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The Necromaniac Chapter 4 "Imbalanced"


The way Dworgyn's voice sounded when he delivered the news sounded dire. I had just finished pulling off a big espionage mission in North Korea to prevent an Apocalypse, and now I get another emergency. I guess a Necromancer's job is never done. Before I headed back to the spiral, I swung by the FBI HQ to report on my success. I didn't tell them that Kiroshima, the saddistic Dictator that tried to kill me, was a demon. I'd get laughed out of Headquarters had I told them something like that, so I just told them about everything else that happened. They thanked me and gave me a few days off as a reward for a job well done and good pay of $500,000. Yeah, you can get a lot of money from saving the world. How else do you think I can afford to stay in my home, and have all the stuff I have and pay for Insurance?

Anyways, so after walking out of HQ, I got on Skelly and opened a portal to Nightside. I walked into the Death School, seeing Dworgyn in his usual spot, at the front of the classroom, standing right at the top of the steps and between the two chalkboards on the opposite ends of the classroom. This guy always stays inside and whenever he's not in that spot, he's in the back where his little shelves of books are and if he was not there, he would be by his bubbling cauldron, brewing up a potion. 

"Glad you could make it, and just in time too", Dworgyn said after seeing me enter the room.

I walked up to him and answered, "So what's going on? You sounded a bit anxious on the phone."

"It seems like you'll need to make another visit to one of the 7 planets of the creatures of magic. Only this time, you won't be going to Necrophilia."

"Why? And if not to Necrophilia, then where to?"

"Well, you know how the 3 titans were put to sleep to prevent any further conflict? After they were put to sleep, the responsibility of watching over the slumbering titans was given to a powerful Balance creature known as Judgement."

"Yeah, I'm familiar with Judgement. It's a pretty powerful Balance spell."

"The most powerful Balance spell on record, actually."

"Yeah, so what does all this have to do with the situation?"

"Well, Alhazred told me that there's an intruder on Sorceria, the planet that's home to the creatures of balance. You need to go there and see Judgement, to make sure the intruder has not reached her."

Alhazred? Oh yeah that scaly, old geezer that smells like old cheese (no offense to any old people that may be reading this). He's also the balance teacher. And since he was, I was guessing he was the one in the know about the happenings on Sorceria since Dworgyn was in the know about the happenings on Necrophilia. "So I guess I need to get the spiral key from Alhageezer- I mean- Alhazred", I said.

"That's right," Dworgyn said, "But you're not going alone this time."

"I'm not? Are you coming with me?"

"No, but I'm giving you a little travel partner for the trip. I thought that you'd might get a little lonely so that's when I thought I'd get another well-skilled Necromancer to help you on your travels. Tim, say hello to Sestiva Shadowbreeze."

And what I was blown away by what I saw next. A girl stepped out from the back. She had long, silky, black hair that went down halfway down past her shoulders. She had purple eyes that seemed like they could stare into your soul, not in a creepy way but in an a way with a huge awe factor to it. She was also wearing a shiny, silver eyeshadow and wearing lipstick that was the same color. My response to seeing this Necromantic Angel: homna homna homna homna homna homna WOAH MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what I thought, I didn't actually say anything. I just stood there like a idiot with my mouth open so wide my jaw was about to unhinge. Even my 6 cousins were wowed when they saw her. It's like she fell out of the beauty tree and hit every branch on the way down. Before she could even say Hi, my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I fainted. I think my wowed meeter went too high. Scratch that, it exploded into a million pieces and exploded into a million pieces. I wasn't out long but when I woke up, I saw that Dworgyn and Sestiva were standing next to me. They helped me up, grabbing both my hands. I almost fainted again because when Sestiva touched my hand, it felt like being touched by an Angel.

"Hey", I said, finally mustering up the guts to say something.

"Hey there", she said, her voice sounding a few years ahead of her age. She was 15, which is my age, but her voice made her sound like she was 18. So far so good, I was still in the game and so far she seemed to like me. Had I known she would've been waiting here, I would've tried buying the best cologne I could find on the way here.

"Sestiva has been a student for about as long as you have," Dworgyn began to say, "But you two haven't met yet because your classes are at different times." True, had she been in my class since day 1 I would've DEFINENTLY noticed. There's no way you couldn't notice her. One look at her and you're automatically captivated.

"How long will the walk be from here to Krokotopia?", she asked. I then realized I had the perfect response to that question.

"We won't have to walk", I said proudly, careful not to sound too cocky.

"How?", she rebounded back at me.

"I've got a ride that can get us there in a matter of moments", I began to say, "But rather than just tell you, I'll show you. Just wait outside a moment and I'll be right out."

"Ok", she said with a smile as she walked out the door.

"What were you up to, Dworgy?", I asked, wondering if he purposely picked her to go with me.

"Well, at your age, my friends started picking up dates and well... I didn't. I ended up growing up miserable because all my friends were happy in finding companions and no matter how much I tried, I always failed to get a date. I didn't want you to end up like me, and you look like the type of guy who can pick up a girl if he wanted to."

After hearing that, Dworgyn was officially the best teacher EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I was forever in debt to this guy. "Dworgy, you're the best!!", I managed to say.

"Well why are you standing here talking to me when you've got a hot chick waiting for you outside that door?", he reminded me.

I can't believe that I'd almost forgot about Sestiva. I thanked Dworgyn again and headed out the door. I then walked up to Sestiva, "Watch this", I said. I pulled out a small, black remote and pressed a button. A portal opened up and out came the Necrocyle. Oh yeah, chicks dig guys with motorcycles. I can tell she was amazed as the Necrocylce came out. I swung my leg over the seat and sat down. The seat was big enough for 2 riders so I turned around and patted the empty part of the seat behind me, signaling her to sit. She walked over and sat behind me as I handed her a helmet and we put our helmets on. "Hold on tight, this is gonna be a wild ride", I said, ready to kick the engine into gear. I turned on the Necrocylce, the engines roared with life. She held on to me with arms as she wrapped them around my waist (Score!). "Ya know, you're not so bad", she said, laying her head on my back (Double Score!).

"Back at ya", I replied, adding a wink at the end.

She looked up at me and smiled and layed her head on my back again. I inserted the krokotopia spiral key and turned the key. The Necrocylce fired a blast of dark energy, opening a portal. I gunned it and zoomed through the portal. I could feel Sestiva holding on tighter as we went faster. We came out the other end of the portal and stopped at the oasis, nearly crashing in the pond. I told Sestiva we arrived, but she kept holding on to me a few more seconds until she realized we were here. Then again, she may have been doing it on purpose (hehe).

"Oh, I'm sorry", she said as she quickly, as she blushed and quickly let go.

So we walked over to the boat to ride to the Krokosphinx. We got there and climbed down to the ladder. I saw Alhageezer at the opposite end of the room. He was looking at us but he didn't even notice us until we stood right in front of him. "Who are you?", Alhazred said as he leaned close to me, looking at me one of his eyes. I started to get a whiff of that old cheese smell. Bleh.

"I'm the wizard who you gave the golden scarab to," I said, backing away. Just then another Krok stepped out from behind Alhazred. It was Khai Amahte.

"I'm sorry," he began to say, "Alhazred has been suffering from Amnesia lately."

"Oh, I see. So we came to get the key to Sorceria, so we can get to Judgement before the intruder on Sorceria does."

"Oh yes," Khai began saying, "I remember Alhazred contacting Dworgyn about that. I suppose he sent you here. Let me go to the back and get the spiral key for you." Khai walked into the back and grabbed the spiral key. But just as he was about to hand it to me, Alhazred grabbed it.

"Donut!", Alhazred said as he grabbed the key.

Khai tried to take the key back from him, "No, it's not a donut!" Alhazred started trying to chew on it and then he spit it out. "Yuck! This doesn't taste anything like a donut! I want my money back!", he began to say, shaking his scaly fist at Khai.

"This isn't a donut and you didn't pay for it!" Khai picked up the key with a rag and washed it off. "Here," he said, handing me the key, "I apologize for Alhazred, he hasn't been himself lately."

I'll say, he's gonna have to go into retirement at some point and someone will have to take over for him. I thanked Khai as me and Sestiva headed out.

"So what do you think Sorceria's gonna be like?", Sestiva asked me.

"The enviroment will probably be balancey. I'm not sure what to suspect, honestly but I guess we'll find out", I replied, trying not to sound like a stupid person. We got on the Necrocycle, and Sestiva was already clinging to me before I even started the engine. My guess was A) She really liked me or B) She knew how wild the ride was so she was trying to make sure she was prepared. I stuck the Sorceria spiral key in and started off through the portal to Sorceria. With Sestiva by my side, I think I'm gonna enjoy this adventure...

To be Continued.....

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