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The Necromaniac Chapter 4 "Imbalanced" Part 4

"Imbalanced" Part 4

Macen started touring us through the village of Sorceria by taking us through the main square. If I had to compare the surroundings on Sorceria to a surrounding on Earth, it would have to bring Egypt to mind. I passed Sandstone houses as I walked down the dirt pathways. And as you may have guessed, the place was bristling with Balance creatures. I looked to my left and on the other end of the dirt path, heading in the opposite direction was a Hydra pulling crates filled with fruits and bread. Walking right behind the crates was a pack of scorpions. I heard an extremely loud buzzing noise and I looked up to see a huge swarm of Locusts flying overhead. So big in fact, it blocked out the sun for a few moments. After the swarm passed though, I squinted to focus more on what I thought was the sun. I looked closer to see not a Sun, but a huge Power Nova in the sky! I half expected Ra to rise out of the ground and start walking around. At the middle of the square, I saw a large fountain that had a stone scale at the top. Water was spewing out of the top of the scale. But instead of coming straight down, the water flew out to the 2 ends of the scale and poured down from each tip of the scale. Judging by the fact that the scale was balaced, each end was receiving equal amounts of water.

As we continued walking, I looked and saw markets on the sides of the street. I saw one market that was selling fruits. I saw a salesman taking out a scale. He put some fruit on one end of the scale, while taking a bag of golden coins from the customer and putting it on the other end of the scale. I wondered if this was how currency worked on Sorceria.

"On Sorceria, it's all about balance," Macen began saying, reading my mind, " When it comes to Justice, the punishment has to fit the crime. On Sorceria, it's the same with currency. The amount gold coins used for payment has to equal out to the merchandise."

Made perfect sense, the world of Balance is all about balance. Duh. Macen then led us past the markets and toward the entrance of the palace. Standing guard at the door were 2 scorpions. They held a long, wooden stave. The handle was thin, but the end of the stave is pretty thick. When handled by professionals, these babies could conk somebody into next week. As we approached the door, the Scorpions crossed their staves, blocking the door. Macen showed them what looked like a stone tag that was hanging around his neck with a small inscription on it. "Royal Courier to the Palace. They're with me", Macen said, gesturing to us. The Scorpions uncrossed their staves, letting us pass.

"You're the Courier to the Palace?", Sestiva asked, just about as surprised as I was.

"Yes, actually. I forgot to mention that", Macen answered as we began walking through the palace, "Few people get to see Lady Judgement herself, except for special cases. Either that, or in the case of an emergency. Even fewer people get to see Emperor Ra."

"So are Emperor Ra and Lady Judgement like... King and Queen?", I asked.

"Not exactly," Macen began to answer, "But they do cooperate like a King and Queen would. Lady Judgement handles the affairs of the village such as Crime, Business, Economy, et cetera. Meanwhile, Emperor Ra deals with the Military and Defense. Lady Judgement keeps the village running while Ra protects it."

"Ok, makes sense."

We didnt talk during the walk through the palace. The floors were covered with white, stone tiles that had red scales on them, obviously representing the Balance School symbol. The walls were made of Sandstone, like most of the palace was. We walked over to what seemed to be a wooden elevator. The doors opened and standing in the elevator was a scorpion with its pincer holding a lever. Geez, how many of these things do they have walking around here? "Top floor", Macen said to the scorpion as we entered the elevator. I made sure to keep my distance from the scorpion. I've already had one bad experience with scorpions, and I intend to keep it that way. I had my claws extended behind my back, just in case it decided to suddenly jump me or Sestiva. The doors closed and the elevator started moving up with a sudden jerk. Not exactly advanced technology, but it gets the job done. There weren't walls, just wooden handle bars to keep us from falling out. The only side of the elevator that was completely covered was the side with the elevator doors. I could see ropes being pulled up and down as we moved up. Finally, the elevator came to a stop and the wooden doors opened. We walked out of the elevator and stood at the entrance to 2 long, dark halls that was dimly lit by torches. I retracted my claws, since we were away from the scorpion. Macen led us down the hall on the right. As we walked through the hall, depictions of Lady Judgement hung on both of the walls. Some of them had captions under them like "Justice for Sorceria" or "Balance shall remain". We stopped at a large, tall double door that had a large picture of the red scale on it. Macen turned to me and Sestiva and put his finger over his lip, giving us the universal sign for "shhh". "Just let me do the talking", He quietly whispered. Me and Sestiva nodded in agreement. Macen slowly opened one of the doors and we slowly started walking into Lady Judgement's Throne Room. The first thing I noticed was a giant, golden scale at the center of the room. On each end of the scale was a glowing wisp. One was light, while the other was dark. I looked past the scale to see a throne, and sitting on the throne was, you guessed it, Lady Judgement. I started to wonder how she was going to see us with that sash over her eyes. As we started approaching though, she started sitting up in her chair.

"Macen?", she said, sensing his presence.

"Yes, it is I, my lady", Macen answered, while quickly bowing his head in reverence.

"I sense the presence of two foreigners. What is the reason for them being here?", she asked, slightly raising her voice. I had the feeling she was feeling threatened by us being here.

"Oh, r-right. They have come a long way to see you. They have told of the coming of another foreigner, one who may pose as a threat to our village"

Lady Judgement stood there for a moment, or should I say, hovered there for a moment, processing the news that Macen had just given her. "Very well," she said, "Let them speak."

I walked up and stood by Macen. I tensed as Lady Judgement's head turned in my direction. Yikes. Perhaps she didn't need to see after all. I have a feeling she had some kind of Cosmic sense in her brain that allowed her to sense her surroundings. "It is an honor to meet you, Lady Judgement," I said, figuring I'd start by buttering her up, "My name is Timothy, and this is Sestiva. We've come a long way to Sorceria. An intruder has come to this land to disrupt the balance between the worlds that you and Sorceria hold. We believe this intruder, if given the chance, will cause mass havoc that could cause great calamity to the worlds as well as the rest of the spiral. It is for this warning that we have come to see you." I tried to sound as formal as I could, hoping to get some respect from Lady Judgement. I have to admit I was a little nervous as to what her reaction would be.

"It is a good thing you showed up, Timothy," she began to say, finally speaking, "I have heard of your accomplishments throughout the spiral and have heard great things said about you. If you are as great as they say, then I believe you. We must prepare to stop this intruder. If you will come with me, I will show you to Emperor Ra's throne room."

"Thank you, Lady Judgement", I said, relieved to hear her response. We started moving past the golden scale when the ground started to rumble, making the throne room shake. We stopped walking and I did a quick 360 scan to see what was happening.

"Something is tunneling towards the palace!!", Lady Judgement declared. Wow, she's good.

Part of the wall burst open as chunks of sandstone came flying right toward Lady Judgement. I tackled her out of the way of the chunks of flying rock. The sandstone tumbled past us, and I looked up to see a gaping opening in the wall. Sunlight, or should I say Novalight, poured into the room. I saw sand starting to rise up. Something was coming out of the ground. A long, serpent-like creature emerged out of the sand. It was had dark brown on the top of its scaly body and over the top part of its head, while it's lower jaw and its underbelly was a tan color. I looked closer at it and on the back of the beast..... was Kiroshiza.

To be continued....

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