Friday, June 17, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 2 "Clash of the Creatures" Part 1

"Clash of the Creatures" Part 1
Whew, quite an ordeal I just went through. I come across a demonic audio signal and everyone almost ends up killing each other. Yeah, it was that bad. I'm heading back to the spiral from earth since the FBI is giving me a week off. So i decide to first spend my vacation by going back to the spiral to see my good wizardly friends there. But on the way there, I get a call from ol' Dworgy (That's my nickname for Professor Dworgyn, in case you don't know) himself. It appears he wants me to head over to Nightside because of some important mission. Is my job as a universe-saving Necromancer/FBI agent ever done? Appears it may never be.

So I arrive in Nightside on Skelly (My Skeletal Dragon) coming out of a portal (yes, I do have the ability to open portals. Another one of those advantages to being a wizard). I walk into the School of Death, or as I like to call, Necro University. I find Dworgy brewing a potion in his cauldron. "Hey Dworgy! It's been a while!", I tell him as I begin to walk up to him.

"Oh why yes it has", Dworgyn says casually. "Before I begin to explain why you're here, a little bat told me that you're wizaversary is coming up."

"Oh that old bat is always in the know!"

"Yes, he sure is. If you'll step outside over by Mortis, a Skeletal Dragon will appear to you and present you with your Wizaversary gift."

"Are you serious?! You got me a present?! Oh my gosh I am so excited!! What made you decide to do this?"

"Well you're pretty much my best student and we've practically become friends over the years ever since you first came here so i thought it'd be nice to repay you for all the joy you've brought me over the years."

I was rather shocked to hear his statements. Sure, we know each other like we've known each other for thousands of years and we became great friends as i grew in my knowledge of the Necromancy Arts, but I didn't expect this at all. I was overjoyed at this and ran outside, anxious to recieve my present. When I got outside, I stood over by Mortis, that's the death tree in case you don't know, and waited. After a few moments, a familiar low-lying fog began stirring. This fog always signifies the coming of a Bone Drake aka a Skeletal Dragon. And sure enough, the Bone Drake rose out of the fog.

"Greetings, oh Master of the Necromancy Arts", said the Bone Drake in a deep, chilling voice, "Master Dworgyn, in honor of the progress you've made at the School of Death, has presented you with this gift." The Bone Drake opened its bony mouth and breathed a dark mist, which began to solitify into the outline of what appeared to be some kind of motorcycle. Sure enough, it transformed into the wickedest-looking motorcycle I had ever seen. In front of the handles, sitting on the cover of the the front wheel, was a miniature version of the Skull of a Bone Drake, while there were skeletal arms reaching out and grabbing the metal bar holding the front wheel. The motorcyle was an onyx black color and it had my name engraved on the side, along with some skulls decorated on it. I sat on it and observed it with amazement. I noticed on button on the handles and pressed it, and out from the sides sprouted small skeletal wings with dark flames emerging from it, like wings on a Bone Drake. It appears that the motorcycle had flying capability. It also had a button which made the motorcycle shoot a dark beam that opened a portal. The motorcycle could move as fast as warp speed, which is incredibly fast. I decided to dub the Necromantic Motorcycle, 'The Necrocycle'. I ran back inside to thank Dworgyn big time for the awesome new ride.

"I knew you'd love it! That thing can pretty much get you anywhere. All you have to do to start it is insert the spiral key of the desired world you want to go to and ZOOM! You're there in the blink of an eye!", Dworgyn said.

"Thanks Dworgy, now that I've gotten my awesome new ride, explain why I'm here", i said, curious to hear my mission.

"Ok. You know how you're able to the undead to aide you in battle, right?"

"Of course."

"Well, have you ever wondered exactly where those creatures came from?"

"Actually, now that you mention it, yeah I wonder where they do come from."

"Then allow me to explain. You see, in the spiral there are 7 hidden worlds, one for each school of magic. Here, the creatures the schools of magic dwell there, and they are transported from there to battle circle whenever summoned. The 7 worlds are Pyrus, the dwelling place of Fire School creatures, Frostus, the dwelling place of Ice School Creatures, Thundurus, the dwelling place of Storm School Creatures, Mythanius, the dwelling place of Myth School Creatures, Theurgia, the dwelling place of Life School Creatures, Sorceria, the dwelling place of Balance School Creatures, and last but not least, Necrophilia, the dwelling place of Death School Creatures. Every undead you have summoned has appeared from Necrophilia. Ever since the Titans have been at war, the 7 worlds have also been at war. You know how schools have rivals? That's because those creatures from those schools have been fighting each other. So currently, Necrophilia and Theurgia are at war. I want you to go to Necrophilia and assist the undead there so that they may win in order to end the war."

"Well this is very interesting. But how come you don't just go there and do it yourself?"

"Well that's because for one I need to stay here and teach classes. Necrophilia is only accessible to creatures of Undead and highly skilled Necromancers. I've taught you almost everything I know and you're almost more powerful than myself." Dworgyn handed me a black, Skeletal key. "This is the key to Necrophilia. Take it and go to Necrophilia and do what must be done. There, at the gates to the main Village is a gate warden Banshee named Hagia. Tell her I sent you. I'm counting on you."

"I won't let you down", i said assuredly as i said goodbye to Dworgyn and headed outside to mount up on my sweet new ride. "Let's see what this baby can do." I insert the key to Necrophilia in the key slot and the engines roared as I prepared to take off. The Necrocycle shot a dark beam opening a portal and began taking off at warp speed. This is gonna be some kind of ride...

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