Friday, June 17, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 1 "The Signal" Part 2

"The Signal" Part Two

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was weird how everyone's eyes seemed to flash while listening to it. But mine's didn't. There was something weird about this signal. I dismissed everyone into the base's kitchen while i looked for more possible information. All I know so far is that this signal seems to be coming from somewhere other than outer space. So if not outer space, then where? And what made everyone's eyes flash so strangely? Maybe I was seeing things? I decided to take a break and went into the kitchen to grab a snack. But on my way, I heard something outside. And not just any something, it was Skelly. He was roaring about something. I ran outside to see what was going on. Apparently a couple of people from the military had arrived. I saw a general and three soldiers make their way towards the base. I was curious as to why they were here.

"Greetings, General," I said as I went to meet him, "What brings you here?"

The general spoke with a steely voice, "We're here for the signal."

"Aren't we all?"

"Nobody's leaving the area until we get the signal."

"Why's that?"

"This is a matter of National Security. Obtaining the power of this signal could bring about World Peace."

Oh great, another power-hungry freak. And this time it's a peace-crazy Hippie. "Look, I don't know where everyone's getting all this 'power' stuff."

"If we can make contact with the Extraterrestrials, we can become the most powerful country in the world!"

"Aren't we already the most powerful country in the world?"

"Yes but this can help us secure that position permanently"

"Sigh, well, let's hurry up and get inside, the storm's are coming"

I looked over the general's shoulder's and i could see the dark storm clouds coming so i knew we were gonna be here for a while.

"By the way," i asked, "what's your name?"

"Just call me general Blackstone", replied the General.

 I went ahead into the kitchen as the General and the troops went in behind me. While we were walking towards the kitchen, the General decided to take a quick listen to the signal for himself. He listened to the signal and sure enough, his eyes flashed a grey color as he listened. He then put down the headset and preceeded to the kitchen.

When i arrived at the kitchen, the scene i walked into was shocking. Adam, Catherine, and Albert were yelling at each other and looked as if they were trying to kill each other. I quickly casted a spell to blow back the three and keep them from ripping each other apart. The only wounds they had were some minor cuts but other than that, nothing serious.

I looked at each of them seriously. "What do i run, a nuthouse?! What were you guys doing?! You were practically going at each others throats!! YOU COULD'VE KILLED EACH OTHER!!!" I was seriously PO'ed, and you don't wanna see me when I'm mad.

Catherine said, "Well i was planning to broadcast the signal but apparently these two had other plans."

Albert cut in saying, "Well i promised my radio audience a big show! How am i gonna rack up Millions of listeners without the signal?!"

Adam then jumped into the debate, "Do you know how much money i could make with this? I'd make millions!!"

I could tell that each of them had their own selfish motives for broadcasting the signal. "Look, I'm not sure we should even showcase this thing. Ever since you guys listened to this signal, you guys have gone Whacko! I think it'd be best if we'd get some more info on this signal. First thing we need to do is find the technicians that got this thing first."

I got the whole group to gather around the table in the center of the kitchen as i laid out a map of the base. "Now, everywhere we've been looking we haven't been successful" I began marking various locations that we've looked for them with a sharpie. "It appears we've looked everywhere except a tunnel that runs under this place. It goes about 200 yards and it leads to an exit out the back of the building. We'll go into the tunnel and search for the technicians."

We looked around the building for the vent that led into the tunnel. When we found it, we opened it and there was some stairs that led into the long, dark tunnel.

We turned on our flashlights as we walked through the tunnel. An eerie chill was in the air. I also smelt a familiar smell, a smell only extremely recognizable to necromancers. I didn't exactly figure out what the smell was until Catherine screamed at the top of her lungs. We came to see what had frightened her. It was just as I'd feared. It was the bodies of the technicians..dead.

But how? Who or what could've done this terrible thing to the technicians? I went back up to the monitor room to look for details. Oh and i also discovered another thing about the signal. It was exactly 6.66 seconds long. Lovely. As i entered the room, i noticed a security camera at the top corner of the room. I then look for video files in the computer. I looked and noticed a video from last night. Perfect. I began to play the video and this is what it showed:

Technician 1: *tied up upside down in a small room* Dude don't do it! You know this signal shouldn't be sent out! This signal didn't come from outer space!! It came from Hell itself!!!!

Technician 2: *Types on the computer and goes into the small room with a knife*

Technician 1: Don't do it!! I should've known not to let you listen to the signal!!

Technician 2: *Stabs the first technician and walks out of room with a bloody knife. Looks up at the camera, grabs a hammer and smashes it*

This signal must be destroyed immediately. This isn't from outer space, this is from the bellows of Hell.

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