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The Necromaniac Chapter 2 "Clash of the Creatures" Part 4

"Clash of the Creatures" Part 4

I could already feel a change in the atmosphere as we began to enter Theurgia. You know that weird buttterflies-in-your-stomach feeling you get? That's what I was beginning to feel, it made me sick. As we began our descend and making our way towards the mainland of Theurgia. You know the old saying 'The grass is greener on the other side'? Well it's even greener on Theurgia. I spotted large, luscious fields of grass, blooming with plant life. This put any old garden to shame, no offense, green thumb wanna be's. One flower I saw that I noticed a lot back in the days of my journey in Mooshu, was the Jade Lotus. I'm guessing it's like the Life School's flower or something. You could hear chirping of crickets everywhere and not one area of ground wasn't covered in grass. There was a feeling of sickening bliss, or at least to a pessimistic necromancer such as I it was sickening, in the atmosphere as we began to move through Theurgia. I could tell my Undead comrades were not liking it either, but I told them to stay strong, we wouldn't be here long. Theurgia was a direct opposite to Necrophilia, the sun was radiating brightly, and had the vampires, had it not been for them hiding under their umbrellas, would have been vaporized by the bright light. Me and Skelly flew far above and behind the rest of the forces as we awaited their diversion so we could go in and do our job.

Soon, we spotted the massive tree which Drakkon spoke of. We were ready to do what had to be done. The undead army let out their shrieks, roars, and howls as they advanced to the theurgic village. Watcher fairies began to panic as they tried to alert the theurgy forces but no sooner were they pummeled in the raid of undead as they began to plunder the village. That was our cue. Skelly flew us over the hubabaloo as we went around the great tree, looking for a hole or crevasse to enter in to get into the tree.

"I see an opening", Skelly said as he noticed the hole in the tree, "Get ready to enter in, we don't know what may be inside the tree so be prepared to meet us when we enter."

"Gotcha", i said, baring my fangs and claws, ready to go to town on whatever may be awaiting us.

Skelly entered the hole and landed inside, and sure enough at the moment of our entrance, pixies, fairies, and sprites were already calling security on us. Wow, that was fast, I thought. Soon, Seraphs and Centaurs showed up, I'm guessing they're like the Theurgic SWAT team. A couple Seraphs charged towards us, sword in hand. I leaped off Skelly's back and sprung into action. I lunged toward a Seraph, it tried to attack me with its sword, but I knocked it out of its hand with my claws. I then knocked my heels together, activating the spikes at the bottom of my shoes and proceeded to kick the Seraph, wounding in the gut and sending it flying back slamming into the wall. Skelly came in and knocked more Seraphs flying with his spiked tail. I could just hear their bones being crunched as they got knocked into the next Millennia. A Centaur then came charging at me, stood on his hind legs, and readied to shoot an arrow directly toward me. But then I caught him by surprise, I moved at blurring speed, slicing his hind legs underneath him, while sprinting past him. He kneeled over in pain and while he did so, I jumped back into the air, spun into a 180 and sent a flying spiky kick into his back, adding even more to his injuries and putting him out of action for the time being. Two Centaurs tried launching arrows at Skelly but of course they just simply bounced off. Skelly then charged toward the Centaurs and body slammed them with the spikes on his chest. It's a good thing you're not seeing all of this or else you'd hurl if you were the squeamish type. We may fight dirty, but we do it to win.

Anyways, so after all the Seraphs and Centaurs were taken care of, Skelly and I advanced through the tree, looking for passages that would link down to the roots of the great tree. Skelly found a few tunnels going down pretty far so I casted infection spells down the passageways and they began working their way down. Perfect. Skelly led me to more passageways to put infections into. Finally, by the time we were done, we thought we'd explored the entire tree.

Meanwhile, back outside, the ultimate showdown of Life vs. Death was taking place. The undead started with an ambush strike that caught the theurgy forces off guard, so they tried to recover with the healers. But the Undead were expecting that, so the health sappers, which include Ghouls, Vampires, Wraiths, and Scarecrows, began draining the life out of the healers. The Theurgic forces then began to call upon the great Tree. But when Oakin tried to heal the wounded creatures, the healing energy in its roots was stopped. The infections worked! The only one of the Theurgic forces still standing was Waldfur. Waldfur was using his remaining strength to bash undead with his large, furry, beefy hands. Drakkon advanced toward him, trying to attack him while he was weary. Waldfur was holding his ground against Drakkon at first but then as he got more tired, he started struggling until Drakkon took him down and Waldfur was left with no choice but to surrender.

"I don't get it", Waldfur began to say after certain defeat, "How is it that you were able to overpower me."

"Well," Drakkon began, "I can't take all of the credit. We had the help of a very resourceful Wizard and his Bone Drake."

"Oh shucks it was nothing," I began to say, "But now that we've won the battle, it's time we finally ended this war. From now on, there shall be peace between the Theurgic and Necromantic creatures. Well, at least for the time being." So they made a pact that day, promising to refrain from further conflict between the forces of Life and Death.

After arriving back to Necrophilia, I figured that I should be departing. After all, I can't hang around forever. I said my farewells to the Undead of Necrophilia, promising I would one day return for a visit. I walked out and drove back to nightside on the Necrocycle. I'm rather surprised I'm not getting a call from the FBI or Dworgyn right now. Oh well, I might as well enjoy doing nothing while i still can...

P'yongyang, North Korea

"Ugh, they found me!", the Pilot said to himself, noticing the North Korean Jets approaching him. They must have found out he discovered North Korea's Top Secret plot. The enemy jets began firing missiles at him, he dodged a few until one missile got part of the right engine near the bottom of the plane. He began losing altitude, fast. He figured he may be able to radio mission control and tell them what he could before he plummeted.

"Mission Control! Mission Control! This is Pilot M-415, do you read me?!"

A sort of static signal started coming through the other end. "Yes, this is mission control, what is it?"

"Well, I'm about to plummet. I've been shot out of the sky and I'm falling but I'll tell you what I can with the time I have left."

"Well then, spit it out, Soldier!"

"Ok, you need to evacuate, North Korea is planning to launch a Nuclear Missile strike!!"

"Where to?!?!"

"They're planning to nuke Manhattan Island!! You need to act fast! It is the work of Kir-" the signal then cut off......

End of Chapter

To be Continued... In the next chapter.....

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