Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Necromaniac Chapter 4 "Imbalanced" Part 2

"Imbalanced" Part 2

When we came out of the other side of the portal and landed in Sorceria, the Necrocylce stopped moving. I looked down and wondered what could be stopping us, and I found the answer pretty quickly. The tires had been stopped by sand, but it wasn't just a little bit of sand. The sand here was pretty deep. And by the fact that I'm even mentioning sand, you can begin to imagine what the enviroment on Sorceria was like. We were out in the middle of a large desert. Me and Sestiva stepped off the Necrocycle and looked around and saw no sign of life anywhere. The only thing we saw was several dunes of sand all around us. We were standing on one of the dunes. I figured since Necrophilia and Theurgia both had main towns, Sorceria had to have one too. I figured that before we could find Lady Judgement, we first had to find the main village of this world. Question is, where could it possibly be?

Me and Sestiva began walking from the Necrocycle on our journey to find our way through this sandy labyrinth. The good thing was that it wasnt very hot, but I brought along some jugs of water just in case. The trek through the sand was a long one. Felt like we were out for hours, I checked the time on my phone and we had been out for 3 1/2 hours. We still hadn't found the main town. This was getting bad. Me and Sestiva kept going and I noticed sand started coming in my face. I looked up and noticed something I was hoping not to see. There was a sandstorm and it was coming right toward us and there was no place in sight to take shelter at. This wasn't one of those small dirt devil sandstorms like the kind Sorcers summoned, this was like one of those sandy tsunami type sandstorms, the kind you see in the Middle Eastern deserts.

"What are we gonna do?", Sestiva asked me with a worried look on her face.

"Not sure-", I began to say but then inspiration struck me on the noggin. "Hang on tight", I told Sestiva as I grabbed her with my arm and held her tight close to me. I summoned  Skelly to get us flying outta here like heck. I jumped into the air to land on Skelly's back while carrying Sestiva with me. I introduced Sestiva and Skelly to each other quickly and got Skelly up in the air. It took Skelly a little while before we got high enough to be above the sandstorm. I'm not afraid of heights or anything but being really high can make me feel uncomfortable. We were about 1,000 feet in the air but when I looked down, it felt like we were much higher. I could hear the sound of loud pounding as the sandstorm when flying underneath us. It lasted about 2-3 minutes and we began to descend after all the sand had cleared from the air. When we landed though the sand was deeper than before. When me and Sestiva were walking before the storm, the sand was up past our ankles. Now the sand was almost up to our knees.

"This is rediculous!", Sestiva began to say as she noticed how singificantly deep the sand was, "The sand is so deep it's starting to get in my shoes!"

"I know it's annoying! It's gonna be nearly impossible to tread though-" that's when I got another idea, "Or is it?..."

I could tell by Sestiva's look that she was giving me that she was wondering what idea I could've had this time. I summoned 5 Banshees and gave them instructions. They lined up next to each other and began using their Banshee screams together at once. Believe it or not, the screams were sending sand flying out of the way. They began moving forward, paving a path for us. Yeah, that's how powerful a Banshee's scream is. We began moving forward but I stopped cold in my tracks when I heard Sestiva scream. I turned my head around to find something had gotten Sestiva by the ankle. A pincher was reaching out of the sand and was grabbing Sestiva. I was about to run over and pull Sestiva away until the thing grabbed Sestiva showed itself. It was a Scorpion, not the little bitty kind you see in the desert back on Earth, but i mean the man-sized ones you see in the Spiral. It grabbed Sestiva with it's pinchers and it pointed it's stinger near Sestiva. It was threatening to poison her. It let out a screech and then just when you things couldn't get worse, it did. It wasn't just letting out a random screech, it was signalling. Turned out we weren't alone, Scorpions began popping out of the sand all around us. There were at least 8 of them surrounding us. If I make one wrong move, Sestiva's a goner....

To be continued....

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