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The Necromaniac Chapter 6 "Mythic Marauder" Part 4

"Mythic Marauder" Part 4

The worst that could've happened at the time had just came true. Kiroshiza was behind this. It's because of him that I went to Mythania. But why would he want me here? What could his nasty little plot for me be this time? I guess I'll figure this all out in due time. I showed the little note to Sestiva and she agreed that kiroshiza was definitely behind the scenes somewhere.

I decided to go to the front of my cell and look around to see if there was anyone else nearby. I looked at the cell across from us and I saw a troll in it sitting in a corner. Perhaps he could help.

"Psst," I whispered to the troll, "You over there. Could you perhaps help? I was wondering if you knew anything about the tests in the Colosseum? Name's Timothy and my friend behind me is Sestiva."

The troll lifted his (or at least I sure hope that he's a he) head and looked toward me. For a moment he observed me and then he started pulling himself up and lumbered over to the front of his cell. ".... Name's Brutus," he began in a bellowing, troll-like voice, "The Colosseum is usually either a sentence for a crime or it is sentenced to foreigners who are trespassing. And just by looking at ya, i can tell you aren't from around here and the second reason is probably your case. I am here because I was wrongly accused. You see, my twin brother is a notorius criminal in Mythania. He is known for usually beating some citizens almost to the point of death and then takes all of what possessions he can carry. He usually carries a spiked club he uses for his beatings. But then a few days ago, he went to go plunder a store and I saw him going in so I decided to run in after him and try to stop him. When I got in there, I saw he had already grabbed the storekeeper and started beating him. I then leaped into action a delivered an attack from behind. He wasn't expecting it and I was able to catch him off guard and knock him away from the storekeeper. We then fought each other for a while. I thought I had him and then he did something I didn't expect. He threw his spiked club at me and I caught it by the handle. But once I had caught it, he then ran out of the store and jumped out an open window. Immediately after he had escaped, the cyclops patrol showed up and seeing the club in my hands, they automatically assumed I was my brother. They arrested me and I was given an unfair trial. I barely had a chance to even defend myself. I was sentenced to the Colosseum and have been in here ever since. Tomorrow is when we all will start competing in the colosseum."

Wow, he's certainly been through a lot. I looked to see that while Brutus had been speaking, Sestiva had gotten up and stood beside me to listen to Brutus. I felt bad for Brutus. I knew the feeling of what it was like to be accused of something you know you didn't do and having people turning against you because of it. "I know how you feel, so I've decided that we'll help you out. We'll team up in the Colosseum and overcome the tests to prove your innocence and to get me and Sestiva out of here", I said. I also explained to him what had happened in Wizard City and why we were here.

"I see," he began, "The Nemean Lion is so rarely seen it has been thought to be just lore now. But it is very powerful too and whoever has been controlling it is even more powerful, if that's possible. The Nemean Lion could probably overpower Queen Anguise herself. That's how dangerous it is. And it's important you get out of here too."

"Agreed. So we'll team up and work our way out of the Colosseum."

We both reached as far as we could through the bars and across the hall and we manage to shake hands...

To be continued...

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