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The Necromaniac Chapter 1 "The Signal" Part 3

"The Signal" Part 3

I couldn't believe it. The signal was of a demonic origin. I had to get rid of this thing at all costs. But how? I went back to the kitchen to tell the rest of the group what i had discovered.

"There's no way. Just get the signal onto a disk drive so i can take it", replied General Blackstone.

"No, I'm serious! This signal cannot be sent out! Ever since you guys heard it, you've been acting weird. You're practically becoming possessed!", I insisted.

Just then, the signal rang out throughout the base. Then i started hearing gunfire outside the base. The signal stopped as I and the rest of the group rushed to the door. Then, the door opened. It was one of the soldiers. He had blood running down the side of his face.

"What happened, Cadet?", asked General Blackstone.

"The signal began to sound and the other two began shooting each other. They killed each other before they could start shooting me."

"See? This is why we need to destroy this signal", I added.

"So what if a few guys kill each other? A couple of dead guys is worth a couple hundred million dollars", replied Adam.

"You're talking crazy! I'm going to destroy this signal once and for all!"

I start walking over and then I hear the sound of a gun being cocked. I slowly turned around and saw it was General Blackstone holding his gun...pointing right towards me.

"Now, Mr. Lighttalon. All you have to do is put the signal on the disk drive and give it to me then we can all go. If you refuse, I will shoot you right where you stand."

I slowly began walking towards the computer. Blackstone followed me closely and watched as i brought up the file for the signal. I paused for a moment, quickly swooped around, swatted the gun out of Blackstone's hand, pulled out my scythe, and gutted him with it at blinding speed. Another advantage of being a wizard, you can move pretty fast.

"Sorry, General but this is for the good of all mankind." I turned around to notice Albert, Adam, and Catherine fighting over the control of the computer. The signal was recieved again but except this time it was much stronger. Adam reached out for his gun and stuck it to Catherine's head, ready to shoot. This was really getting out of hand. The place began to shake and rumble. I knew I couldn't stop it at this point. I got on my knees.

"Lord," i said, "Please send this thing back from where it came from. In Jesus's name, amen."

As soon as I had finished saying the prayer, sparks began to fly everywhere. The scanner went haywire and caught on fire. One of the computers fell over and exploded, causing another one to short circuit and explode. The signal finally stopped. It was destroyed. Praise God!

Hours later, Ambulances and the authorities arrived. The world was saved from chaos. I finally saw the FBI truck come and out of it came out my boss, Jonathan Landry.

"Excellent work, Agent Lighttalon,", Jonathan said as he came up to congratulate me, "Another case solved. For your hard work, not only do you get a day off to make up for having to work today, but you also get an additional week of vacation time."

"That's great! Thanks boss, I think i am gonna take my week off to head back to the spiral, just call me up if ya need anything."

"Will do!"

I called for Skelly to get ready to head out but then I noticed Catherine was running to me. "Anything wrong?", I asked.

Catherine noticed my Bible in my hand. "Could I borrow that?"

I smiled. "Here, you can keep mine."

"Thanks", she said. She walked off with her new Bible.

Ah, a happy ending. I get ready to open a portal to the spiral when all the sudden, I get a call. It's from Dworgyn. "Hey Dworgy, what's up?"

"Ah if it isn't my favorite student! A little bat told me you're a big deal in your world now", Dworgyn said.

"I am?"

"Yeah, look behind you."

I looked behind me and news choppers from all over were arriving to the scene. Several news reporters began rushing to me asking me all kinds of questions. "I'll call you back", I told my professor as I hanged up.

After the many interviews were over, I started heading back to the spiral. I called Dworgyn back. "Hey! I'm heading back to Wizard City now. Just outta curiosity, why did you call me?"

"Well I need you to head over to Nightside. I have an important mission for you."

Oh boy, here we go again.

End of Chapter

To be continued.... in the next chapter

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