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The Necromaniac Chapter 3 "Edge of Apocalypse" Part 3

"Edge of Apocalypse" Part 3

P'yongyang, North Korea 7:26 p.m.

The Russian killer looked at the file and the picture of the FBI agent with a raised eyebrow. "This? This is what you're so concerned about? This guy is just a kid. He's one of those silly... uh, what they call uh... teenagers.", he said sort of laughing to himself as he made the statement.

"You don't know a whole lot about him," the Dictator reminded him, "Let's just say he has some.. special capabilites."

"Like what?", asked Zimmerman with curiosity.

"He has the ability to do things that normal human beings could accomplish. If we don't take him out of the picture, then he's going to be a threat to us."

"I don't quite see how but if that's what you want me to do, then I'll go ahead and take the kid down. I am still getting my pay, right?"

"Of course, if you can take him down, we will add a bonus to your normal payment."

The Russian assassin, intrigued by his new mission, headed out of the Dictator's office to prepare to carry out his plans.

That's right, Lighttalon, the Dictator saying in his mind as he sat in his chair, you're not getting in the way this time...

Manhattan, New York, 7:29 p.m.

I still couldn't believe what I had seen. I had encountered a messenger from God's abode, sang along to one of my favorite songs of praise with him, and while we were singing and having such a joyful occasion in the midst of a chaotic seen, the missile was being returned toward the enemy. My cell phone began to rang. It was the FBI again. I picked up, "Hello?" It was my boss again.

"Agent Lighttalon, due to the recent events, the government is gathering for a meeting in decision of what to do in response to North Korea's missile launch."

"Ok, I'll be right over", I said as I hung up. I walked around the park to find Skelly to discover him curled up, blending in the shadows under a couple of trees. I'm surprised that nobody noticed something as honking huge as he was curled under the shade. I mounted up on him and told him to head toward Wahington DC for the big meeting at the capital building. I wasn't a huge fan of dressing real fancy but for an occasion like this, I had no choice so I had Valdus conjure up a tuxedo for me.

I went in, and several government agencies were there including a couple other representatives from the FBI, a few people from the United Nations, and just about every other special government agency you can think of was there. We gathered in a very large meeting room, I sat as one of the meetings from the FBI along with a few of my bosses. Since I am a very high ranking agent, the only ones who are bosses over me in the FBI are usually the head honchos themselves. The president, whom I must admit I am not a very big fan of, entered along with a few congressmen and sat in a chair in from of the large room.

The meeting was begun by the adressing of the problem itself. After it was addressed, suggestions about courses of action were thrown out. The UN, being themselves, tried to find some rediculous way to make peace with North Korea. I very well knew, that from now until the Second Coming of Christ himself, that there would always be war on earth, never could there possibly be complete peace and order, which I ended up telling them when i stepped up to the mic at our seats but then that's when they got rather angry at me, mostly probably for mentioning Christ. The room started to break out into an all-out debate but then order was brought back to the meeting. The FBI suggested that they'd send in one of their best to attempt to go in and investigate North Korea as a spy. I knew this was my kind of mission. That's when I stepped to the mic once again.

"I will do it", I said. At first the room went silent, and then it broke out into laughter from all the members of the meeting. I could hear what different people were saying about me, "Who does this guy think he is?!", "a KID going to do a spy's work?! Ha! Give me a break!", and some other rather unflattering remarks which I'd rather not repeat. I was getting rather ticked by all of this. I then tapped the mic and a high-pitched, loud noise from the mic erupted through the room, which caused people to cover their ears to protect them from hearing the horrid sound. I looked around the room to make sure I had their attention, which I did after a few silent moments. "Good, you obviously don't know what I am capable of. Allow me to demonstrate." I took out my staff and disappeared in a cloud of dark smoke and reappeared in the center of the room, which was already enough to get the crowd kind of shocked. I began to wave my staff, casting a Doom and Gloom Aura around the room. People gasped in shock as the Necromantic magic swirled around the room. I then began casting more spells, summoning undead to appear at my side. Vampires, Skeletal Pirates, Wraiths, Scarecrows, a Skeletal Dragon or two, and the whole gang of undead appeared. People were already pale and cowering under their seats in terror from just the sight of the undead appearing. "I suspect that you now believe me." I snapped my fingers and all of the undead as well as the aura disappeared in a puff of dark smoke. I also demonstrated my combat abilites by picking up a chair, hurling it into the air. I then bared my fangs and whipped out my claws, leaping high into the air, I took a couple good swipes at the chair, slashing it into a few pieces and then delivering a whirling roundhouse kick, sending it flying and crashing into the wall on a far end of the room. "I also have my fair share of combat skills", I said, withdrawing my fangs and claws.

I gave everyone in the room a few minutes to process everything they just saw, and then went back to my seat, pleased with myself. Afterwards, the FBI discussed how they would send me in. They decided to have me cross over the Pacific Ocean, sneak into the barriers of North Korea, and find out who's behind this whole thing. Everyone agreed with the plan and it was settled. After the meeting, I decided to call up Dworgyn in hopes that he could offer me some advice on using my Necromancy. He already knows I work as a highly ranked FBI agent outside the spiral and he knows about the events concerning the incident with my cousins.

"Why hello Timothy, surprised to be hearing from you", he said as he answered on the other end.

"Hey, Dworgy. I was just assigned a very important mission and I could hope you could give me advice about using my magical skills.", I said.

"Well, you're outside the spiral now, right?"


"Ok, I'm about to teach you how to use a very special skill. It's a magical skill that very few wizards can learn how to use."

"What is it?"

"I'm going to teach you how to use Custom Spells. Custom Spells are magical spells that can be created usually by the power of Conjuring, which you can use with the help of Valdus. They can do almost anything you want, but they do have certain limits. The catch though is that they can only be used outside of the spiral."

"Right, gotcha. Ready to learn."

Dworgyn then began teaching me the techniques of using my mind to control the fabrics of my magic, using them to create a certain spell that came to mind. I created my first custom spell as a demonstration. I won't say what it is yet, because I'll be storing it away for handy use for another time.

"Very good, you've learned to create your first custom spell. Good luck on your mission!"

"Thanks Dworgyn!", I said as I hung up.

I headed back to my place and crashed for the night. My mission would start the next day.

To be Continued...

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