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The Necromaniac Chapter 4 "Imbalanced" Part 5

"Imbalanced" Part 5

"Well, well. Look who's back", Kiroshiza said, boastfully.

"Who is he?", Lady Judgment asked, a bit shocked that someone would be so bold as to bust into her throne room.

"That's the intruder I mentioned to you about", I said, still glaring at Kiroshiza.

"Looks like you figured out what I meant about what I last said to you", Kiroshiza said.

"Yeah, but news flash, demon. I beat you to it, and now your little plan to throw chaos to the 7 worlds has been foiled."

"Oh? You haven't stopped me yet", Kiroshiza said, smirking. I hate evil smirks. Before I could even ask, he pulled out an amulet hanging on silver beads. The amulet had a snake eye that seemed to be glowing with dark energy. That cant be a good sign. Well, when the bad guy has the dark energy, that is.

"What is the creature he is riding? It looks exactly like a Leviathan, but with different colors", Sestiva said, pointing to the Leviathan-like creature that Kiroshiza used to bust a hole in the wall.

"Technically, it is a Leviathan, in its balance version," Lady Judgement answered, "It is a Desert Serpent."

As if in answer, the Desert Serpent reared back and let out an ground-shaking roar. The palace shook as a few pebbles fell from the ceiling.

"What do you mean I haven't stopped you yet?", I asked, still glaring at Kiroshiza. If looks could kill, he would've already been stabbed in the chest 42 times by now.

"Rather than tell you, I'll just show you", Kiroshiza answered, his evil smirk getting bigger. Have I mentioned I hate evil smirks? The pupil on the eye of the amulet began glowing brightly. I looked to see the Lady Judgement now had dark energy eminating around her outline. Uh oh. She then turned to me. She extended out her arms and in one hand appeared a scale and in the other hand appeared a curved bar. The scale had wisps on each end of it. She tipped the scale, unbalancing it and next thing I know, I am sent flying and my back slammed into the wall. I could hear Sestiva gasp as I hit the wall, sending dust flying all around. I wasn't hurt thankfully, considering I've taken harder hits. I got back up and walked out of the dust. Time to go to town on this guy. I extended my claws and ran to Kiroshiza and leaped toward him. I was about to come down for the attack... when a blast of fire came out of nowhere and hit Kiroshiza. The fire didn't affect Kiroshiza, which didn't surprise me considering he's a demon, but the Desert Serpent caught fire. The Desert Serpent let out a roar as it bellowed in pain, and flung its head back, but Kiroshiza didn't see it coming and was flung really high into the air. Several moments passed and he still hadn't come down. The desert serpent dove into the ground and tunneled away. I was guessing it was trying to put out the fire. But where did the fire come from?

My answer came when I heard the footsteps of something huge approaching. Standing in the hole in the wall was Emperor Ra. Or at least I'm pretty sure it's him, considering there's probably no other Ra's around. Talk about arriving in the nick of time. I retracted my claws and walked up to the emperor. He looked down at me like I was some kind of bug. "Who are you? And what is going on?", he asked in deep, echoing voice.

I introduced me and Sestiva, and caught the emperor up to speed with what I had told Lady Judgement. I looked at Lady Judgement to see that the dark outline surrounding her was gone, thankfully. "It appears that Kiroshiza took control of Lady Judgement and turned her against me. Thank you for showing up when you did", I said.

"Interesting", Ra said, "I have heard of your accomplishments and you are as great as they say. I am greatful that you have protected the Lady against this evil foreigner. We will remain on our guard in case he decides to show up again. You are welcome to come back and visit Sorceria any time you wish."

Me, Macen, and Sestiva exchanged both shocked and surprised looks. "Well, wow! Thanks!", I said, beaming.

"Now return to your home land, where I am sure many trials lay ahead of you."

"Thank you, emperor", I said. I turned to Macen, "You think you could help guide us back?", I asked him.

"Well of course!", the Mander said happily.

We said our goodbyes and left the village. We saw the scarabs still standing where we left them when we first came to the village. "Ready?", Macen asked, ready to mount his scarab.

"Actually, I'd rather not get a face full of sand again, but I do have a good means for transportation", I answered. I whistled and waited a few moments. At first, nothing happened but flying over a sand dune in the distance was none other than Skelly. Macen didn't see him until Skelly landed right in front of us. Then, he freaked.

"AHHHH!!!!!!!", Macen screamed, hiding behind me. Me, Sestiva, and Skelly all burst out laughing. I know that Manders are timid by nature, but it was just too funny seeing him freak out.

"No worries Mander, I don't bite", Skelly said.

"Yeah, no worries Macen. You've never seen a Skeletal Dragon before? Skelly's friendly... most of the time. But I promise he won't harm you", I told Macen assuringly.

"Oh, I didn't realize you were a Necromancer. I'm sorry, but the undead can freak me out a bit sometimes", Macen said, slowly coming out from behind me.

"Yeah, me and Sestiva are both Necromancers. Come on, just hop on Skelly and tell us what direction to fly to", I said. I took Sestiva's hand, which she didn't resist, surprisingly (hehe), and leaped up onto Skelly's back, taking Sestiva up with me. Macen hesitated at first, but he slowly started climbing up Skelly's ribs and swung his leg over and sat on Skelly's back. Sestiva wrapped her arms around me as we took off into the air. Macen was enjoying the ride, despite being freaked out before. We kept flying toward where we met up with Macen. We flew past the spot where we met up and found the Necrocycle not long after. Skelly landed next to the Necrocycle. We dismounted Skelly and he disappeared after we got off.

"Well... this is it", I said as me and Sestiva sat on the Necrocycle.

"Yeah, it's been fun. You guys are great to be around and I hope you guys come back soon!", Macen said.

I smiled. "We will, you can count on it. Until next time, my friend." I inserted the Wizard City spiral key and started up the Necrocycle. The engines roared to life and opened up a portal to nightside. We sped through the portal and we were on our way back. When we landed in nightside...... it happened to be completely covered in snow....

End of Chapter

To be continued.... in the next chapter

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