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The Necromaniac Chapter 2 "Clash of the Creatures" Part 3

"Clash of the Creatures" Part 3

Sure enough, they were charging towards the Village. "Send in the undead army!", Drakkon exclaimed, preparing for battle. Swarms of undead were pouring out of the castle and the village. I summoned Skelly to help out in the fight. I hopped up on him and Skelly flew high in the air. Skelly swooped down towards the Theurgy forces and started bashing and gashing life creatures, one after another. One thing i noticed as we were advancing through enemy forces was that the smaller and not as powerful creatures were in the front while the stronger and more power-packed ones were near the back. We got to a couple of Centaurs, who were firing arrows at Skelly which simply kept bouncing off his bony body. Then Skelly stood on his hind legs, barred his claws and SPLAT went the Centaurs as he stomped on them!

I thought we had finished off the last of them until Skelly sensed something. Something with major amounts of life energy. I looked over Skelly's shoulder and standing there was a giant, angry Forest Lord. While most Forest Lords are about maybe 15 feet tall, this one was a little over 30 feet tall.

"Woah!!", i said, looking at the large and fearsome beast.

"That is Waldfur, the Great Forest Lord, who is also my rival", Drakkon stated while taking off to meet his rival. He dived from the air and quickly pounced onto Waldfur, the two wrestled, going back and forth at one another. Waldfur would grab Skelly with his beefy fists and throw him and Drakkon would rebound back and slash him while tackling him to the ground. All fighting ceased between the two forces as they watched the epic fight take place. Eventually, Waldfur and the theurgy forces retreated and Drakkon and the army of undead being the temporary victor.

Afterwards, there was a meeting between Drakkon, the Undead Army Generals,  and I.

"What happened back there?", Drakkon spoke, "Why was there a sudden ambush?!"

One of the Generals, General Agonius the Wraith spoke, "It appears they were somehow able to cross over from Theurgia to Necrophilia. The question is how were they able to do so?"

I am very knowledgable in magic, not just Necromancy but in all schools of magic because I do a lot of studying. From what I saw from the Theurgy forces, there was only one way they could've managed to cross over. "I know how." The generals and Drakkon looked at me with surprise. "As me and Skelly were moving through the forces, we saw all kinds of different creatures of life. One in particular we saw were Unicorns, and quite a few of them, might I add. Unciorns are known for travelling from one place to another on Rainbows. So I'm thinking that they used the Unicorns special ability to create Rainbows to create one giant rainbow, carrying the forces all the way from Theurgia to Necrophilia. What I'd suggest we do is strike back, harder and quicker. But we will also need a means of transportation from Necrophilia to Theurgia."

"There's only one problem, wizard Lighttalon", Drakkon said, "The Theurgia forces have the ability to heal their wounded soldiers and quickly recover and continue to strike until their foes are defeated. The only reason they were unable to do it during the ambush is because of Necrophilia's necromantic atmosphere, which smothered their healing magic. On Theurgia, it has a Theurgic atmosphere, boosting their healing powers and being able to recover even faster than normal. In short, they would have homefield advantage."

"So we'd have to find a way to put a stop to it. Now Drakkon, I ask you this", i began to say, "What is the death school's specialty?"

"Being able to drain one's foe's health and use it to heal oneself. Also, they have the ability to stop healing", Drakkon answered.

"Exactly my point, we can sap the life force out of the enemy before they have a chance to recover. I can also cast some infection spells to help prevent healing."

"If you wish to prevent healing, there is a great tree at the center of the capital of Theurgia known as Oakin, his roots run deep throughout Theurgia and he would be able to heal its fainted troops at a rapid and instant rate. If we could distract the Theurgia forces while you would fly over on Skelly and go into Oakin and cast infection spells inside him, which would spread down into his roots, nullifying his ability to heal."

"Sounds like a plan", i said agreeingly, "but what about transportation? How would we get to Theurgia from Necrophilia?" I paused for a moment and thought and an idea popped into my head. "I know that at occasional times, creatures of magic will get somehow displaced onto a planet of a different school of magic and will mutate to adjust to the different enviroment. Would you happen to have any Shadow Phoenixes in Necrophilia?"

"Well it just so happens that a flock of Phoenixes were migrating to a different area on Pyrus and got mysteriously warped to Necrophilia and mutated into Shadow Phoenixes. We could use them to get to Theurgia."

"The Shadow Phoenixes it is. We attack at , to camoflauge our dark appearance."


So it was decided. After leaving the strategy room, I decided to take a little stroll around the village while Skelly had his after-battle nap. I walked around and noticed there were some small businesses and shops, just like you'd see at a normal village. I saw a sign that read Ghoulus and Banshia's monster makeover shop. I got curious and decided to go in.

"Welcome", the Banshee and Ghoul, who i assumed were Ghoulus and Banshia, standing at the front desk said, greeting me. "I hear we're going into battle at midnight", Banshia spoke with a hollow voice, just as all Banshees do, "You know, as a wizard, you need to fight through means other than by summoning assistance in battle. Sometimes you need to get in fight up close and personal."

"Well," I began to say, "I already have some close combat skills from being in the FBI."

"Well what would you say if we told you we could help improve those skills in a way?", Ghoulus said.

"Hmm so what are you saying?"

"We could add a couple extra features to you to help enhance your fighting skills such as claws, spikes, fangs, etc.", Banshia said.

"Hmm ok how's about this? I've always wanted my teeth to be sharper, and I would'nt mind having some good sized claws to whip out."

"Sounds like a plan, we can also change the color of your eyes to give you a more fearsome appearance."

"Alright then, make my eyes black with a gleaming silver color."

"Sounds like a fearsome combination."

"Oh and Dworgyn got me an epic looking motorcylce, would you be able to sew together a necromantic biker's outfit by any chance?"

"I do some sewing and weaving, so yes I could arrange that for you. Now just take a seat in this here chair, allow Ghoulus to put you under a short sleep while we do our work, and you should be all fixed up by the time you awaken."

"Ok." I sat and leaned back in the chair, it looked like one of those long, padded seats like you'd see in a dentist's office, only it was a black and silver color. Ghoulus began to put me in a hypnotic trance, which knocked me out in an instant. After it was all over, i woke up.

"Well, take a look", Banshia said, handing me a mirror. I looked and my eyes were black with a gleaming silver color for pupils, just as I'd asked. I opened my mouth and my teeth were razor sharp, but I could also turn them back to normal at will. I pulled up my hand, strained and out popped some wicked sharp 3 and a half inch long claws, which I could also take in at will.

"Also, knock your ankles together."

I knocked my ankles together and some big, sharp spikes appeared at the bottom of my shoes. No cleats could top these things. I should draw, "Your head here" writing on my shoe and draw and arrow pointing to the bottom of my shoe. But when I looked closer, there was already text with those exact words along with the arrow already there.

"I also weaved together your biker outfit", Banshia said as she pulled out a thick, leather jacket with dark thorn vines on the arms, spiraling around the sleeves. The jacket was a solid black color with skulls all over the jacket and it had my name engraved on the back. I think I'm gonna come here more often. I thanked Ghoulus and Banshia for their help and walked out. came as the flock of Shadow Phoenixes were brought out and groups of undead mounted on each of them while i mounted up on Skelly. Drakkon commanded for takeoff and the entire undead army took off into the air, flying towards Theurgia. I could feel excitement pumping in my veins as we made our way to Theurgia.

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