Friday, March 25, 2011

New Spell Predictions

As you know with Wintertusk there's gonna be some new spells. Well they may not be level 68 spells or Rank 9 spells but when those spells do roll around, i have some predictions on what some of them may be. so far i only have 2:

Death: Death Worm- Takes 1,000 Health from target, converts half to heal
Myth: Nemaean Lion- 1,150 damage and +80% to next damage spell

the death one i am not so sure about but the myth one i am pretty confident about. I mean myth just got medusa, so whats the next best thing? My guess in my study of Greek Mythology would be the Nemeaen Lion. I am still working on other predictions and will keep you posted when new ones pop up. Oh and by the way, i predicted that the Rank 8 storm spell would leviathan, and it came true. I'm hoping i have another prediction come true.

1 comment:

  1. fire could be could be glacier storm could be static.hmm life might even get another healing spell.myth your probably correct. death is kinda going like a pattern attack the drain spell so something like worm.balance ????