Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wintery Wonder

I've been playing in Wintertusk like crazy ever since it came out and call i can say is that it's so awesome!!!! I like my new spells, Dark Pact and Virulent Plague, which are very handy! In case you dont know what they do, Dark Pact deals 300 damage to myself and gives me a +30% blade in exchange while Virulent Plague is like regular plague except it reduces all enemys' next damage spell by 40%.  I also beat Wintertusk and got my scarecrow pet named Duke Harley! He's at ancient level right now and gives good pet talents including spritely, which i'm glad about! I also took on the new dungeon in Crab Alley known as the Waterworks, which was challenging but i beat it after 2 and a half hours of fighting. I've went back and beat it 3 times and i managed to get my level 60 hat and coat so now i just need my boots. there's 2 bosses in the waterworks, a squid and a Latern Fish that has 2 other bosses standing by his side. These bosses cheat but If you follow the rules for how to battle them properly, they're not too hard but it takes a while. Here are the Rules for the Squid Boss:

-You can only attack when you're 'inked'
-If you're not inked, you can attack with AOE spells only
-You also cant use single traps either
-If you attack with a single attack when you're not inked, let's just say you're in for a world of hurt.

And here are the rules for the latern fish boss along with the 2 other bosses that accompany him:

- Every 4 rounds the surrounding will change from 'light' to 'dark'
- In the first round of battle, it will be dark, so this means you can only use traps. If you use blades during this time, they will be taken away.
- Then, after 4 rounds has passed, it will change to 'light' and now you will be able to use blades, but not traps. All traps that are already out or are casted during this time will be taken away.
- The only spell that is an exception to the 'dark' rule is amplify. It works as a blade but it is an aura spell, and cannot be taken away.

The Squid boss has 21,000 health and is a balance school monster. The Latern Fish boss has 24,000 health and is a star school monster and the other 2 bosses are fire and death monsters, one has 9,000 health while the other has 8,000. I hope these tips are helpful when in the Waterworks. Oh, and there will be 2 puzzles in the Waterworks as well. The First puzzle will require opening clams. To solve this and avoid getting into another battle, you must open the BLUE clams but DO NOT open the yellow clams or else you will be forced into battle. If you solve the puzzle, many health wisps will appear, allowing you to recover any lost health. The second puzzle is rather easy. You will see an eel near some switches. All you have to do for this is follow the eel and flip the switches he leads you to. So you're literally playing 'follow the leader'. I hope all this helps and WOW i typed a lot! This must be my longest blog post yet. Anyways, until next time, See you in the Spiral!

                                                                                             -Timothy Lighttalon

We all stumble in many ways. If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check.
                                                -James 3:2

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