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The Necromaniac Chapter 5 "Frozen Fury" Part 3

"Frozen Fury" Part 3

During the first few moments of landing on Frostus, it almost seemed as if all Hell froze over, literally. The bus skidded across ice after appearing in Frostus, spinning out of control. We didn't even know this was happening because snow was falling so hard, we could barely see that far out the window. Death put the windshield wipers on max speed and jerked the wheel, trying to get the bus to stop spinning. After a few tries, the bus slowly stopped spinning. It may have stopped spinning, but it was still moving across the ice. Death tried pushing on the brakes but the effort was futile, since the tires had no traction against the slippery ice. "We'll have to get on top of the bus to see what's going on. But since the doors and windows are frozen shut, i'll have to teleport us onto the roof. Grab onto me and hang on", Death finally said.

Me and Sestiva got out of our seats and put our hands on him. He was cold, considering that he probably had no flesh anyways. We closed our eyes and in just a moment's notice, we had disappeared in a puff of black smoke and reappeared on the roof of the bus. The bus was still moving pretty fast so we had to hold out our arms for balance, to make sure we didn't fall off. We walked over to the front of the of the roof to see what was going on. What we saw was that the bus was gliding across a plain made purely of ice. It was like we were gliding across a frozen ocean, except the bus hadn't broke through the ice. At first, this just continued on until Death pointed ahead with his skeletal hand and said, "Look!"

Visibility was pretty low with the snow battering down on us, but after a few seconds we could see what Death was trying to point out. Up ahead was where the ice had ended and began to be covered in snow instead. The bus was headed right towards it. "We're gonna hit it straight on so prepare for impact!", Death said again. We all crouched down and clung to the roof of the bus. The roof was ice cold at this point, but it's better than getting flung off. I looked up for a quick second look and saw we were about to hit the snow in just a few moments so I put my head back down and closed my eyes, preparing for the worst.

I didn't see the impact but I heard the sound of snow being pounded as the bus slammed into the snow and went from 60 mph to 0 in a matter of seconds. I tried to open my eyes but then I came to a sudden realization. We were buried in snow. Thankfully though, it only took a couple seconds to surface. I got out and shook off a bunch of snow and then looked around. Sure enough, Sestiva began getting to her feet and started brushing off snow off her coat and Death had appeared in a puff of smoke, scraping snow off his bones and his clothes. We got off, or should I say we slid off the bus, and excavated it out of the snow. Our next move was to find a village nearby, like on most of the 7 worlds. We began our trek through the snowy fields. I just happened to a Frost Flower on the way and gave it to Sestiva and she really liked it. Note to self: give Sestiva a flower whenever the chance goes by. We didn't talk much on the walk through the snow, and there was nothing in sight but more snow. After what seemed like hours of walking, we finally came across something, but it wasn't something I was hoping or expecting to find. We came across several pillars of ice, about 6 to be exact. They were lined up in two columns of 3. We stopped to examine them. They looked like tall pillars made out of ice bristling out with spikes. I took a closer look. I didn't know how, but something told me there was something strange about them. What were pillars of ice doing out in the middle of nowhere? We spent a couple more minutes taking a look at them. I touched the ice and my entire finger seemed to go numb. I tried hitting it lightly, and it didn't even crack. This ice seemed to be so tough, you couldn't even melt it even if you dropped it into a pool of magma. We gathered back  up and I could tell that Death probably had the same ominous feelings of premonition as I was. "I'm not sure why, but something tells me we don't need to be here much longer," Death began saying, "Let's go." We started walking between the 2 columns of the pillars of ice and began to passing the last 2 pillars. Then this frozen Hell broke loose. The pillars began to move.

We slowly turned around and saw that the snow beneath our feet began to shake as the ground rumbled. Cracks began forming in the pillars and grew until they all broke open. Me and Death had been right, something was definitely off about the pillars of ice, because these weren't just pillars of ice. Standing where the pillars of ice had been was a pack of Colossi (Plural of Colossus). They raised their swords and let out a roar, ready for battle and began charging toward us. "Split up!", I said. We broke off in different directions, momentarily confusing the Colossi and forcing them to take a couple moments to slow down at midcharge. They broke off into 3 groups of 2, 2 Colossi charging in each of our directions. I lead the 2 Colossi heading towards me far off from the rest of the group. I was considering pulling out my scythe, but I reconsidered thinking that there was no way it was gonna do any damage to them, considering that they're probably made of the same material that the pillars were. It only took a moment to think up a plan. I summoned Skelly. "Take the Colossus on the left while I take on the other!", I said.

Skelly took off to the Colossus on my left as I rushed to the other. I ran up to meet it and it reached out with its sword to attack, but I slid between its legs, both dodging the attack and getting on its blind side. I then leaped up and kicked my heels together as I flew through the air, activating the spikes at the bottom of my shoes. I drew my claws and dug them into the back of the Colossus. They stuck, thankfully and I began climbing up the Colossus using my claws and spikes. I stood on its shoulders and behind its head. It tried to shake me off but I managed to hang on. I then quicky drew out my scythe and with all my might I swung the handle and whacked it on the back of the head. To my surprise, it worked. The Colossus began stumbling back and began to fall. I leaped off as the Colossus continued its fall and hit the snow with a thud and was knocked out cold (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun). I hit the snow but the drop was not very high so I was ok. I got to my feet and found Skelly, who had just finished off the other Colossus. I thanked Skelly and he disappeared. I put my scythe away and ran over to find the others.

I found two of the Colossi that had gone after Death, and the two were at a standoff. The two Colossi made the first move as they charged towards him, but Death just stood there. They were just about to reach Death and attack until his ruby-red eyes glowed intensely and the Colossi stopped dead in their tracks (Another pun. Sorry, yet again). At first nothing, happened but then, all of the sudden, they began to transform. In the blink of an eye, their bodies of ice had been replaced with Onyx and their light blue eyes had changed to light green. I didn't know it, but it appeared that Death had the ability to mutate creatures of any other school into the death school. The Colossi had been transformed into Darkwalkers. With a snap of Death's fingers, the Darkwalkers had disappeared in a puff of smoke. I guess he transported them to Necrophilia. We then ran off to find Sestiva but then I had come to a bad realization. Sestiva can't fight. I told Death and we moved even faster. It took a few minutes but we spotted the two Colossi, carrying off Sestiva with them. I ran even faster with newfound strength, motivated now more than ever to take them down.

But before I could get to them, the strangest thing happened. One of the Colossi fell. Scratch that, he was knocked over. But by what? I ran closer and found my answer. An Ice Wyvern was fighting it off. But why? The Ice Wyvern let out a blast of ice, freezing the Colossus. It then went over to the other one and knocked it over, making it release Sestiva from its grip. The Ice Wyvern picked up Sestiva off the ground and put her down. The Colossus got up and looked at its fallen brethren and ran off in retreat. I ran over to Sestiva and we hugged, relieved to see each other. "Thanks", I said to the Ice Wyvern, pulling away from Sestiva. I didn't actually expect it to respond, but it did. Especially not in an Australian accent.

"No worries, mate", the Wyvern replied. First, a talking lizard. Now this. What is this world coming to? "The name's Kuve. You ran into a nasty pack of Colossi. They tend to disguise themselves as pillars of ice and attack anyone who trespasses. And you are?"

"Name's Timothy," I began, "And this is Sestiva and Death. Would you happen to know if there's village anywhere around here?"

"Actually, it's not that far from here! If it's the village you're looking for, I can take ya there. Hop on my back and I'll get ya there", Kuve replied.

It surprised me a bit to hear that he was offering us to ride him but I couldn't refuse. We climbed on and he began slithering through the snow. He moves pretty fast for a creature without legs. Next stop, the village of Frostus...

To be Continued....

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