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The Necromaniac Chapter 5 "Frozen Fury" Part 2

"Frozen Fury" Part 2

Elsewhere in the Spiral...

The Icy mountains of Frostus were bristling with Cold power. More than usual, to be exact. Deep within the mountains lay a large block of ice. A certain meddler had traveled across the tundras of Frostus and reached the icy interior of one of the mountains. A dark figure stood in a dark, cold, icy cave. Before him stood one of the ice titans, frozen solid in a block of ice. The figure began muttering words of an ancient spell and the ice began to crack as he continued the chant. Finally, as the ice began to fall apart and the mountain shook, the figure fled from the mountain and departed Frostus to cause havoc elsewhere....

Meanwhile... back in Ravenwood..

The doors to the ice school were cold to the touch. I pushed the door open and was greeted by an icy breeze blowing into my face. Me and Sestiva were wearing heavy coats to warm ourselves from the cold. But when I walked in, I saw some ice students wandering the room, playing with some snow, and wearing normal clothes as if they were used to these temperatures. The Ice school always had the thermostat on low, to keep the ice in the school from melting. I don't see how these people could stand the cold, but I guess I wouldn't understand since I'm not an Ice Wizard. Desks were scattered and stacked to make forts. The class was in the middle of a snowball fight. Me and Sestiva quickly ran through the icy battlefield and into the back of the classroom. We found professor Greyrose hiding behind her desk, trying to take cover from the flying snowballs. "Well hi there!", she said, noticing us, "I'm sorry things are going like this. First Wizard city is hit with a massive blizzard and now my students are having a snowball fight in the classroom! I wouldn't mind playing along normally, but these kids play rough and I'm still trying to find the source of the sudden Blizzard. It's so abnormal to have snow, especially in the middle of summer!"

I then explained to the Professor what I knew about the sudden Worldwide Blizzard. I also told her about the Dragon's Flame that Professor Falmea had given to me. "So do you know what might have caused the blizzard?", I asked.

"Well there could only be one explanation for all of this.. I'm afraid one of the Ice titans has been awakened", she said with a bit of fear in her tone. She must have seen the look of dread on my face. "I know, it's rather grim to know that someone would have done something stupid enough to awaken a titan, but I'm afraid there's no other explanation as to the blizzard."

"You know, I've been through some pretty dangerous places and some pretty dangerous situations. I'm suspecting you have the spiral key to Frostus, the world of ice", I said.

"I don't know, child. Are you really sure you want to go to Frostus?"

"I'm sure. I'm good at what I do. I won't let you down."

"Well if you're really sure, then ok." Professor Greyrose went to her desk, opening a shelf underneath the desk. She pulled out what appeared to be the spiral key to Frostus. It was a light blue key decorated with symbols of the ice school. It was super cold to the touch, no surprise there. "This is the key to Frostus. There, you should look for the main village of Frostus and try to get directions to the mountains, where the Giants sleep. There you will find the awakened Giant. Good luck on your journey and be careful!"

I gladly accepted the key and thanked the professor and headed out of the school, making sure not to be pelted by snowballs on the way out. We got back on the bus and sat in our seats. I was anxious to get a sneak peek in the spirit world. "Fasten your seatbelts", Death said, closing the doors. He then flipped a switch. There was an electronic board that clearly labeled in flaming letters the bus's destination: Hell.

I was not prepared for what I was about to see.

The bus spead ahead through Ravenwood and then disappeared in a puff of black smoke. I could see Ravenwood fade away as the bus teleported to its destination. But everything was dark. We couldn't see a thing. Death pressed a button and the headlights lit up. We appeared to be in some kind of cave. The bus was already heating up because it was extremely hot here. Death thankfully turned on the AC and it got cooler inside the bus, even though I could still sense the heat outside. The bus stopped in front of some wide, tall, black, pointed gates. The doors opened and the first sound that reached my ears was the sound of a thousand tortured screams. They were extremely loud and echoed throughout the darkness. A pair of tall, muscular demons climbed up the steps and stepped on the bus. And contrary to popular belief, the demons were actually a green color rather than red. Death approached them and pulled out a clipboard that had a list of names. He showed them to the demons and they examined it. Death pointed towards the seats and the demons nodded. They began walking towards the bus seats. They passed me and Sestiva, thankfully. They began taking some of the spirits by force. They screamed and tried to resist but the demons laughed as they easily overpowered their resistance. The horrifying sight continued as 3/4 of the passengers were carried off the bus, kicking and screaming all the way out. I looked out the door and saw a hooded figure standing near the doorway that held a sign that had these words written in dripping black ink:

..And they shall be cast into utter darkness, where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth...

The phrase was unmistakingly familiar. I knew I had read it somewhere before. After the last unfortunate soul was dragged off the bus, the doors closed. Neither me nor Sestiva had even moved from our seats during the horrible scene we witnessed. Death could definently see our pale faces. "I told you weren't prepared for what you were about to see. But luckily, the place we're going next won't be bad at all. Actually, bad is the exact opposite of where we're about to go." Death flipped another switch as the electronic board spelled out the name of a different destination. The letters were shining in pure gold: Heaven. Death hit the gas and the bus once again disappeared in a puff of smoke. When we reappeared, extreme light was pouring in through the windows of the bus. Death was wearing sunglass over his red eyes. He passed us a couple pairs of sunglasses over his shoulder. We fumbled with our hands, still covering our eyes but we finally managed to grab them. We quickly put them on and slowly opened our eyes as we became aware of our surroundings. The remaining spirits didn't seemed to be blinded by the light, no surprise there. After the light faded, the bus stopped in front of a tall gate made purely out of the most beautiful pearls I had ever seen. What I saw after that are not nowhere near fit to be described by simple human words. Colors streamed in the sky, colors that were not of this earth. I heard a melody of voices singing millions of different songs. On earth, it would sound like chaos but somehow in Heaven, it sounded absolutely beautiful. What happened next was the single greatest moment of my life. The doors opened... and standing at the top of my stairs.. was my best friend.   He had brown hair, a welcoming smile, a white, flowing robe, and the scars in his hands. I was overjoyed like never before. He looked at the spirits in the seats of the bus and smiled saying, "Enter, my children, paradise, which my Father has prepared for you." The spirits leaped out of their seats they greeted him with Joy. Afterwards, they stepped off the bus and entered the pearly gates. He then turned and saw me. "Don't worry, my child, you'll be here soon enough. Don't forget to expand my Father's Kingdom." We then hugged. I couldn't help but cry, I was meeting my greatest hero of all time. If you could imagine meeting your favorite person, I guess you could relate. He then pulled away, looked at Death and nodded, and then walked off the bus and disappeared. The last thing I saw before the doors closed was a Cherub carrying a sign that had these words engraved in Golden letters:

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Then he said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true." He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son.

"Quite the experience, eh?", Death said, reading the expression of pure bliss on my face. "Now where to?"

I told Death what Professor Greyrose had told me and that we needed to get to Frostus. But first, we decided to go tell Dworgyn that we were on our way. The bus disappeared in a puff of smoke and reappeared in Nightside in front of the Death school. I told Dworgyn about where we needed to go, but I didn't mention my both horrifying and awe-inspiring experience in the afterlife. He nodded in agreement and sent us on our way. We got back into the bus and sat in the seat behind Death. I handed him the Frostus spiral key and he put it in and started the ignition. The bus sped forward and disappeared in a puff of smoke. We were on our way to Frostus...

To be continued...

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