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The Necromaniac Chapter 5 "Frozen Fury" Part 6

"Frozen Fury" Part 6

It happened all so fast. It's like an avalanche coming out of nowhere. We quickly dived out of the way and took cover as giant ice chunks the size of giant boulders barreled past us. Had we not got out in time, we'd be frozen pancakes. Well, except for Death. He's not even really a physical being anyway. Anyways, so after making sure the coast was clear, we continued our way up. By the fact that we were nearly attacked by those ice chunks, I'm pretty sure this is the mountain where the awakened Giant is. If I had to guess, this mountain was about maybe 8,000 feet tall. Not Mount Everest, but still pretty big. As we got higher, the snow came down harder and visibility got lower. It got colder, as well. I hope we wouldn't have to inject ourselves with any kind of energy-boosting serum, cause I don't like needles. Kuve seemed to be doing fine, since he's probably used to conditions like this and he's practically built for this kind of weather.

At about 6,000 feet, I began to hear some faint rumbling ahead. "Oh crap, look!!!", I said, pointing. We could barely see the rushing snow of the oncoming avalanche plowing its way down the mountain right towards us. I had to think fast. Then I finally got an idea. "Quick!", I said, pointing over to a giant rock, "Behind there!!"

We quickly ran over and got behind the giant rock, which was big enough to serve as shelter for all 4 of us, thankfully. The rumbling got louder and louder and then I closed my eyes and covered my body over Sestiva to protect her and the next thing I know, everything goes white. After a few moments of silence, I opened my eyes to see that we were covered in a minimal amount of snow compared to the area around us. We continued moving up, more cautious now of any more coming dangers that may present itself the rest of the way up.

It never came. We got to a cave near the summit of the mountain. "Looks like the Giant is in there", I said.

"Yep. Let's be prepared for the worst", Sestiva said.

We walked into the cave and sure enough, it was the worst. We were standing on the edge of a really high cliff and standing in front of us was, you guessed it, the Frost Giant, awake and majorly PO'ed. The Giant roared out after seeing us and began casting some ice spells. Some Ice beetles and Snow Serpents appeared and came towards us. We took them down easily though. Then he summoned 3 evil snowmen and a couple Ice Wyverns. I was careful to try not to get them mixed up with Kuve. They took longer, but we eventually beat them. I'm guessing the Titan was testing our strength. Then with a wave of its hand, the Giant summoned 4 Colossi. We decided to split up and take on each one individually. I tried using the same tactics on the Colossi I fought before and sure enough, it worked the same and I had taken down my Colossi. Kuve and Death had taken down theirs too, but Sestiva was still fighting against hers. I offered to help her if she needed it but she turned it down, saying that she needed to test her newly acquired fighting skills. I wasn't gonna argue with her, so I just decided to wait a few moments and she got the job done.

The Titan was out of henchman to call forth so now he'd be taking us on himself. The Giant leaned down towards us and blew out an icy cold blast of frost towards us but we were able to dodge in time. I thought about how we were gonna take this big guy down so I quickly took a look at my surroundings for ideas. Then I noticed that there was a path that went to the side of the cliff and went all away around the Giant. "Split up and surround him," I began to say to the others, "It might confuse him momentarily and he won't be able to attack us all at once if we're not grouped together."

We split up and started running around both sides of the Giant. We broke apart and stood in 4 corners around the Giant while the Giant thought about its next target. Then the Giant picked up its hammer and began slinging it around, trying to knock us off our spot. We jumped as the hammer came by each of us. Then while the Giant had it's back to me. I pulled out my scythe and leaped onto the Giant's back and jabbed the blade into its back. It howled in pain and dropped it's hammer and it landed near the entrance. I took out the blade, jumped off it's back, and landed back on the path. "Any one of you guys strong enough to pick up that hammer?", I asked, pointing to the hammer, "If one of you can get it, you can use it to start wailing on the Giant and start doing damage because it's the only way we'll be able to hurt it."

"I can," Death answered, "I be made out of bones, but I'm much stronger than I appear." Death flew over to the hammer and picked it up and slung it his shoulder. He then flew up with the hammer, winded up, and swung with all his might as he klonked the Giant on the side of the head with the hammer. The giant moaned as he teetered a little and began rubbing it's head. 

"Keep going! Hit it a couple times and it'll be too hurt to fight back!", I told him. We needed to get the Giant unable to fight so I can be able to recite the chant to put him back into his slumber. It's a long chant so I have to be able to finish it in order for it to work. Death jumped at the opportunity before him and began hitting the Giant multiple times with the hammer and then stopped as the Giant fell over and hit the ground with a thud, weakened from the damage it had taken. I began reciting the chant, which took about a minute or so to complete. After I completed it, I waited for the results and sure enough, the Giant had been put back into its eternal slumber. Death put down the hammer by the sleeping Giant and we all cheered and gave each other high fives. "Great job, team. Let's go report back to Arubolis", I said.

We walked outside of the cave and we immediately began to see results. The snow was only coming down lightly now and I could actually see the Village from up there. Well, sorta. We decided to have a little fun with the trip back down the mountain and got some sheets of rocks and thanks to Kuve's handy claws and carving skills, we were able to make some snowboards out of thinned rock slates. We started riding them down the mountain and we went down really fast. The trip down the mountain probably only took one-fourth of the amount of time it took to go up the mountain. When we finally got down, we went back to the palace and reported back to Arubolis with the news. He said he had found out from Lady Judgement that the snow had stopped and began melting off of Sorceria. The same thing was probably happening in Wizard City as we spoke. After a few final words, we said our goodbyes with Arubolis and he said that we were welcome to come back to Frostus. We started heading out of the village and back towards Death's bus.

"Well, I guess we'll have to say goodbye too, since I imagine that you're going to be going back to your world", Kuve said with a little sadness in his voice.

"No worries Kuve, we'll come and visit again before you know it" I said, reassuringly.

"Well I can't stay with you and Sestiva much longer either," Death began telling me, "I've got a bus full of stockpiled spirits to take." He pointed over to the bus where there were tons of faces stacked against the windows of the bus. "I've only got enough room to take you and Sestiva to drop you off at Nightside. But after that, I gotta head back and drop off these spirits to their destinations."

"Alright I understand," I said, "Kuve, be sure to take care of yourself." And after we made our goodbyes, me, Sestiva, and Death each got on the bus and headed back to Wizard City...

To be Continued....

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