Friday, June 17, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 2 "Clash of the Creatures" Part 2

"Clash of the Creatures" Part 2

The ride was exhilarating, no offense to Skelly but this thing was FAST. If i were to describe how fast it was going, which was warp speed, it was like moving thousands of times as fast as a jet. I was surprised that my skin was ripped of my body, but it was probably due to a magical attribute from the Necrocylce. As i was moving through the dimensional tunnel, I looked around and i saw 7 planets, one for each school, just as Dworgyn had mentioned. I was heading toward the greyish planet. When i came out of the portal, I slammed on the brakes as the wheels skidded along some grey, barren ground. I finally came to a stop and looked around. The first thing i noticed about the planet is that it was absolutely silent. It was so quiet, you could hear a Dark Sprite fart, if they can even do that in the first place. There was fog in the atmosphere but it was a light fog so you could see well through it. Also, the only plant life that was growing was the black, thorny vines that often grow in areas influenced by death. I looked up at the sky, the clouds were a solid black. It wasn't stormy or anything, it was just solid black clouds. I'm not sure how the area was lit, but i could sense that it was probably the work of necromancy that gave the area light. It wasn't like daylight, it was like light on a day with dark clouds, which isn't a whole lot.

So i parked the Necrocycle, casted a Dark ward around it in case anyone decided to go Grand Theft Auto on my Necrocycle. After a few minutes of moving through the silent, foggy area I began to see some pointed gates up ahead. They were solid black and were chilling to the touch.

"Who goes there?", a hallow voice from behind the gate called to me. I assumed it was the Banshee.

"Are you Haiga the Ward Banshee?", i asked.

"Yes, I am she", replied the Banshee as she appeared out of the fog, "Who are you and what is your reason for being here?"

"I am Timothy Lighttalon, a skilled Necromancer. I was sent by Professor Dworgyn." I held up my Skeletal Key.

"Hmmm so you say", said Haiga with some skepticism, "many necromacers approach this gate claiming to be skilled necromancers sent by Dworgyn. But when they face me in battle, they fall in defeat. To prove yourself, you will have to prove to me whether you are a true master of the Necromancy Arts."

"Sounds fair enough", i said, willing to take up the challenge.

She started out by summoning a few Banshees to come after me, which I repelled away with some Scarecrows. She then sent a couple Wraiths after me, which i countered with Skelly. She then summoned a Skeletal Dragon as well. Skelly and her summoned bone drake wrestled it out, going back and forth with powerful moves and strikes. Finally, Skelly emerged victorious, crowning me the Victor of this showdown.

"Very well, master of death. You may proceed into the capital of Necrophilia. I suspect you're here to help out with the war", the Banshee stated after defeat.

"That is correct"

"Well then, speak to Drakkon, the Bone Drake who rules Necrophilia. He is in command of the undead armies."

I opened the gates with the skeletal key and entered through the gates. When i got to the Village, what I saw was like necromancer heaven. There were obsidian houses with onyx roofs, Undead were swarming the Village like ants on an ant hill. It strangely felt like home to me. I walked to the far end of the village and saw a large palace made out of Bones. This must be where Drakkon is. I walked to the tall palace doors and explained to the Skeletal Pirate guards who I was, and they let me in. The door handles had skulls on them and as I just touched them, the eyes glowed with red light and the doors began to open by themselves.

I walked through the palace, which, might I add, was HUGE! So many rooms and so many floors to it, it's hard to believe that bones could hold all this. Finally, I entered the Throne room. I was suddenly halted by a Wraith.

"Who dares approach the mighty Drakkon?!", said the Wraith in its grim, Wraithy voice.

I replied, "Timothy Lighttalon, Master of the Necromancy Arts."

"Well then, proceed", the Wraith said, shuffling aside.

Down a long, tattered, grey carpet was a large Throne and on it rested the biggest Bone Drake i had ever seen. Most bone drakes are 15-18 feet tall and about 20 feet long, Drakkon was like 40 feet tall and 50 feet long so it was Gargantuan- sized!!

"I can see you are surprised by my large size," said Drakkon with a voice deeper and more bellowing than Skelly's. "That's because I'm no ordinary Bone Drake. Just as the Dragons had the first Dragon, Bone Drakes also had a tribe started by the first Bone Drake. You are now standing before Drakkon, the first Bone Drake to come into existence into the spiral. I know all of my Bone Drake descendants, including the one you call 'Skelly.' He is one of my first born, and i believe it was no coincidence that you two met. Now then, onto other matters, such as why you are here. We are at a long-lasting war with the Theurgy forces. We need your help to lead the forces and defeat the enemy-"

Drakkon was interrupted by a Skeletal Pirate running into the room. "Drakkon, Sir," it said with fear in its eyes, " The Theurgy forces are invading!! It's an ambush!!!!!!"

"WHAT?!" Drakkon shouted, shaking the entire castle, and possibly the whole village. I quickly ran to a nearby window to look down at the village and sure enough, creatures were breaking through the gates, charging to the village. Oh boy, Afghanistan's got nothing against this.

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