Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 3 "Edge of Apocalyse" Part 4

"Edge of Apocalypse" Part 4

Got up the next morning, left the house, and headed off to the west coast to begin my journey to my destination, North Korea.I created a few more custom spells that I thought would come in handy. My plan was to get to the west coast, have Hunter take on physical form, and call up the One named Levi, his pet Leviathan, to take us to North Korea because Skelly wouldn't have enough energy to fly directly off from the west coast all the way to North Korea, it would be just too far. I got Skelly up and he began our flight to the West Coast.

Point Arena, California 8:04 a.m.

Zimmerman arrived on the coast of California, at Point Arena, where he believed his target would arrive at shortly to prepare to head to North Korea. Zimmerman stood in the sand, waiting for his prey like a spider in its web....

Point Arena, California 8:06 a.m.

I began walking to the beach at point arena, expecting no trouble with getting off the coast. But as I approached the beach, I found that I was wrong. A rather tall, skinny guy in a long, grey jacket with a black hat, and wearing light grey pants was standing in the middle of the beach. There was nobody else around but me and him, so i'm guessing he was hear to get in my way. I didn't know exactly what to do so I approached the guy and calmly told him, "I'm sorry sir but you'll have to excuse me, I have places I need to go."

"I'm afraid I can't allow you to do that, I'm here to keep you from doing that very thing", the man said as he pulled out a gun.

"Let me guess, the head honcho at North Korea heard about the FBI's plan to send me into North Korea and sent you to stop me."

"That's right and this is the end for you right here" he said as he pulled the trigger, shooting right at my chest...... nothing happened. He was befuddled, seeing that I was still standing. "Why aren't you dead right now?"

"You see, I came prepared. I knew North Korea would find out about this and try to send someone to kill me. What you just witnessed was a little spell I pulled out of my sleeve I like to call bulletproof, it protects me from being harmed from any man-made weapon.", I said. I began casting another custom spell, and a swarm of floating black skulls with glowing red eyes, razor sharp teeth, and eminated with dark energy began to appear. This is another custom spell I like to call, Predatory Skulls. And if there's one thing that Predatory Skulls love to feed on, it's human flesh. The Skulls began to swarm the man, ripping apart at his flesh with their teeth. Wasn't a pretty sight to see, I had to hum in my head to try to tune out the screams of pain the man kept making as he was being eaten alive, Finally, once there was nothing but bones left of him, I called back the predatory skulls. Ok, now onto the plan. I began to glow and began transforming. Electricity began crackling around me and i was surrounded in swirling, purple smoke. Hunter Anvilfist had taken physical form. "Oh yeah, baby!! Haven't felt this great in a loong time!"

"Just call on the one named Levi and get us to North Korea," I reminded him, "Once we arrive there, you have to give me my body back."

"Fine", he said, annoyed. "Levi!!!" The waters began to ripple, soon a very large Leviathan rose out of the water, roaring as he met his master. "Need ya to get us to North Korea."

Levi pulled his long, fishy tail out of the water, laying the end on the beach to make a bridge for his master to board. Hunter walked up his long body and sat down. Levi plunged deep underwater and began to swim through the ocean.

To be continued....

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