Hall of Awesome

This is the Hall of Awesome. Here, all of my favorite all time people, figures, heroes, etc, are presented. These are the people that have special places in my heart cause they're so awesome!!!

Autumn Dreamwalker

I met Autumn just a couple months back, but she has become my new best friend in the spiral. She is underappreciated by quite a few wizards but she is really nice! She comes up with nicknames that she call each of her friends. Her nickname for me is T-Man lol It sounds funny but it's not too bad. I just normally call her Jen, short for her irl name. But I care a lot about Jen and she's the best!


In case you haven't read my fanfic, The Necromaniac, Skelly is my ride/pet/bodyguard. He's really friendly (or at least to me, he is) and is very energetic! His favorite snack is rotting flesh, which is a delectable treat for Bone Drakes. His favorite game is 'Kill the Intruder', i know its not a game, but he likes it anyway. Only bad thing is, I often have to clean up the mess he leaves behind. Overall, Skelly is an awesome companion to me! :) Note: You'll often see me summon Skelly in battle so be sure to say hi when he drops by! Also, he now has a page on twitter, so be sure to follow his Twitter page!

Paige Moonshade

I wanna start off by saying that Paige Moonshade is da bomb. As you can see in the picture, Paige has an awesome decorating style! She's like the spiral's interior decorator! Surprisingly though, she isn't an interior decorator!! Every time i go to one of her houses, I am blown away by her awesome decorating style!! Paige rocks my socks!!! :)

Stephen Spiritcaller

Stephen is a pretty cool guy. He's one of the co-hosts of Ravenwood Radio and owns the website Spiritcallings. He's been doing podcasting for a while, which is how he does it so well. He also writes some very interesting posts on spiritcallings, which i comment on from time to time. He's a pretty good friend of mine in the Spiral and he's just plain awesome! :)

Fallon Deathslinger

Fallon is really awesome. She currently co-hosts Ravenwood Radio with Stephen and is the temporary replacement for Leesha Darkheart, the former cohost on Ravenwood Radio. She's really awesome and very nice. She is the mother of Kayla Emeraldheart, who is just as nice. One thing Fallon is good at is pvp, which is one thing I definently can't do. She's just one of those pvp beasts. You rock Fallon!! :)

Cassandra Dragonheart

Lately, our friendship has been a bit rough lately. But for the most part, Cass is very nice and one of those people referred to as "One after God's own heart".

Fallon Shadowblade

This Fallon is also well known. She's the owner and creator of Diary of a Wizard, a very popular wizard101 fansite. Not only does she own a very popular website, she just so happens to actually like the Necromancer's Epitaph, surprisingly enough. She's also the mother of 3 kids and a super geek, which seems to be a rare thing for women these days. She's very nice and she's one of my good friends in the spiral!! :)

Bailey Skystaff/Uber Wife

Bailey Skystaff aka uber wife is the wife of the esteemed Friendly Necromancer aka Thomas Lionblood. Bailey is one of my special friends in the spiral, not only is she super nice but she's fun to be around!! Bailey is the awesomest, and might I add that Friendly is a very lucky man to have her. :)

Thomas Lionblood/The Friendly Necromancer

Everyone's favorite Necromancer, Friendly is a well known wizard across the spiral and is the owner of the Friendly Necromancer. I've quested with him some in Wintertusk and he IS a Friendly Necromancer! He's also known for his uber wife aka Bailey Skystaff (see above). Friendly is fun to be around and is one awesome wizard!

Jesus Christ

And last but not least, my best friend Jesus! He's always been there for me, never left me, and always knows what I'm going through. He gave his life for me and for all of humanity to have a personal relationship with them. He can do the same for you too!