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The Necromaniac Chapter 6 "Mythic Marauder" Part 2

"Mythic Marauder" Part 2

Cyrus Drake looked to see me entering the room. A look of indifference crossed his face seeing me and he looked back down at the book he had in his hand. I knew the only way to get his attention was to confront him directly. "Cyrus, we need to talk", I said, walking up to him. I then pulled out the Mythania spiral key and showed it to Cyrus and his eyes suddenly widened with surprise.

"WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?", he demanded.

"You remember the attack that took place earlier today in the commons? I chased the beast down and he escaped in a portal. The portal closed and I found this key laying on the ground where the portal had just been", I answered.

Cyrus then rushed to his desk and pulled out a drawer under his desk and dug through a mess of things. He then pulled out another Mythania spiral key. "So it appears you didn't steal my key, but just found another. I see. So what is it that brought you to come into my presence?", he asked with a slight hint of impatience in his voice.

"I've come to find out what exactly that beast was that attacked the commons. The fact that the portal left behind a spiral key to Mythania tells me that the portal lead to Mythania, and that the creature itself was probably from Mythania, thus it being a Mythical creature. And since Myths are your area of expertise, I was hoping you would happen to know exactly what it was."

Cyrus took a moment as if to ponder whether or not to cooperate with me again or not. But before he could say anything, the door opened and Merle Ambrose walked in. "Ah, so you are here, young wizard!", he began saying, "I had heard from Dworgyn that you had headed to the Myth school, and I wanted to make sure all was well. But that's not the main reason for me being here. You see, ever since the attack in the commons, there has been much fear among the students, and even some concern among the teachers. The victims of the attack were friends of other students so some students are worrying over the condition of their fellow students. So I want to do my best to help resolve this issue, as well, to help lift the fear that has taken over the students as well as some of the Professors of Ravenwood. If you would be so kind, I would like you to tell me what you've uncovered about the situation yourself, since I had heard that you had gone after the beast before it had disappeared."

I told Ambrose all that I knew that took place in the incident. I told him about when I recovered the spiral key and I described what I could see of the beast, hoping Cyrus would be able to determine what Mythical creature had attacked the commons.

"Well, I can't say I'm surprised that you've been able to discover what you have. So now we need to figure out what exactly it was that you saw. Cyrus, would you happen to know about the creature that the young wizard saw?"

Cyrus thought a moment and then went to his desk again and opened another drawer and took out a book. The book had the myth school symbol on the cover and it was titled Creatures of the Myth School. He opened the book and and turned a few pages until he had stopped at a page and put his finger on it. He walked up to us with the book still opened to the page in hand and said, "From what the wizard described about the appearance, from the claws to the massive, powerful body and the tail, this is what I've come to think. The creature that Timothy as well as the other wizards in the commons encountered was the Nemean Lion, a very powerful spell that I haven't taught to any of my students yet. My guess was that this creature wasn't summoned from here, but somehow brought from Mythania to Wizard City and back to Mythania again by someone. My guess was that the person who had opened the portals could have also somehow left the spiral key."

There was only one person who came to mind that I thought could've been behind this, but I haven't told Ambrose or Cyrus about Kiroshiza. The only ones who know about him are Me, Dworgyn, Skelly, and Sestiva. Besides, I doubt that neither Ambrose nor Cyrus would believe me if I told them that a demon was behind this. So I decided to keep that part to myself.

"So I suppose now we know what we have to do," Ambrose began, and then turned to me, "Wizard Timothy, you've been such a great help to the spiral. I hope it doesn't bother you to go out and just one more time and defend the students of Ravenwood. Use the spiral key you have to go out and go to Mythania. There you shall go and find out who was behind the Nemean Lion attack in the commons. Be careful, young wizard, because whoever is behind this is very powerful. Proceed with caution."

Heh, he has no idea how right he is. But nevertheless, I accepted my mission. But I wanted to make a request. "Ambrose, if it's ok, may I take my companion Sestiva with me on my journey to Mythania? Trust me when I say that I will do what I can to keep her out of harm's way and that she is especially trustworthy. She's also not so bad of a spellcaster herself." I could hear Sestiva quietly chuckling behind me. Ambrose looked at Sestiva and then looked at me.

"Well, as long as you stay true to your word, I trust your judgement. Sestiva, you have my permission to accompany Timothy on this quest", Ambrose said.

"Thanks, Headmaster."

"You can begin on your journey tomorrow. You can use the rest of the day as a time to rest and prepare for what lays ahead tomorrow."

I thanked Ambrose again and I even had to thank Cyrus, for helping identify the creature that had ravaged the commons. Afterwards, Sestiva and I left the Myth school and spent the rest of the day together. We hanged out at my house and we got a knock at the door. I opened the door and a member of the Unicorn Squad stood there. He informed me that one of the victims of the attack that was in critical condition had passed away. The name of the deceased wizard was John Winterwhisper, a student of the Ice School. A funeral service was to be held that night at the Ice School, where Professor Greyrose offered to have him buried. Despite the loss though, the other victims of the attack survived. I thanked the Unicorn Squad member for the info and he left. Me and Sestiva had dinner before leaving to attend the funeral. Pretty much all the Professors and students of Ravenwood had gathered for the ceremony. Ambrose gave a short speech about John and then let everyone pay their respects. The first to step forward were some teary-eyed Ice students who each layed a frost flower on their fallen student's grave. Then Professor Greyrose flew toward the grave and carefully layed a large Sapphire on top of the frost flowers. Then there was a moment of silence for the deceased wizard, and then the funeral was over. Me and Sestiva, as well as the rest of Ravenwood Academy had been saddened by the loss of the wizard. But tomorrow, me and Sestiva will be sure to avenge John's death. I told that to Sestiva to encourage her, which it somewhat did. We went to our separate quarters and slept the night away. Then came the next morning.

After we had got up and got ready, me and Sestiva met up to set out on our journey. Normally, we'd ride the Necrocylce to our next destination but I noticed that the Necrocycle is low on fuel. The Necrocycle ran on the energy emitted from Onyx, the gemstone of the Death School. But getting onyx wasn't exactly cheap and the Bazaar was a long walk away. Finally, we decided that we'd just go to Mythania the old fashioned way. We headed to Ravenwood and went into Bartelby's mouth, entering the Spiral Chamber inside him. I hadn't been in the place since I returned from Celestia. We walked up to the spiral door and I took out the Mythania spiral key. I put the key in the slot, turned the key, and opened the door.

I closed the door behind us and looked around the world we stepped into. The spiral chamber was an empty underground room with stone walls and ceiling. At the end of the room was a flight of stairs that had light pouring onto it. We walked to the end of the room and up the stairs and looked as we got our first look at the world of Mythania. The first thing I noticed was the purple sky, which was kind of weird, and was lit by a golden sun. The landscape around us was mainly grass, with some hills and mountains in the distance. Ahead of us laid a Cobblestone path. And a long one, at that, that seemed to go on for miles. We decided the first thing we wanted to do if we were gonna know where to go is to find the village and see if we can get any clues. We began walking forward but then we stopped dead in our tracks. The ground around us began to shake.

The next thing we know we're jumped by Cyclopses. We try to take evasive action but they've already surrounded us. And then, I saw a scaly tail appear in front of me. It was the last thing I saw before everything went black....

To be continued....

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