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The Necromaniac Chapter 6 "Mythic Marauder" Part 3

"Mythic Marauder" Part 3

In case you don't know what blacking out feels like, I'll try my best to describe it to you. For one, it's not fun. At first, you think you're dead. But it all started coming back once I regained conciousness. I didn't feel the impact of getting knocked out, I only just saw something about to hit me before I blacked out. Anyways, so when I woke up I began to become aware of my surroundings. I was in a cell. And by cell I mean like a prison cell. I've been captured. I looked around to see Sestiva laying on a bed. I went over and starting shaking her, quietly whispering her name. After a few attempts, I saw her eyes start to flicker open. "...Timothy?", she said faintly.

I heard feet shuffling behind me from outside the cell. Two Cyclopses wearing centurion helmets were standing on the other side of the bars, seeing us awake. "The prisoners have awakened," one of the cyclopses said to the other, "They shall be taken to the Queen."

"The Queen?", I ask, getting a bad feeling about this 'Queen'.

"No questions, just come with us," the other Cyclops guard persisted. They unlocked the cell, opened it and pushed us out and led us down a hall. At the end of the hall, there was a door. The cyclops motioned for me to open the door. I opened the door and we entered what appeared to be a throne room. Sitting on the throne seemed to be a woman, but I found out that she was no woman once she got off her throne. She was a Medusa. But me and Sestiva haven't been turned to stone yet, and we've both already looked into her eyes. But why?

She loomed over us and began speaking, "I am Queen Anguise, and the only reason you two aren't turned to stone right now is because I can control my stone glare. And in case you're wondering, I am the one who knocked you out. It was my serpent tail that made you black out."

That explains it then.

"So tell me, it's obvious that you're not from around here, so who are you and what are you doing in Mythania?"

"I am Timothy Lighttalon and this is my companion, Sestiva Shadowbreeze," I said, introducing myself and gesturing to Sestiva, "Our land was attacked by a creature from Mythania. One of our people was killed during the attack and we've come to seek out the creature. We also believe that someone had brought the creature into our world and then sent it back here through a portal." It was pretty much the whole reason why we are here, so I didn't know how else to put it.

Anguise didn't say anything for a moment, almost as if she was processing what she had just heard. Then she started speaking again, "Well, regardless of why you're here, trespassing is considered an offense in this world. All trespassers must prove their worth in the Colosseum. There, you will be put through trials and you will be pitted against powerful opponents. If you prove your worth and survive in the Colosseum, you will be allowed to stay in Mythania for as long as you need. If you do not survive, however, then your last days will have been spent here. I must warn you that most competitors do not survive in the Colosseum and make it out alive. The trials are gruesome and the opponents are fierce and merciless. Best of luck. I will be watching as will many of the citizens here in Mythania. Now, escort them into the competitors' cells!"

The guards began pushing us out of the throne room and down the hall again. This time, we were lead to another door and a hall with some different set of cells. These cells looked a little more hospitable than the ones we were in before, so that was good. We were lead to the 5th cell on the left and me and Sesitva were pushed into the cell and the door was locked behind us. We walked over to our bed and sat on it. I looked around the room to get used to what it looked like. Then I noticed something on the ground. A folded up piece of paper. I walked over, picked it up, and unfolded it. The paper held these words...

"Welcome to Mythania, Lighttalon.
                               - K.S."

To be continued...

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