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The Necromaniac Chapter 1 "The Signal" Part 1

"The Signal" Part One
 based on the movie "decieved"

Saving the Spiral comes with its benefits. Not only do you become well known in the spiral, but you also become a feared and powerful figure in the real world as well. In the spiral, I was a well-skilled Necromancer. In the real world, i am one of the highest ranked FBI agents. But of course I don't let my position get in the way of my own personal walk of faith.

I was in my office one day catching up on the scriptures. I had been recently reading up on the Proverbs. Reading one Proverb a day really helped me and i enjoyed getting into the Word. Today was supposed to be a day off for me, so i wasn't expecting anything to happen so i thought today, I'd relax. Little that i realized that today was not going to be an ordinary day. I hear a knock at the door.
"Come in", i said as i wondered who could possibly be at the door.

The door opened, it was General H.G. Hardwing from the Pentagon. What could he be possibly be doing here?

"Sorry to disturb you on your day off, Agent Lighttalon. A file was sent to you from the Communications center", the General said as he entered my office.

As a high-ranked FBI agent, i can get into some very secretive government files. I opened the file. It was a transcript from SOEI, the Secret Organization in search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. I read the transcript. It appears that the SOEI picked up a strange frequency last night that could possibly have come from space. Apparently they wanted me to go to one of the bases in Colorado to investigate and possibly telecast the signal. "Wait a minute, i'm getting an investigation assignment? Today's supposed to be an off day for me", I said after reading the transcript.

"Sorry, but this is an extremely important case. You know how top secret Extraterrestrial cases are? They're so top secret and high-priority, they are more top-secret than the files for the nuclear bomb back during WWII while it was still being made."

"Hmm. I have always been curious about the existence of aliens, even though the government's done a pretty good job in convincing most people that they don't exist thanks to many hollywood movies. I guess I'll go but I hope the FBI will give me an extra day off to make up for having to give up this day to go after a case."

"I'm pretty sure they will."

"Thanks, General."

"Oh and also," the General began to say before he left, "you won't be going into the investigation alone. You'll be tagging along with some other folks."

"Like who?"

"Not sure, but I suppose you'll find out when you get there"

"Alright then"

So I left my office and headed out on my usual ride, my Skeletal Dragon whom i often like to call, Skelly. He's like a friend/pet/guard. He's gone on a few cases with me, like when we had to go to Afghanistan to investigate some possible terrorist attack suspects. One of the suspects pulled out an AK-47 and started firing like crazy. That's when Skelly stepped in, grabbed the suspect, and well... let's just say it didn't end pretty. But the suspect Skelly took out turned out to be one of the terrorists so Skelly ended up getting the Medal of Bravery. And the government also sent him a year's worth supply of rotting flesh, which just happens to be his favorite snack. 

Anyways, I arrived at the location. The area was sort of an uneven plain near some mountain ranges. This place was notorious for nasty storms which cause some problems with communication from time to time. And as the general had mentioned, I wasn't there alone. I looked around and the first thing i saw was a news helicopter for the News Channel, MMN. I saw the reporter along with a cameraman near her. She was practicing for her report on the recent signal picked up here. The reporter's name was Catherine Hoffman. There was also a man who, from the way he dressed, was pretty wealthy. He appeared to be the one who owned the SOEI base in this area. His name was Adam Schnitzler. Standing near him was a guy who looked like he was from the Geek Squad. His name was Daniel Webster. And the fat guy who was standing near Daniel was a Reverend named Albert Winston.

I was wondering why these guys were even coming with me to the investigation. As we gathered together, I could tell they were looking at me funny. "What?", i said as i was wondering why i was getting looked at peculiarly.

"Aren't you a little young to be an FBI agent?", Catherine asked as she kept looking at me like was some kid pretending to play dress up.

"No, I may only be 15 but I'm one of the best in the business."

"Oh, and why is that?"

"Because I'm not an ordinary human being. I am a wizard."

They all bursted out laughing like Hyenas at my statement.

"A Wizard?!", Adam said as he was still laughing, "There are no such things! They're just in fairytales. Now run home, kid."

"Oh so you think I'm just kidding? Well then, prepare to eat your words."

I grabbed my staff out of my coat and began casting a spell as i waved my staff around. Gravestones began popping all around us as a began to summon a Wraith, which began rising out of the dark, low-lying mist that appeared between us. They looked as if they'd seen a ghost, and hid behind a rock as they began to scream like little girls.

I found this pretty amusing. I finally called back the Wraith and stated proudly, "NOW do you believe me? I meant what I said and what we're here for is serious business so let's get down to it."

After the rest of the group got out from behind their cowering spot, we gathered again.

"Now why is it that you guys are here anyway?"

Catherine spoke, "Well we've all been sent here to investigate the weird signal that was recieved in this area the other night. We're going to go into the base and investigate the signal. Adam will help Daniel locate the file for the signal. Daniel will then take the signal and put it into a CD drive so that we can then take it and broadcast on both MMN and Albert's famous radio station. This news will be spread out to the entire world!"

Albert, seeming pretty excited, then exclaimed, "This is a very big deal!! There is a higher power out there that, if we get a hold of this signal, we can obtain! We can then take this power, obtain a higher level of conciousness, and become like gods!! Then we'll become as powerful as the Lord himself!"

Of course, seeing several errors in his statement, couldn't let this fly. "Ok reverend lemme stop you right there. For one, nobody can get to God's point of divinity, that is for Him and Him alone. He is sovereign over everything in creation and i mean EVERYTHING!"

Catherine then cut in saying, "Oh are you one of those religious freaks? I don't care what you and your little Bible have to say cause-"

Then that's when things broke out into an argument between the three of us. Finally, Adam stepped in and said, "Ok, ok, ok!! Cut it out! Let's just focus on why we're here! Let's hurry up and get to the base."

"Well where is the base then? I don't see it anywhere", Catherine asked as she looked at her surroundings.

"It's over there", I said, pointing through a bunch of woods which led to a hill where the base was, etched into the side of a cliff. "Let's hurry, there are storms supposed to be here soon."

"So we're just going to walk the whole way there?"

"Well you guys can go ahead and walk but I'll meet you guys up there."

I then summoned Skelly, hopped on him, and then rode on Skelly as he proceeded to fly towards the base. Of course, seeing this, the others weren't so happy cause they weren't expecting me to summon a ride so they started chasing after me. It was quite funny to see the looks on their angry faces as they ran frantically. I reached the entrance to the base and sat near skelly as we waited for the others to arrive. They were taking so long I fell asleep. I don't know if i was asleep for 10 minutes or an hour, but when i got up, I saw the other members of the group slowly making their way to the base. They were extremely exhausted from running to they were walking.

When they finally came up to me, i said, "Where've you guys been? It feels like I've been waiting here for 20 years. I could've graduated from College by now if I wanted to"

Catherine, looking pretty worn out and pretty mad, said, "Well we couldn't summon a ride like you could so we had to walk the whole way!!"

"Well now that you're done complaining, let's go ahead and go into the base."

We walked in to a scene that nobody was expecting. The place's lights were cut off and the place looked like it'd been robbed except everything was there except it was messed up. A bunch of the electrical appliances wouldn't turn on so we had to have Daniel work on the systems for a few minutes till the lights came back on. Meanwhile, I looked around. It appeared the the two guys that were here last night were gone. They were there when they had recieved the signal but it appeared they had gone missing. This was not a good sign. I didn't know if they had been kidnapped or murdered so i began looking around. Daniel was getting the monitors booted up so i came back in to check on his progress. The rest of the group went to go look around the base. When the monitor finished booting up, the screen displayed a login screen requiring a 4-digit password to login to the system. Daniel and I thought for a minute to try to think of the password. And apparently the password was exactly the first thing that came into our heads, SOEI. Then it showed the desktop with some different files on it. We looked through the files and couldn't find the signal.

"You sure you checked everywhere?", i asked Daniel

"Yes, but it doesn't seem to be on here"

Then the unexpected happened. One of the scanners nearby started beeping and the computer began to show a pop up window displaying some advanced controls. The signal came back in. We began trying to try to track the signal. I hopped onto another computer to try to help out. Finally, we located the signal.

"Here it is!" Daniel said as he located it. "Ready to hear it?"

"Yeah you go ahead and listen in first."

"Ok." Daniel picked up the headset plugged into the computer and clicked on the play button. I didn't hear anything but i could see the wavy lines appearing on the screen. I looked at Daniel and his face had gone blank. Then for a split second, his eyes flased a grey color and then went back to normal.

"What happened?", i asked.

He took off the headset and handed it to me. I had a bad feeling about this. I put on the headset and pressed play. It was nothing like I had heard before. I can't really describe it other than saying some weird noises started playing at a high frequency. I started to feel weird and quickly preceded to take off the headset. I knew something was up. Could this signal really have come from outer space? I checked the report history on the computer for any reports sent in after the signal was recieved. The communications system was designed to set coordinates from where the signal came once it recieved it. I looked for some coordinates. There were none. Whatever this thing was, it didn't come from outer space.

I had everyone else come in to hear it. Their eyes flashed for a split second as they listened to it. I knew something was up.

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