is Timothy, and this is Sestiva. We've come a long way to Sorceria. An intruder has come to this land to disrupt the balance between the worlds that you and Sorceria hold. We believe this intruder, if given the chance, will cause mass havoc that could cause great calamity to the worlds as well as the rest of the spiral. It is for this warning that we have come to see you." I tried to sound as formal as I could, hoping to get some respect from Lady Judgement. I have to admit I was a little nervous as to what her reaction would be.

"It is a good thing you showed up, Timothy," she began to say, finally speaking, "I have heard of your accomplishments throughout the spiral and have heard great things said about you. If you are as great as they say, then I believe you. We must prepare to stop this intruder. If you will come with me, I will show you to Emperor Ra's throne room."

"Thank you, Lady Judgement", I said, relieved to hear her response. We started moving past the golden scale when the ground started to rumble, making the throne room shake. We stopped walking and I did a quick 360 scan to see what was happening.

"Something is tunneling towards the palace!!", Lady Judgement declared. Wow, she's good.

Part of the wall burst open as chunks of sandstone came flying right toward Lady Judgement. I tackled her out of the way of the chunks of flying rock. The sandstone tumbled past us, and I looked up to see a gaping opening in the wall. Sunlight, or should I say Novalight, poured into the room. I saw sand starting to rise up. Something was coming out of the ground. A long, serpent-like creature emerged out of the sand. It was had dark brown on the top of its scaly body and over the top part of its head, while it's lower jaw and its underbelly was a tan color. I looked closer at it and on the back of the beast..... was Kiroshiza.

To be continued....

Of hatching woes and tragic endings

Well, this is basically a news post. News that's been happening to me over the past few days. At the top of the news, my Couch Potatoes (which were given to me by my friend Tatiana Shadowflame, along with some other great stuff, which makes me forever in debt to her cause of her generous gift) have matured. They have become my lazy minions, whom i shall raise and teach them in the ways of the immobile arts!

There's only 3 Couch Potatoes, but soon, they shall multiply! In other news, I've been trying to hatch to make the perfect pet for me. I've been hatching my Scarecrow with my Sea Dragon, in hopes that I end up with a Scarecrow that would give me these talents: Health Gift, Death Giver, Spell- Proof, and Spritely. I've hatched them 3 times now, and I keep ending up with Sea Dragons -.- Should've seen it coming, knowing my luck. And last but not least, I've been trying to get away from the spiral. Main reason being that things got really ugly due to a certain incident which I should not dare mention. That , and because I don't really have anything to do in the spiral. Plus, my subscription has run out so yeah. During this time, I've been reading up on a great book series. I've read all 10 books of the Pendragon Series, written by DJ MacHale.

Don't get me wrong, it turned out to be a great book series. But after I finished book 10, I was really sad. Mainly being that all the great adventures had come to an end. If you've ever had that sad feeling after coming to the end of a great book series, then you'd understand how I feel and how much I hate that feeling. So yeah, that's what i've been up to. Until next time, see you in the spiral!

                                                                                           - Timothy Lighttalon

Christ is the end of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes
                                                                                                                 - Romans 10:4

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Cass Dragonheart's Pvp Tourney- United We Stand

As you may or may not know, Cassandra Dragonheart is hosting a pvp tourney. All of the details can be found here. I hope all of the contestants will have fun! Will I be participating? Well, due to the fact that I am horrendous at pvp and wouldn't probably advance past the first round even if I could conjure up a decent pvp team, no. Well that, and I'm still scarred from my experiences at the arena, so it's because of that I can't enjoy pvp. So until next then, see you in the spiral!

                                                                                                   - Timothy Lighttalon

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 4 "Imbalanced" Part 3

"Imbalanced" Part 3

I don't know how I didn't see this coming. We were surrounded by killer scorpions, and one of them had Sestiva, threatening to inject her with its deadly venom if I made any sudden moves. How in the world did these even get here anyway? Wait a minute. Before the sandstorm blew through, the sand wasn't that deep, making it impossible to even hide in. But after the sandstorm, the sand was almost up to our knees. That's when the scorpions appeared. There could be only one explanation. The scorpions were swept up in the sandstorm and carried here. They'd been wisked away from their home so they were ticked. I would've probably felt the same way if I was suddenly dragged outta my home. When they emerged from the sand, the first thing they saw to take their anger out on was us. That basically sums up how Sestiva ended up in the middle of a hostage crisis. A million thoughts rushed through my brain as I tried to think of a plan. I couldn't come up with anything cause I stink at doing things under pressure, normally. A thought finally came across. This was a balance school enviroment. In other words, this was Kane's turf. But if he took physical form, then the scorpions might take the transformation as a threat and poison Sestiva. I didn't know if Kane would be able to conjure up anything in non-physical form but it was worth a shot. Kane, I began saying to him in my head, give it all you got. Kane began willing for something to appear. I waited for something.... and nothing came. Until...

I heard one of the scorpions scream. I turned my head to see that it was frozen solid. But how? Then I heard another scorpion scream and looked to see that it was reduced to ashes. Before I could ask how either of those events happened, the ground began to rumble. What I saw made what I saw make perfect sense. Looming over the scorpions was none other than a Hydra. The scorpions immediately became filled with terror as they began scuttling away. I was glad to see that they left Sestiva behind. I thanked Kane and the Hydra disappeared. "Are you ok?", I asked Sestiva as I ran over to her.

"I'm fine", she said, brushing some dust off of her.
"What a relief"

Then I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I quickly turned around to see.... a mander? Yup, believe it or not, standing there was a light blue mander. It jumped when it saw me turn around so quickly.

"Oh my!", the mander yelped.

Woah, talking Lizard! Oh wait, I forgot manders could talk. "What's a mander doing here?", I asked.

"Oh, don't you know? Manders are creatures of Balance", the mander answered, "You've probably seen my relatives in Krokotopia. They are the descendants of the manders who travelled to and settled in Krokotopia from Sorceria."

"Ah so that's how they got there!"

"Yes, and who might you be?"

"Name's Timothy", I said, introducing myself, "And this is my friend, Sestiva. We've been trying to search for the village on Sorceria in hopes of finding Lady Judgement."

"My name is Macen," the Mander said, introducing himself, "And you're in luck, because I was just heading my way back to the village. I know this desert, and know every way around, and I'll be happy to lead you to the village."


We didn't say anything on the way to the village.

"Would you mind if I asked you how you got the name 'Macen'?", Sestiva asked, breaking the ice.

"Sure! I come from a long line of travellers. The name 'Macen' means traveler. My great great great great great great great great great great grandfather helped lead the expedition to Krokotopia, where the first manders settled there."

"Wow, I bet you do a lot of traveling yourself ", I said.

"Yes, I do. May I ask why you're wanting to see Lady Judgement?"

"Well, there is someone who has intruded Sorceria, seeking Lady Judgement to use her power to upset the balance between the elemental as well as the spiritual planets. We need to find her fast in order to warn her of the impending intruder"

"Yikes! Why didn't you say so in the first place! I can get you there through a much faster way!"


"Watch", Macen said. He blew into his fingers and whistled. At first, nothing happened. But after a few moments, I saw something rising out of the sand. Standing there were 3 scarabs. "We can ride the scarabs to the village. They can move rather fast both above and under ground. They also have great stamina." Macen jumped and swung his leg over the side of the scarab and sat on it. He motioned for us to do the same. It was pretty easy getting on, cause it felt like getting on a horse. A big, insecty horse with pincers. "You'll also need these!", he said while throwing me and Sestiva a pair of goggles. What are these for? "Put them over your eyes to keep sand from flying in them when the scarabs start tunneling underground", Macen pointed out, reading my mind. We both strapped on our goggles. I was about to ask where I should grab onto during the ride when I noticed a small shelf between the back of the scarab's head and the front of its wings. I grabbed on tight and it was the perfect thing to hold onto. Sestiva noticed what I was doing and did the same. We all gave our scarabs a kick and they began tunneling in the sand. I wasn't prepared for what happened as the scarab started tunneling. I only expected a little sand to fly around here and there. I was dead wrong. As the scarab started digging, sand went flying everywhere. I ducked down and covered my head, bracing myself from flying sand till this ride was over. I could feel the air getting cool as we headed under the sand, so we must be underground. The ride lasted about maybe 7-8 minutes until we started to surface. I could tell we were surfacing as sand came down and light started breaking in. I opened my eyes to see we were standing in front of the village. There were stone houses all around and there were dirt paths indicating streets. I looked way in the distance and at far end of the village, I saw a large building towering over the village that resembled a palace. I knew that somewhere in there waited Lady Judgement herself...

To be continued...

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The Necromaniac 4th of July Special

A Necromaniac 4th of July Special...

"The Pyro Caper"

Ya know, there seems to be a holiday specialized for each school of magic. Like the holiday of the Necromancers is Halloween, the day of the Theurgists is Earth day, Storm Wizards have tornado and Hurricane season, and so on and so forth. But if there's one day where pyromancers go wild, its the 4th of July. For this year's 4th of July, Professor Dalia Falmea, along with her Fire Elf helpers, decided to launch fireworks at Firecat Alley. So all of the wizard students in Ravenwood Academy gathered near the Firecat statue in the Center of Firecat Alley. I was pretty excited because Professor Falmea always built epic fireworks! Some of my favorites from last year's were "Meteor Strike", "The Dragon's Fury", and "The Grand Phoenix". I couldn't wait to see this years! The fireworks were being launched by Falmea and her little helpers at the top of the ramp that lead up to the street on the farther side of Firecat Alley. Fire Elfs could be seen moving around carry all kinds of stuff from fuses to wooden crates. I was sitting in row of necromancers (and was also sitting next to Sestiva, hehe), while Skelly was sitting at the very back, waiting for the show to begin. He didn't know it, but I had stuck a little Red, White, and Blue hat on top of his Skull which had little American flags sticking out. It was too funny!

I don't know why, but I got a bad feeling in the pit of my gut all of the sudden. I could sense that something might go wrong here, but I was hoping that I was just having a stomach ache or something.  Then I saw Professor Falmea step up at the top of the ramp with a microphone.

"Greetings Students of Ravenwood!", she said. The crowd was cheering with anticipation. After a few seconds, the crowd quieted down. "I am so glad to be here today to wish you all a Happy 4th of July! Not only that, but to also perform one of my favorite hobbies, Firework launching!" The crowd began cheering again, but quieted quickly to listen to what else the professor had to say. "So without further ado, enjoy the show! This first firework is called 'Immolation'!" Right on cue, a large, red flare shot high into the sky, which broke apart into several streaks of light. They kept going up and then stopped. They were still streaking and they hadn't exploded yet. And then, they started coming down. Fast. Right towards the crowd.

Oh crap, I thought, gonna have to think fast! Ethan, I began saying in my head to my icy alter ego, shield the crowd! "You got it!", Ethan Winterbreaker replied in my head. I grabbed Sestiva and pulled her out of the way of the incoming fiery shower and under behind the firecat statue nearby.

"What's happening?!", Sestiva asked me with a worried expression.

"I don't know," I began to say, "But it appears as if someone sabotaged the fireworks. Stay here while I protect the crowd."

I began to transform as light blue smoken began swirling around me. The atmosphere around me became frigid and ice symbols were flashing from the smoke. Finally the smoke cleared and Ethan Winterbreaker had taken physical form. He the ran around the side of the statue, heading back to the crowd. The crowd began to scatter. Some had gotten out of harm's way but some weren't as lucky. Ethan leaped into action and began casting icy wards over the remaining crowd for protection. The bright flares flashed intensely as the battered against the ward. After the raining flares stopped, Ethan made the ward disappear. Ethan had done his job so I took on physical form again. I ran up the ramp to see Professor Falmea. I could see Fire Elves scrambling and investigating some of the Fireworks they had spent days building.

"Professor!", I called to Falmea as I arrived on the scene, "What's happening?!"

"Oh and who might you be?", the Professor asked, not recongnizing me.

"Maybe this will refresh your memory." I transformed and Stephen Fireblade took on Physical form. "You see," Stephen began saying, "That was my cousin, Timothy Lighttalon."

"Oh, Stephen! That was a surprise! So anyway, it appears that the fireworks we built were sabotaged. We spent days building them and even tested a few out just last night and they worked fine but it appears that they seemed to be sabotaged over night."

"That's odd." I began looking through Stephen's eyes, seeing the Fire Elves moving around. But after some observation, I saw something wasn't right. "One of these Fire Elves isn't really a Fire Elf", Stephen told the professor.

"What?! Are you sure?!"

"Well, that's the only explanation. The only one who knew about where the fireworks were being held were you and the Fire Elves. And it appears that the Fire Elves wouldn't normally do something like this. Sure, they may be mischevious sometimes but they're not evil. It's out of their nature to plot something like this. So it appears one of these Fire Elves is something else in disguise. And I may have a theory as to who or what could've caused this." I looked at each of the Fire Elves, and I noticed something. One of the Fire Elves had a Fire Emblem on its cheek. Then it was clear to me what was going on. It wasn't paying attention to me so I picked up a pebble and threw it at it. The pebble hit its target. The Professor gasped when the Fire Elf's eyes grew red as it turned to look at me. It then leaped into the air and began firing arrows at me. I lunged at it, dodging the arrows. When I met it at midair, I backhanded it, knocking it out of the air. It hit the the pebbled street with a thud. It began to glow with a scarlet color and began taking on its true form. This was no Fire Elf, this was a Scarlet Banshee in disguise. The Scarlet Banshee let out a hiss as it disappeared into the one of the towers nearby.

"I figured it had to be a Scarlet Banshee, since they are known for sometimes transforming into creatures of fire and causing havoc. But the good thing is that when they transform, they will have an unusal feature that will make them stand out", I explained to the Professor after taking physical form again. "The scarlet Banshee disappeared into that tower. You and the elves fix the fireworks while I go and take down the Banshee."

I ran down the ramp and towards the tower across the bridge near the Firecat statue. I decided to bring Skelly along in case things got hairy. Sestiva wanted to tag along too so she did since I didnt mind bringing her along. We entered the tower, and waiting in the middle of the empty room was the Scarlet Banshee. It was ticked that we foiled its plot and it wanted revenge. With a snap of my fingers, Skelly sprung into action. He attacked the banshee with a full out tackle, which is a deadly move, coming from a bone drake. But Skelly was then sent flying back by an explosion of fire. The Scarlet banshee had transformed into a Helephant. I then had an idea to take down this thing quicker. I transformed and Ethan took on physical form again. He began casting and Ice Spell. He then summoned a Snow Angel. The Banshee in Helephant form charged toward the Snow angel. Just before it could reach it, the Snow Angel blasted the Helephant with a huge amount of Ice energy, sending it flying back and crashing into the wall. It began to glow scarlet red again and transformed back into its regular Scarlet Banshee form. It layed there, knocked out cold (no pun intended). I took on physical form again. Then something went wrong. The tower was beginning to collapse. It must have been from when the banshee crashed into the wall as a helephant. We had to get out of there fast. We started running out. Sestiva was in front of me. But then she tripped on the way to the door. I ran and quickly picked her up and then made one last dive out of the door as the tower collapsed behind us. It took a few minutes to rejoin the group because the vicinity of the area was clouded in dust from the collapsing of the tower. Finally, I returned to the professor to check up on the fireworks. By the time I got there, I was relieved to find that the fireworks had been repaired.

A few minutes after rejoining the crowd, Falmea began speaking again.

"Sorry about earlier, the fireworks had been sabotaged. But now thanks to the help of a friend, the show can now begin for real this time!"

The crowd cheered as the show of lights began. There were some really neat fireworks. Falmea was truly a master of the flame. The fireworks would explode into a shower of lights and sparks, shining bright lights everywhere. Oohs and ahs came from the crowd as they were viewing this great spectacle. I really enjoyed watching it. After the show, Professor Falmea thanked me for saving the fireworks show. I dont think I would call it 'saving the fireworks show', but it was the least I could do..

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to everyone! While everyone gets ready to launch fireworks like pyromaniacs and fry up some BBQ on the grills, I'm gonna be writing a 4th of July special on the Necromaniac! I should have it posted soon and I will let you know when. Dont got a whole lot to say so i guess until next time, see you in the spiral!

                                                                                               - Timothy Lighttalon

Blessed is the nation whose god is the Lord

                                                                              - Psalm 33:12