Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 6 "Mythic Marauder" Part 1

"Mythic Marauder"

So after our adventure in Frostus, Death drove us back to Nightside on his bus. He couldn't stick around, since he had a bunch of drop-offs to make. So we said our goodbyes and he left. Me and Sestiva had noticed that the snow had stopped falling and was melting away from Nightside, so our plan was truly a success. The rest of Wizard City thawed away as well, except for in Colossus Boulevard, since it's always snowy there anyways. Not much happened over the next few weeks, so me and Sestiva began hanging out outside of classes. We got to know each other well and we got pretty close. I finally got the guts to ask her out and she said yes (Thank God). She admitted that she had already liked me (which rocked me for a couple minutes). It almost seemed as if everything was just going smoothly, not having to do much really and the spiral was safe from danger. I didn't get any calls from the FBI so I assumed that they didn't need me for anything at the moment. For once, I thought everything was going to be normal. Until that one day....

It had been about a month since the adventure in Frostus, and I was taking a walk with Sestiva. We were holding hands and talking casually, just as couples normally do. And then I heard a scream. I whipped my head around to see people running from something. Something huge. I couldn't exactly tell what it was because it was moving so fast. Whatever it was, it seemed to moving on four legs. It knocked over a tree and it sprinted through the pond, splashing water everywhere. It ran out of the lake and cornered around the wizard city library. I told Sestiva that I was gonna go after it, but before she could've said anything I had already let go of her hand and took off after the beast. I rounded around the corner of the library only to see the beast leaping into a portal. It was already halfway through the portal so I could only see a blur of the lower half of its body. Whatever it was, it had a tail. The portal closed after the beast had moved all the way through it. I saw something gleaming on the ground near where the portal had been opened. I ran over to it and picked it up. It was a spiral key.... but to where?

Just a few seconds after I had picked up the key and put it in my pocket, Sestiva came from around the corner, asking if I had gone insane. Of course, I told her I hadn't and I just wanted to try to figure out what was going on. I didn't know much about the key so I decided to take it to Dworgyn to see if he knew anything about it. So Me and Sestiva went to Nightside and asked Dworgyn about the key. "Hmmm....", he said, taking the key and examining it in his hands. "This key has some symbols of the myth school on it, and it is made out of peridot, the gem of the Myth School, so it leaves me reason to believe that this must be the spiral key to Mythania. How you found the spiral key there in the spot of where the portal had closed, I am not sure. But the beast you sighted may have gone to Mythania and the key mysteriously appearing there may have some kind of connection to what's going on, like how the beast somehow appeared in Wizard City and why it appeared there. I think you better take this to Cyrus and see what he knows."

Oh great, the last person in the spiral I would want to see. Next to Kiroshiza and a certain wizard I don't want to mention, that is. The Myth school, for some reason, seems to have the least number of students out of the 7 schools. My theory is the reason for that is because of Cyrus. I've only had a number of encounters with him, but it was plenty enough to know how much of a pain he is. When I was still a new wizard to the spiral, he looked down at me like I was some kind of insignificant bug standing in front of him that he'd rather squash. But after proving my ability to him by saving the Spiral from his brother, Malistaire, he began to finally show some respect for me...... somewhat. But even now, we usually don't talk and we haven't even seen each other since that time I mentioned. So I guess I have no choice. Dworgyn could probably tell I was not at excited at the thought of seeing Cyrus, "I know he's not the friendliest or the most compassionate guy, but it's for the best. Perhaps he won't treat you as bad now that you've shown some potential", he said, reading my mind.

"Alright, I'll go", I said with a sigh. Sestiva could tell that I didn't want to go and wasn't happy about it.

"I'll go with you", she said, grasping my hand.

I looked to her and smiled, "Thanks, Sest. You're the best." She smiled back. She has such a beautiful smile. We said bye to Dworgyn and headed on our way to the Myth school. But first, I dropped by the Life school to get an update on the situation in the commons. Moolinda Wu, who was really nice to me, had gave me the scoop. It had turned out that the beast had mauled about 12 wizards during its rampage through the commons. Eyewitnesses had gave accounts that they couldnt really describe the beast's appearance, because it had been moving so fast. After it had left, the Unicorn Squad (Which was basically a team of highly-trained Theurgists that helped treat wounded wizards and deal with natural disasters) was called in. a few of the wizards only had some scratches (so that tells me the beast had claws) while some other wizards were scratched and bruised and 2 of them had been severely wounded and were in critical condition. Wizards in green uniforms that had a unicorn on the front of the shirt were rushing to deal with the 2 severely hurt victims. Obviously, they were from the Unicorn Squad.

Afterwards, I thanked Professor Wu for the updates and left her while she helped the Unicorn Squad tend to the victims. Then I had arrived in front of the myth school. I hesitated to open the doors, but Sestiva reminded me that she would be there for me. I thanked her again for coming and kissed her. Then I took one last breath and opened the doors to the Myth School...

To be continued....

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