Sunday, May 22, 2011

A weird hatch and a Poll

Ok, so you're aware of the level 58 pets, which is one of the many new additions that came with the arrival of Wintertusk. I've done a few hatches with my pet Scarecrow and got some hybrids like Shadow Phoenix (Death version of Phoenix Pet), Stormcaller (Storm version of Scarecrow), and Gloom Toad (Death version of Humongofrog). But one hatch i tried to do with my scarecrow turned out really odd. I went to the hatchery to try to expirement by hatching my scarecrow with a Judgement to see what i would end up with. Well i hatched, but instead of getting a death or balance egg, the weirdest thing happened. I got a life egg!! what the heck?!?! it didnt make any sense! Death Pet + Balance Pet does NOT equal Life pet! Well i waited 21 hours and when it finally hatched, it turned out to be a Crop Watcher (Life version of Scarecrow). And i asked the friend i hatched with to see what she got, but she didn't get a crop watcher, she got an Astral Judge (Life version of Judgement)! If you ask me, Astral Judge looks creepy O_O. And to this day, i still don't understand why i ended up with what i did from that hatch. So now while I'm still on the topic of pets, i wanna take a poll. You know how there's so many new level 58 pet hybrids running around, i wanted to find out what your favorite pet hybrid would be. I've heard of some well-favored ones like Cloud Beast (Storm Version of Forest Lord), Fiery Judge (Fire version of Judgement), or one of my personal favorites, the Thunderbird (Storm version of Phoenix). To leave your answer for your favorite level 58 pet hybrid, you can just leave a comment below this post or you can send me a tweet on twitter via @TimmyDeathWiz or you can message me on Facebook, which my name is, of course, Timothy Lighttalon.

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