Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stroke of Inspiration

You know that 'AHA!' moment when you come up with an idea that you know is great? Well, the same happened to me today. I have an idea for an upgrade to the pet hatchery. When I go to the pet hatchery, I hop realms trying to find someone with the pet I want to hatch with, but it sometimes takes forever to find the pet i'm looking for. But finally when I do, the person is either looking for a different pet to hatch with, they've just hatched, or they don't have enough money to hatch. So I propose that KI should make some kind of pet hatchery search system. When they come in, they come up to something that looks a bit like a bulletin board. They put up the pet they're hatching and the pet(s) they are willing to hatch with. And if they dont have the money or have just hatched, they get off the board. I hope that a system like this is built to make hatching in the pet hatchery more convenient! If you like the idea or if you've got any feedback to share bout the idea, please feel free to leave a comment below! Until next time, see you in the Spiral!

                                                                                                           - Timothy Lighttalon

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Timothy. I'm that "idk who you are guy", Talon Thunderblade.
    I really think KI should take a look at this. Because when I have too much gold, I go to the hatchery to hatch. The hatchery definitely should be more efficient and more convienent for people that actually need to hatch like us and pet collectors. Thank you for your time.-Thunderblade