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The Necromaniac Chapter 3 "Edge of Apocalypse" Part 5

"Edge of Apocalpyse" Part 5

P'yongyang, North Korea, 9:03 a.m.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S DEAD?!?", the enraged dictator screamed into the phone, "You're telling me Lighttalon left him in a heap of bones?!" He couldn't believe what he was hearing, he should've seen this coming. He wasn't happy, his target was coming at him, and he had to stop him from foiling his plans.

Coast of T'ongch'on, North Korea, 9:05 a.m.

I must say, diving through the Sea with Levi was quite an adventure. I wasn't taking physical form, but through Hunter's eyes, I could see everything he was seeing. I saw vast expanses of blue ocean water along with several species of fish that swam by occasionally. There were large coral reefs, as well. We even passed by a whale once, it was humongous, but so was Levi. Finally, after about a 3 1/2 hour trip by sea, we arrived on the coast of North Korea near a town called T'ongch'on (don't even try to pronounce it, you'll fail miserably). I got on the rocky bluffs that the waters were crashing against and i noticed a large, cement wall standing 15 feet tall a little past the bluffs. I figured, walls to keep people under a communist dictatorship trapped in. Scums like them made me sick. "Alright Hunter, time to give it up", I reminded him, since we've reached our destination.

"Fine", he mumbled. He began to transform, and began surrounded in dark, swirling smoke as images of skulls flashed the smoke. Finally, I took physical form once again. Levi departed back into the sea, and I began to ponder my next move. I took out a map of North Korea, and noticed that P'yongyang, my next destination, was on the other end of North Korea. The question was, how was I going to walk through North Korea without being noticed of my different appearance? The dictator probably had spies out looking for me so I needed a disguise. My first move was to climb the wall. I pulled out my claws and tried sticking them in, put they couldn't penetrate. I then pulled out a knife sharpener, and used it to sharpen my claws. I spent a good 2 minutes sharpening them till they were like razor-sharp kitchen knives. I tried sticking them into the cement once more and they penetrated the wall a little, but just enough for me to climb. I activated the spikes in my shoes to help, as well. When I reached the top, I looked and there was a walkway on top of the wall. Standing on the walkway were guards, armed with guns. I looked around and noticed one guard, kinda small and by himself. I then had an idea. I lowered myself and began climbing sideways and got close to the small, lone guard. I used one hand to reach for my handy dandy scythe, which no Necromancer should leave home without. I aimed carefully and took one quick swipe at his neck with the blade and made a clean cut, slicing off his head. His head began falling down my side of the wall, but i caught it to take his hat. I threw the head back down. It's a good thing I'm not squeamish, or else that would've been nasty. The rest of the body began falling backwards, which I also caught, holding the severed part where his head was disconnected facing down, so the blood would drip away from me. I took the guard's outfit and tried them on. It was a perfect fit. I threw the body down and stored away my normal clothes. I put on the hat and tilted it down a little, to hide part of my face.

I swung over the top of the wall quickly so the guards wouldnt notice and walked down the stairs that were on the other side of the wall and headed into town. I walked through North Korea, disguised as a guard, thinking the dictator's spies wouldn't recongnize me. I finally reached P'yongyang without getting shot, which was good. I think it's somewhere around here there'd be a large building for the Dictator. I followed the map to a huge Empire Palace-type building. It had a large, red roof with a large balcony way up there for the Dictator, along with some other nifty features. This must be the place. There were 2 guards standing at the entrance. I was still wearing my disguise so i suppose I could get in. I walked past them without being stopped so I guess it worked. I entered a large foyer room with white floor tiles, a desk in the center of the room, which had a couple bonsai on it, a small lounge area on the left side of the room which had a blue, leather couch along with a couple of chairs made of the same material along with a flatscreen tv in front of them that was showing the news and I guessed that it was a type of waiting room. To the right were the bathrooms. The building had 25 floors, so I decided to look at some kind of guide that told what room was on each floor. I found a chart that had the different floors listed. Under each floor, there were a list of room names underneath. I looked through the list, and the last item I found under the 25th floor was Dictator Kiroshima's office. That's where I knew I had to go. I walked over to the elevator, and was stopped by two guards, they were speaking Korean, but I had a translating device that allowed me to translate what I was hearing into English and then translate the English I said into any other language. I set it on Korean. "Stop!", the guards began saying, "What is your business here?"

I then knew I had to come up with the best Korean accent I could. "I'm here to report to Dictator Kiroshima."

"What for?", they asked suspiciously, pointing their guns at me.

I then lowered my voice in a whisper, "I've got news on the whereabouts of Agent Lighttalon, the American spy."

They looked shocked and immediately put down their guns, giving me a nod. I walked into the elevator, and pressed the 25th button and the doors closed. One of the many things I hate is elevator music. Now, the only thing I hate more than elevator music is Korean elevator music. It was the worst thing I've heard since Rebecca Black's Friday song. I almost barfed in my mouth just thinking about it. Finally, I reached the 25th floor. I walked down a long hall, and passed several rooms until at the end of the hall was a door on it that had an inscription in Korean on it. It translated to, "Dictator Kiroshima's office." Well, this is it. Time to bust in on this guy and crash the party. Took a moment or two to ponder my entrance and sharpen my claws just in case. Now I was ready. With one charge, I busted down the door. I looked and the first thing I saw when I entered this large room was a Korean man wearing a blue uniform, outlined by red. He had a few pockets on the front of his shirt and had several badges on it. Standing by his desk were 2 guards. And, of course, they were armed with guns. "End of the line, Kiroshima!", I said after making my entrance.

"Ah, if it isn't Agent Lighttalon, I've been expecting you. You may have eluded the watch of my spies, but this is where you end. The guards pulled out their guns, and cocked them, ready to shoot. They aimed them right at me. "You can't beat me, it just isnt' possible. After the United States falls as a superpower, I will then form an alliance with countries such as Russia, Iran, Egypt, and Lebanon and they will help me first defeat Israel. I will then use them to conquer and destroy the United States. Once we've become the leading superpower, we will establish a one-world government under my- I mean - our rule.

Wait a minute, doesn't this guy remind you of someone? Establishing a one-world government under his rule and planning to wipe Israel, which was the land of the Jews aka God's people. If I didn't know any better, I'd say this guy was the antichrist, but I was hoping that wasn't true. But I added up the Biblical numbers for each letter of his name, turns out they didn't add up to 666. Whew, thank God. So this guy was an Antichrist but not THE Antichrist.

"So long, Lighttalon", Kiroshima said as his guards fired their bullets at me. They bounced right off me. How? You guessed it, I had already casted a bulletproof ward already casted on me before I even entered the room. I then pulled out my Scythe and sliced both of the guards in half. These guys should really start wearing armor if they have any chance against me. They fell to the floor, split in half and spilling their guts. Once again, it's a good thing i'm not sqeamish. Kiroshima looked somewhat surprised.

"Should have seen that coming. You may not know, but my real name isn't Kiroshima", he said.

"Oh? Then what is it."

"Allow me to show you." He then did the unexpected, he began to transform. His body was radiating lots of heat and began giving off a nasty smell, which after a few sniffs I began to recognize it. Sulfur. This could only mean one thing. His body grew as he was covered in flames and took on the form of something large. It stood 11 feet tall and 20 feet long. This guy was no human being.

"Behold!!", he began to shout, "I am Kiroshiza!!!"

Oh crap. Allow me to fill you in on what a Shiza is. The Shiza was stated in Ancient Asian legend to be a large, demon dog that had had the ability to call down meteors by roaring. Its eyes were glowing dark red, it had brown-colored fur with some emblems of fire on his shoulders. This guy was a demon, and I had to stop him, and since demons can't be killed with mortal weapons, I have to rely on my necromancy. Now for those of you who think Necromancy is calling on Satanic power, allow me to clarify the difference between demon power and death power. Demonic power comes from the power of demons, including Satan himself. That comes from the afterlife, which, in this case, would come from Hell itself. Necromancy is using the power of death itself. When a human being dies, it's spirit is separated from its body. The force that separates the 2 is called death. It is from this force, not Satanic means, that Necromancy gets its power.

So I prepared for my fight with the four legged demon. I summoned Skelly to help me. Kiroshiza charged toward Skelly and pounced. Skelly got on his 2 hind legs and grabbed his body with his claws, which hurt Kiroshiza as they dug in. Skelly then threw him to the ground and began wailing on him, slashing and gashing at him. Kiroshiza was taking damage and then began roaring as flaming meteor began crashing through the ceiling and landing on Skelly, but it didn't really hurt him since he had no nerves, it just simply made him go from attack to defense as he defended himself from the flaming projectiles. Kiroshiza got up and started attacking Skelly. I had to think fast. I had an idea. I summoned a Banshee. Kiroshiza was attacking Skelly one second. The next second, he was coiling and covering his ears  in pain. That's because the Banshee I summoned was letting out a deafening scream. Skelly was immune to the sound so he attacked Kiroshiza while he was down. Kiroshiza took a lot of damage until he decided to retreat. "This is not the end! I will disrupt balance and it will be the end!", he said, disappearing in a ball of fire. Disrupt balance? What did he mean by that? I hope I wasn't going to find out soon..

I quickly left the building, which was starting to collapse due to the flaming meteors. I then lept out the front door as the whole builing crashed down, causing a large boom to echo throughout all P'yongyang. The Korean authorities would probably try to get here soon so I decided to try to escape fast. I almost forgot about the 6 little helpers inside my body. I began to transform, orange smoke began to swirl around me, flashed of fire blasted all around. Stephen Fireblade took phsyical form. "Alright Stephen, get us out of here on a Phoenix", I figured since Phoenixes can travel far distances nonstop, I could have Stephen call one up and help us out. Stephen summoned a phoenix and hopped on it's back, but it didn't harm him at all since he was fireproof due to the fact he was a pyromancer. As we flew out, I still kept thinking about what Kiroshiza meant by "Disrupting Balance". When we got back to the west coast, I took physical form again. My cell phone was ringing again, it was Dworgyn. "Hello?", I said as I picked up.

"Tim, we've got an emergency", Dworgyn began to say, "There's a calamity soon to take place that could mean the obliteration of the Spiral itself."

End of Chapter

To be continued... In the next Chapter....

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